The submersible sediment pump (also known as the submersible sand pump) is a hydraulic machine in which the motor and the water pump are coaxially integrated into the medium. The submersible sand suction pump has an advanced structure and a wide flow passage. It is widely used in marine suction mud, sand pumping, land reclamation, dock construction, electric power, metallurgical transportation of tailings, river dredging and other industries. The submersible sediment pump manufactured by our company are currently widely used in various working conditions such as dredging and fixing embankments in the Yellow River Basin, dredging in the Yangtze River Basin, and coastal reclamation.

Boss Cai from Zhenjiang, Jiangsu contacted our company and wanted to buy a sand suction pump to extract the fine sand deposited in the sand washing tank. The specific size of the pool is 5 meters * 10 meters * 5 meters. Drain the water in the pool, and then use an excavator to dig the sand out. Not to mention the low efficiency and the high cost, I want to use a submersible sediment pump for the sand suction operation. The sand in the pool is all fine sand that settles at the bottom of the pool after washing with coarse sand. The sedimentation time is long and it is a little hard to pump. The customer has also tried pumping with a submersible sewage pump before, but the effect is not good, and the impeller wears quickly. In response to the customer’s question, the company’s technicians recommend the use of a submersible sediment pump with an external agitator for the sand suction operation. The submersible sand suction pump produced by our company has its own stirring impeller, which can form a certain turbulent flow. In order to improve the sand suction effect and increase the stirring radius, two agitators are attached on both sides of the submersible sand suction pump to stir the sedimented fine sand. , to improve the sand loading effect of the sand suction pump.

Submersible Sediment Pump (3)
Submersible Sediment Pump (2)
Submersible Sediment Pump (1)

According to the customer’s sand production requirements and the on-site use environment, the recommended model is ZJQ300-20-37 submersible sediment pump and two external 4KW mixers. The secondary pump has a large flow rate and high efficiency. Customer site needs. The customer was very satisfied with the structure and working principle of this pump, and immediately paid the deposit to confirm the purchase. The bottom of the submersible sand pump is equipped with a stirring impeller, and an external agitator can also be attached.

Submersible sediment pump parameters

  • Flow: 300 cubic meters per hour
  • Head: 20 meters
  • Supporting power: 37KW
  • Pump model: ZJQ300-20-37
  • Supporting pipeline: 6 inch rubber tube
  • External mixer power: 4KW

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