Submersible sand slurry pump (also known as the submersible slurry pump) is made of wear-resistant alloy steel by the optimized casting and manufacturing processes. The electrical motor and mechanical pump is designed and manufactured on the same axis to work for heavy duty sand or slurry pump suction and transportation applications.

The submersible sand slurry pump has advanced structure and wide over-flow passage to make it high output and high performance. This kind of sand slurry pump is suitable for conveying liquids containing solid particles such as sand and cinder. It can be equipped on submersible sand dredger for sand extracting. Submersible sand slurry pump is also widely used in sand pumping, reclamation, dock construction, electric power and metallurgical transportation, river dredging and other industries.

30KW Submersible Sand Slurry Pump was Delivered to Indonesia
30KW Submersible Slurry Pump was Delivered to Indonesia
30KW Sand Pump was Delivered to Indonesia

Indonesian customer contacted us and wanted to buy a sand pump for sand dredging in the sedimentation tank in April, 2019,. He had a sand field in Indonesia. There were mud and other impurities mixed with the sand. So he used several sand washing machines to clean the sand source every day, at the same time, there were several sedimentation tanks used for collecting fine sand that flows away with the water.

Indonesian customer wanted to use a submersible sand slurry pump to extract the sand from the sedimentation tank. The pool could be cleaned up for reuse, and the precipitated fine sand could be recycled for sale.

According to the customer’s request, the submersible sand slurry pump was selected as the sand suction equipment. The sand suction pump is easy to operate and directly sneak into the sedimentation tank. The suction port contacts the deposited sand layer, and the bottom is equipped with a stirring impeller to stir the sand with a long deposition time. Submersible slurry pump is easy to extract the sand and increase the concentration of sand.

At the same time, we reformed the sand dredging machine. At the bottom of the pump body, the base bracket was changed into a hollow pipe which was connected with three water jets on top. The high-pressure water from the water pump is used to break the harden sand for sucking the sand easier.

Later, we sent our selection parameters and design plans, physical photos, and live work videos to our customer.

Parameters of Submersible Sand Slurry Pump

Pump modelZJQ250-20-30
Flow rate250 m³/h
Head20 m
Supporting power30 kw
Maximum discontinuity through the particles25 mm
Supporting pipe6 inch rubber pipe
30KW Submersible Dredging Pump was Delivered to Indonesia
30KW Sand Suction Pump was Delivered to Indonesia
30KW Sand Pump Machine was Delivered to Indonesia

The customer knew the detail of the structural principle of this sand pump and the optimization and transformation that we carry out according to the actual situation. He was very satisfied and ordered one submersible slurry pump. And he said if the actual operation would be good, it would be purchased in large quantities in the follow-up. Then the customer signed the contract. We produced according to the design requirements, and delivered within the time required by the customer.

And we sent the test video to the customer, he was very satisfied of the submersible sand pump.

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