Cable dredge, also known as a submersible slurry pumping dredger, is the high performance and flexible dredger specially designed and manufacturer by Ocean Pump for sand or slurry desilting applications.

As the OEM/ODM sand dredger manufacturer and supplier, OCEAN Pump offers sand dredgers with custom size and capacity ad best factory price.

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1. What is A Cable Dredge

The custom cable dredger is specially tailored for utilizing cutting-edge hydrodynamic technology. Cable Dredge is a powerful, efficient, and versatile dredging equipment designed for river or sea desilting operations. It can effectively extract sand or sediment from underwater and transport it to designated locations to meet diverse usage requirements. It offers different configurations to choose from.

The core component of the cable dredge is the submersible slurry pump. The working principle of the submersible slurry pump is to utilize an electric motor to drive the impeller rotation, generating centrifugal force to suction the medium and discharge it through the submersible dredge pump. At the same time, the sealing system ensures that the medium does not leak into the motor. The submersible slurry pump provides an efficient and reliable solution for solid particle handling and slurry conveying.

OCEAN Pump’s designed Cable Dredge is equipped with high-quality DMS/DMZ/DMD series submersible dredge pumps, efficient agitation system, and high-pressure Water jet system, ensuring high performance, reliability, as well as maximum flexibility and adaptability. The Cable Dredge is widely applicable in regular maintenance operations for docks, sedimentation pond operations, mine pool operations, or dam dredging projects.

2. Technical Data Of Custom Cable Dredge

NoModelUnitSPD311 SPD5811SPD811SPD11811
1Dredger body size (L*W*H)m3.0×1.0×1.0 (2 PCS) 5.8×1.0×1.0(2 PCS)8×1×1(2 PCS)11.8×1.0×1.0(2 PCS)
2Pump powerKW11~15 22~37 45~75 90~132
3Pump sizeinch 4/6 4/6/86/8/108/10/12
4Pump flow capacitycbm/hr 50~150 75~300 300~600 500~1250
5Max. passing gravel diametermm30 606060
6 Max. dredging depth m 30 3030 30
7Max.Discharge distance m 300 600 900 1100
8Discharge pipe diameterinch 4/6 4/6/86/8/108/10/12
 9 General control Box (optional) KWInverterInverterInverter Inverter
 10 Generator (optional) KW4545-7590-150120-320
11Other configurationOperation room, Electric hoist, cable roller, winder, anchor, shelter, etc
12Cable lengthmcustomize
13Power Supplycustomize
12Remarka. Hydraulic system pump is available.
b. 2-3pieces of extra side agitators/cutters can be added.
C. Above data could be adjusted and customized according to your specific requirements.

3. What Are Advantages of Cable Dredge?

3.1 The design of the Cable Dredge’s pontoon has been meticulously engineered to ensure its robustness, reliability, and flexible operation. Recognizing the demands of various working environments, OCEAN Pump is committed to providing customized designs and manufacturing, including tailor-made submersible slurry pumps crafted for specific application scenarios. Therefore, the dimensions and configurations of the platform are customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and adaptability.

3.2 The dedicated submersible dredge pump for the Cable Dredge demonstrates excellent wear resistance and features a spacious flow passage design, enabling it to easily handle various applications such as dredging slurry, sand, large solid particles, slurries, coal slurry, and coarse sand.

3.3 To ensure the long-term stable operation of the submersible slurry pump under various harsh conditions, the Cable Dredge is equipped with a triple protection mechanism for submersible slurry pump: flexible sensor overheating protection, water ingress inspection protection, and oil chamber protection.

3.4 The dedicated submersible slurry pump for the Cable Dredge offers a choice of two materials: high-chrome alloy and stainless steel, to meet the specific requirements of different worksites.

3.5 To improve work efficiency, OCEAN PUMP allows customers to choose to add 2-3 additional agitators or high-pressure Water jet systems to a submersible slurry pump.

3.6 Cable Dredge also provides hydraulic system pumps to meet customers’ diverse needs.

3.7 To meet different customer needs, OCEAN Pump, the manufacturer of the jet suction dredger, offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services, as well as customization options.

3.8 Custom design and fabrication are available.

3.9 Best Factory Price.

4. What Are The Main Components of Custom Cable Dredge?

4.1 Production Floating Platform

During dredging operations, the Cable Dredge relies on the operation of the submersible dredge pump. To ensure the stable operation of the submersible dredge pump, it must be supported by a production floating platform. To achieve this, OCEAN Pump provides precise customized sizing solutions for various types of production floating platforms, aiming to ensure the stability and reliability of the cable dredge’s structure. Considering the convenience of transportation, the Cable Dredge designed by OCEAN Pump is ingeniously designed as a detachable two-part structure, including two side float boxes and components such as a gantry. These float pontoon not only provide necessary buoyancy but also form a stable operating platform. OCEAN Pump has specially designed top doors on the top of the side float pontoon to facilitate cargo storage and ballasting operations. To meet the specific requirements of different customers in different working environments, OCEAN Pump offers personalized customization services, allowing customers to selectively configure cabins and canopies according to their actual needs.

