Underwater sand dredge pump, also called submersible dredge pump, is a kind of sand pumping machine which is designed to pump and delivery industrial, mining,  power plant, water treatment, sewage, organic waste, or anywhere slurry and sand solids. Underwater sand dredge pump is used for pumping heavier concentrations and larger quantities of sediment, it can withstand long term wear and abrasion. The underwater sand dredge pump may be blocked during normal use because it has not been properly maintained. The following is how to avoid submersible sand pump blockage.

Blockage Causes When Use Underwater Sand Dredge Pump
Blockage Causes When Use Submersible Sand Dredge Pump
Blockage Causes When Use Sand Pumping Machine
  1. When the underwater sand dredge pump stops working, using high pressure water to flush the inside of the sand dredging pump and the pipelines until the water that comes out is free of impurities.
  2. A dirt blocking box can be added with a 45-degree inclination at the position of the water inlet pipe, and then install a filter inside the box to block impurities again, which can effectively avoid the clogging of the underwater sand dredge pump.
  3. The underwater sand dredge pump must be used continuously during sand transportation. If it needs to suspend work, the time should not be too long, so as to avoid slurry solidification in the sand pump when it stops running.
  4. The submersible dredge pump should reduce the use of 90-degree and S-shaped bend as much as possible when installing and designing pipelines.
  5. The cutting blades can be chose to chop up some larger solid materials during use to avoid blockages.

The blockage not only impact the work efficiency of underwater sand dredge pump, but also cause serious damage to the submersible dredge pump itself. So regularly maintain and overhaul is necessary to avoid blockage.

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