The submersible sand suction pump combines a motor and pump in a submerged configuration, making it an excellent alternative to traditional mud pumps. With the addition of stirring impellers at the bottom, in addition to the main impeller, this pump is capable of creating turbulent flow and effectively spraying deposited sludge. This unique feature enables the pump to achieve high-concentration delivery without the need for auxiliary devices.

OCEAN Pump, with over 20 years of industrial experience, is a premier manufacturer and supplier of sand pumps, slurry pumps, sand dredgers, and solutions for the sand pumping industry. In this article, we will delve into the proper methods of using and maintaining dredging sand suction pumps. We aim to provide insights from the perspective of a sand pump manufacturer, focusing on ensuring the correct usage and maintenance of sand suction pumps in terms of capacity, efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

1 What is a submersible sand suction pump?

The DMS submersible sand suction pump, also referred to as the submersible sediment pump, submersible mud pump, and submersible tailings pump, is a versatile and reliable pumping solution. This pump operates with both the motor and pump submerged in water, working in tandem on the same axis. With its simple operation and excellent wear resistance, it offers a wide range of applications.

Equipped with an advanced sealing device, the submersible sand suction pump maintains balanced pressure inside and outside the oil chamber. This balance ensures the reliability and prolongs the service life of the mechanical seal. Moreover, the pump motor incorporates overheating protection and can be equipped with additional protection devices, such as water ingress detection, as per user requirements. These features enable the pump to operate safely for extended periods, even in harsh working conditions.

The DMS submersible sand suction pump finds extensive use in various water bodies, including rivers, lakes, seas, and reservoirs. It excels in tasks such as sand pumping, mud pumping, and dredging, ensuring efficient maintenance and navigation. Furthermore, it serves specific purposes like pumping fly ash in power plants, iron scale in steel mills, and powder in ceramic tile factories. It is also suitable for handling mine tailings, sewage water treatment, and sediment pumping.

This pump boasts a robust design and reliable performance. Its submerged configuration allows for seamless operation and reduces the risk of damage from external elements. Additionally, it offers good wear resistance, ensuring longevity and durability even in demanding environments.

In summary, the DMS submersible sand suction pump is a versatile and efficient solution for various applications. Its widespread use in sand pumping, mud pumping, and dredging across different industries highlights its reliability and effectiveness. With its submerged design, simple operation, and excellent wear resistance, it proves to be a valuable asset in maintaining waterways, managing waste, and promoting efficient operations in diverse sectors.

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2.The Characteristics of Submersible Sand Suction Pump

2.1 Self-Stirring Function:

The pump is equipped with its own stirring capability, eliminating the need for additional auxiliary equipment. This feature enables it to effectively stir up sediment without any external assistance.

2.2 Exceptional Wear Resistance:

The pump incorporates a closed impeller that demonstrates both high efficiency and remarkable wear resistance. Furthermore, the flow-passing components such as the impeller, pump casing, and stirring impeller are crafted using a high-chromium wear-resistant alloy. So this ensures prolonged durability and optimal performance even in challenging conditions.

2.3 Unrestricted Suction Range:

The pump is not limited by the suction range, allowing for efficient and thorough dredging. And its high slag suction efficiency ensures effective removal of sediment, contributing to improved clearing and maintenance operations.

2.4 Triple Protection System:

The submersible sand suction pump features a comprehensive triple protection mechanism that effectively prevents motor damage. Within the motor, an induction probe is installed, which, when paired with a specialized control cabinet, enables water immersion detection in both the oil chamber and the motor chamber. Additionally, the system includes motor overheating protection. These protective measures safeguard the motor from potential burning and ensure safe and reliable operation.

3. The Use Method of Submersible Sand Suction Pump

3.1 The DMS submersible sand suction pump is designed to operate on a standard power supply of 50Hz/380V three-phase AC power. However, customized options are available for special-shaped power supplies such as 400V, 440V, 660V, and 1140V to meet specific requirements.

3.2 To ensure optimal performance, it is important that the maximum temperature of the medium being pumped does not exceed 60°C. In cases where the temperature exceeds this limit, a cooling jacket must be added, and an external water source should be connected to facilitate effective cooling. It is essential to note that the medium being pumped should not possess flammable or explosive properties.

3.3 Regarding the concentration of solid particles in the medium, the maximum weight concentration is 45% for ash and 60% for slag. These specifications ensure efficient handling of sediments and debris within the medium.

3.4 The submersible sand suction pump is designed for diving depths of up to 30 meters, with a minimum requirement of 1 meter. However, it is important to note that deep-water sand pumps, intended for water depths exceeding 30 meters, require advance customization.

3.5 The unit is designed to operate in a vertical position within the medium, and its working state is continuous, ensuring optimal performance and reliable operation across various applications.

4. Application range of DMS submersible sand suction pump:

Including but not limited to the following scope:

4.1 Sand pumping in rivers, lakes, seas, and reservoirs.

4.2 Dredging and pumping operations in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and ports.

4.3 Sand pumping and beneficiation for various purposes, such as iron, gold panning, and rare earth sands.

4.4 Cleaning sedimentation tanks in sewage treatment plants.

4.5 Sediment cleaning in municipal pipelines, rainwater pumping stations, and hydropower stations.

4.6 Discharging sediment and mud during engineering construction, including bridge construction caissons.

4.7 Conveying blast furnace slag, slag, and iron oxide scale in iron and steel plants.

4.8 Transporting concentrator tailings, slag, and pulp.

4.9 Cleaning coal mine cinder, coal slime, and coal slurry.

4.10 Power plant applications, including transporting fly ash, coal slime, and coal slurry.

4.11 Absorbing various solid particles, such as emery, quartz sand, and steel slag.

4.12 Pumping powder in tile factories.

4.13 Land reclamation projects in coastal areas.

4.14 Conveying slurry materials containing various impurities.

4.15 Handling media containing larger solid particles.

5. Use cases of submersible sand suction pump

In October 2022, a customer from the Philippines conducted multiple communications, video responses, and analyzed specific working conditions with TAIAN OCEAN PUMP’s research and development center. They compared the advantages, flow rates, cost-effectiveness, and applications of various submersible pumps, and also made comparisons with products from other countries. Ultimately, they chose TAIAN OCEAN PUMP.

After careful consideration, we determined a submersible sand suction pump solution that meets the customer’s requirements, with a flow rate of 400 cubic meters per hour, a lift of 40 meters, and a power of 90 kilowatts.

Considering a conveying distance of 400 meters and an approximate height difference of 10 meters, the submersible sand suction pump is capable of producing 15 tons of iron ore per hour. It is remarkable that the customer has been using the pump for three months without any need for replacement parts.

The customer expressed great satisfaction with our submersible sand suction pump and mentioned their intention to place another order with us in October 2023. We are extremely pleased to have provided them with a reliable and efficient solution, and we look forward to serving them with high-quality service again in the future.

6. Summary

Overall, the submersible sand suction pump, such as the ones manufactured by TAIAN OCEAN PUMP, is a versatile and efficient solution for various industries, offering reliable performance in pumping and transporting solids. By following the recommended usage methods, users can maximize the pump’s capabilities and achieve satisfactory results in their applications.

The TAIAN OCEAN PUMP submersible sand suction pump stands out due to its self-stirring capability, exceptional wear resistance, unrestricted suction range, and triple protection system. These advantages, coupled with the company’s commitment to quality and durability, make it a reliable and efficient solution for various applications, providing enhanced performance and longevity.

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