4.2 Sand Extraction System

The sand extraction system is an essential component of the Cable Dredge, with the core consisting of the integration of the submersible dredge pump and the generator set. The centrifugal submersible sand extraction pump generates centrifugal force through high-speed rotation. The mixture of sand and water is sucked into the pump through the bottom of the submersible dredge pump and transported to the designated location through the discharge pipeline. OCEAN Pump offers various models of submersible slurry pumps to meet the diverse needs of customers in dredging operations. The submersible slurry pump is equipped with a professional submersible motor that can operate safely underwater without concerns of cavitation, thus extending the pump’s service life. Additionally, OCEAN Pump equips each submersible dredge pump with a frequency control cabinet, allowing users to easily control the motor’s start and stop, greatly improving usability. To ensure the stable operation of the motor, OCEAN Pump also provides protection circuits for the motor, including overheating protection, overload protection, and water ingress protection in the oil chamber, ensuring the safe operation of the entire system.

4.3 Lifting System

The lifting system is an indispensable part of the Cable Dredge, and its operation relies on the control of the submersible slurry pump’s lifting mechanism. Controlling the position of the submersible dredge pump to obtain the appropriate extraction concentration is achieved through a winch. The hoist/winch can be driven by a motor. When selecting the hoist/winch, the total weight of the submersible slurry pump and the rubber hose must be fully considered, and the downward force generated by the submersible sand extraction pump during operation should not be overlooked. The gantry of the Cable Dredge is made of high-strength and high-quality steel to ensure excellent load-bearing capacity and stability. Additionally, the installation position and height of the gantry are precisely planned to maintain the overall balance of the vessel.

4.4 Water Jet System

The Water jet system is an optional configuration. Currently, the majority of customers choose to include the high-pressure water jet system provided by OCEAN Pump. This system uses high-pressure water jet pump to ensure thorough mixing of the slurry in the water. When selecting the water jet pump, customers can choose between a horizontal water jet pump or a high-pressure submersible water pump based on their needs. Properly setting the pressure of the pump is crucial to achieve the best mixing effect. Improper pressure settings can not only affect effective sand flushing but also reduce the concentration of sand extraction. Therefore, precise selection of the high-pressure water jet pump requires considering the flow rate of the sand extraction pump, the extraction depth, and the characteristics of the sand. This mixing process aims to achieve uniform distribution of solid particles in the liquid, thereby increasing the extraction concentration.

4.5 Agitation/Cutter System

The agitation/cutter system is an optional configuration that ensures thorough mixing of the slurry by adding 2 to 3 agitators/cutters, thereby increasing the extraction concentration to 60%. The agitators/cutters are driven by motors or hydraulic systems and provide a variety of power options, including 4KW, 11KW, 15KW, and 22KW. This system is closely connected to the main pump through a connecting frame to ensure structural stability and provide a convenient operating experience.

4.6 Movement System

The movement system, as an optional configuration for customers, consists of a propeller and a diesel engine. The propeller, a marine propulsion device, is commonly connected to the diesel engine via a belt. Its characteristics include smooth propulsion speed and easy operation, supporting not only the forward and backward movement of the vessel but also the adjustment of the cable dredge’s direction.

4.7 Pipeline System

After the submersible dredge pump extracts the sand, it is transported via pipeline. The pipeline mainly consists of HDPE pipes and floaters, with the floaters primarily serving the purpose of keeping the pipeline afloat. According to OCEAN Pump’s professional recommendations, each pipe should be equipped with two or three pairs of floaters to ensure stability. For long-distance transportation of sand, OCEAN Pump provides flexible pipeline solutions to meet specific project requirements. These pipelines are resistant to wear, corrosion, and UV radiation, ensuring their durability in various working conditions.

4.8 Control System

The control system is responsible for the overall operation and coordination of the cable dredge. OCEAN Pump’s control system can optionally be equipped with advanced PLC (programmable logic controller) technology combined with a human-machine interface (HMI) for easy operation and monitoring. The control system allows the operator to monitor and control various parameters such as starting and stopping of submersible dredge pumps and water jet pumps, pump speed, extraction concentration, outlet pressure and agitator operation. It also provides real-time feedback and alarms for abnormal situations to ensure the safety and efficiency of dredging operations.