Combined sand pumps consist of two sets or more sand pump units. One of the sand pump units is used as main sand suction pump, the others are booster pumps. So combined sand pumps can achieve high-concentration suction and long-distance transportation of sediment. The design of combined sand pumps combines the advantages of the high suction sand pump and the high lift sand pump, the advantages are complementary, and the benefit of sand pumping is maximized.

Selection Background of Combined Sand Pumps

On November 15, 2018, the Zambian customer consulted the international business department of Ocean Pump about long distance sand transporting. The working conditions were as follows.

  1. The combined sand pumps were mainly used for extracting fine sand without large particles and garbage.
  2. The water depth of working area was 2-5m, the maximum extraction depth was 10m, the discharge distance was 2000m, and almost no discharge height.
  3. They had 6 inch pipelines, and could make sand dredger according to the size of sand pump units.
  4. There was no transformer in local area. But there was a 200kva generator set, output voltage was 400v, the frequency was 50Hz.
  5. The sand output was more than 20m3/h.

Selection Process of Combined Sand Pumps

Through the sand source analysis and calculation, the engineers of Ocean Pump concluded that: Under the premise of 120 cubic meters of mixed flow per hour, the pressure of 2000 meters pipelines was 4.93 bar, the head was 49.29m. Our engineers chose NSQ100-35-30 submersible slurry pump equipped with 4kw agitators as main sand dredging pump, and DS125-36 high head slurry pump as booster pump. The sand output of this combined sand pumps could be up to 30m3/h after 2000m of transportation.

Combined Sand Pumps Performance Parameters

Main sand pump machineNSQ100-35-30 submersible slurry pump with agitators
Supporting motor6 pole, 30kw
Combined Sand Pumps were Delivered to Zambia for Sand Dredging
Submersible Sand Pump was Delivered to Zambia for Sand Dredging
Submersible Slurry Pump was Delivered to Zambia for Sand Dredging
Booster pumpDS125-36 high head slurry pump
Supporting motor6 pole, 37kw
Booster Pump was Delivered to Zambia for Sand Dredging
Sand Suction Pump was Delivered to Zambia for Sand Dredging
Button Outside of Control Cabinet

The customer was satisfied with our design scheme, we signed purchase contract and the customer paid deposit. We produced the sand pumping machine which was suitable for the 400v voltage and delivered to Zambia.

About Ocean Pump

Tai’an OCEAN Pump Co., Ltd. (referred to as OCEAN PUMP) is a reliable manufacturer of sand pump, sand suction pump, slurry pump, mud pump, sediment pump, sewage pump, dredging pump, submersible dewatering pump and sand dredger. Ocean Pump integrates independent research and development, equipment manufacturing, pre-sales and after-sales service. The business of Ocean Pump covers a full range of sand-absorbing and dredging projects. The products cover more than 500 specifications in 20 series, and the products are exported to 36 countries and regions. Ocean Pump is well-known at home and abroad. Ocean Pump has won the praise and trust of customers with rich industry experience, professional technology and excellent service.