12 inch mining submersible pump ( also named the 12 inch submersible slurry pump or submersible dredge pump) is one water conservancy machinery, which puts the electrical motor and mechanical pump on the same axis to make it running reliably and efficiently.

The overflow components of this submersible sand pump are made of alloy and have a high degree of wear resistance. The bottom mixing impeller can directly contact the sand layer, and the sand absorbing effect is good. The motor adopts water-cooled motor, which has high specification for insulation and protection grade, which fully meets the requirements of underwater operation. And the 12 inch mining submersible pump adds protection devices (inlet protection, overload protection). When performing underwater operations, the operator cannot observe the naked eye, so when the fault occurs, the signal can be self-issued to protect the sand suction pump from damage. This sand suction pump is mainly used in tailing cleaning, dredging and dredging of rivers, sand pumping in inland lakes, and fine sand recovery in sedimentation tanks.

In August 2019, a water conservancy machinery company specialized in dredging and dredging projects in Jiangsu contracted a reservoir dredging project in Henan. In September 2019, the company purchased the 110KW 12-inch mining submersible pump produced by our company for the cleaning and transportation of sludge at the bottom of the reservoir. Due to the deep depth of the reservoir, the reservoir has never been cleaned since the dam was built. The results of the geological survey showed that cracks had occurred on the cement-reinforced ground at the bottom of the reservoir. In order to prevent large-scale water quality disasters and ensure daily water safety, the superior leadership decided to clean and reinforce the ground at the bottom of the reservoir.

mining submersible pump
mining submersible pump

The construction is carried out in two steps. First, the dredging company extracts the bottom sedimentary silt and sends it to the accumulation site 500 meters away. The subsequent infrastructure company moves in to perform concrete reinforcement operations on the bottom surface. The submersible sand suction pump produced by our factory is mainly responsible for sending the cleaned silt to a storage location 500 meters away for solidification and stacking. The deepest cleaning depth is up to 50 meters. The bottom uses a pneumatic pump to pump the deposited sand and rocks into the transfer box of the mobile pontoon. The 110KW mining submersible pump is fixed in the transfer box with a capacity of 30 cubic meters. Start the bottom air pump first, and instantaneously a large flow of sludge mixed media flows into the transfer box. In the upper part of the box, the outlet pipe of the air pump is separated by a 5 cm separation net to separate large particles of rocks and garbage to prevent the pump from being blocked. body. The submersible sand suction pump is then activated to pump out the sediment mixture in the transfer box. The instantaneous flow of the front section of the pneumatic pump is relatively large, and the back-end mining submersible pump has a start-up delay. After a period of time, the flow is not drawn in time. There is an overflow valve in the transfer box, and the excess mud-water mixture flows out of the overflow valve to ensure the hull The carrying weight. Early use requires more operation and running-in, and overall the effect is ideal.

The parameters of 11kw mining submersible pump

Flow rate: 800 cubic meters per hour

Head: 30 meters

Rotation speed: 980 revolutions

Supporting power: 110KW

Pump model: ZJQ800-30-110

Export caliber: 300mm

Supporting pipeline: 350mm PE pipe

mining submersible pump
mining submersible pump

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