Jet suction dredger is the type of sand dredging equipment specifically designed and engineered by OCEAN Pump for removing sediment, sludge, or sand from the bottom of water bodies such as rivers, lakes, or coastal areas. The jet suction dredger is suitable for water areas with minimal waves and flat bottoms. It is a non-self-propelled sand dredge machine. OCEAN Pump Jet Suction Dredger is diesel driven or electrically driven, ensuring the highest efficiency and lowest energy consumption.

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1. What Is Custom Jet Suction Dredger?

The custom jet suction dredger is designed equipped with a high-pressure water jet system and a powerful sand suction system, which utilizes its high-speed water jets to remove sediment and sand, allowing it to clear sediments, sand, or other materials from the seabed or riverbed. The water jet system agitates the sediment, while the suction system collects the loosened material and transports it through pipelines to storage or processing areas. These sand suction dredgers are commonly used in dredging projects to maintain waterways, deepen channels, or reclaim land.

This custom jet suction dredger is widely used in underwater sand or slurry excavation operations ranging from 1 meter to 20 meters deep. Its primary function is to extract sand or sediment from underwater and transport it to designated locations to meet various utilization needs. The Sand Dredging Machine developed and designed by OCEAN Pump is equipped with a high-pressure water jet system and a powerful sand suction system. The high-pressure water jet pump generates a high-pressure water impact at the bottom of the sand layer, creating a vortex effect that effectively directs the mixed sand around the sand suction nozzle. The sand pump is responsible for transporting the extracted material through pipelines or conveying systems to barges or shore locations for final deposition or utilization.

The Jet Suction Dredger is a powerful and versatile vessel that enables efficient dredging operations. This indispensable machine is crucial for channel cleaning, waterway maintenance, and restoration of global ecosystems.

2. Technical Data Of Jet Suction Dredger

To meet the requirements of sand dredging machine, OCEAN Pump has scientifically and meticulously categorized the specifications of two types of jet suction dredger based on specific customer demands and application scenarios.

2.1 For small, lightweight, and short-distance sediment transport, the specifications of the Jet Suction Dredger are as follows:

NoModelPump SizeDredge LxWxH (m)Mixed Flow(m³/h)Sand Output (m³/h)Max. Dig Depth (m)Discharge Distance (m)
1PSD-044 inch4.5×2.0×0.7015025-45650-80
2PSD-066 inch5.8×2.2×0.7526045-60880- 100
3PSD-088 Inch2 pcs:6.8 m*1 m*1 m
1 pc:4.8*2m*1m
36060-8012100- 150
4PSD- 1010 inch2 pcs:6.8 m*1 m*1 m
1 pc:4.8*2m*1m
50080- 11020150-200

2.2. For high flow rate and long-distance sediment transport, the specifications of the Jet Suction Dredger are as follows:

1Dredge performanceSand output (m3/h)80-110130-260300-360360-390440-520
2Max. Discharge distance (m)10001000120015001500
3Max. gravel diameter passing through (mm)127180220241254
4Max. dredging depth (m)1515152020
5Dredge Pontoon SizeSize (LxWxH) (mm)2 PCS:
5.8×2.2× 1.5
2 PCS:11.8x1x1.5
2 PCS: 11.8x1x1.5
2 PCS:
2 PCS: 18x1x1.5
1PCS: 11.8×2.2×1.8

3. What Are Advantages Of Custom Jet Suction Pump?

3.1 Modular Design

The Jet Suction Dredger made by OCEAN Pump features a modular design, allowing for different configurations to be chosen based on different working conditions. It can be adjusted and customized to meet specific requirements and adapt to various work environments and demands.

3.2 High Efficiency

The Jet Suction Dredger can be powered by either diesel engines or electric motors, with optimized high-pressure water jetting system and efficient sand pump suction systems.

3.3 High-Quality Wear Parts with Material Options

The flow parts of the sand dredging pump can be made of either medium chrome alloy or high chrome alloy. The sand dredging pump offers options for different materials to meet customers’ requirements for wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

3.4 Suitable Dredging Depth Range

The dredging depth range of the Jet Suction Dredger is typically 1-20 meters. The sand dredging pump also has an appropriate pumping depth range to meet the pumping requirements under different working conditions.

3.5 Low Investment, High Return

The design of the sand dredging pump takes cost-effectiveness into consideration, ensuring lower investment while providing good operational performance. Through precise calculations, the sand dredging equipment can achieve a return on investment in just 80 effective working hours.

3.5 Easy and Convenient Assembly/Disassembly and Operation

The Jet Suction Dredger is designed for easy and quick assembly/disassembly, facilitating maintenance and component replacement. The operation process is simple and user-friendly for operators.

3.7 Detachable sand Dredging Vessel

The sand dredging pump is designed as a detachable vessel with dimensions compatible with shipping containers, ensuring easy transportation and loading for convenient logistics.

3.8 OEM, ODM, Customization Services

To meet different customer needs, OCEAN Pump, the manufacturer of the jet suction dredger, offers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services, as well as customization options.

4. What Are The Main Components of Custom Jet Suction Dredger?

4.1 Production Floating Platform

During the dredging operations, the Jet Suction Dredger relies on a horizontal sand pump for its operation. To ensure the normal operation of the horizontal sand pump, a production floating platform is used to support and facilitate the process. OCEAN Pump provides customized platform size solutions for various types of sand dredging machines to ensure the stability and reliability of the vessel’s structure. For transportation convenience, OCEAN Pump’s Jet Suction Dredgers are typically designed as detachable three-part structures, including one central floating box, two side floating boxes, and a gantry. The central floating box is used to house the sand pump and water pump unit, while the side floating boxes provide sufficient buoyancy and a stable operating platform. Additionally, OCEAN Pump has designed openings on the side floating boxes to meet the convenient storage and loading requirements of customers. OCEAN Pump offers personalized customization services, allowing customers to choose optional features such as an operator’s cabin and a canopy to meet the practical needs of different working environments.

4.2 Sand Suction System

The sand suction system is an essential component of the Jet Suction Dredger, and its core consists of the integration of the sand pump and diesel engine. The centrifugal sand pump generates centrifugal force through high-speed rotation, and the mixture of sand and water is sucked into the pump through the suction nozzle and transported to the designated location through the discharge pipeline. OCEAN Pump offers a wide variety of sand pumps with different types and models to meet the diverse needs of customers in dredging operations. For applications requiring high flow rates and short-distance transportation, we recommend the cost-effective portable sand pump unit, which features a belt connection to a land-based diesel engine for easy operation. For high flow rates and long-distance transportation requirements, we provide heavy-duty sand pump series, slurry pump series, and gravel pump series sand pump units. These units demonstrate excellent wear resistance, higher flow rates, and greater head. The unit is connected to the marine diesel engine with a clutch or gearbox to ensure the stability of the entire system.

4.3 Water Jet System

OCEAN Pump’s Jet Suction Dredger is equipped with an efficient water jet system, which has been carefully designed and modified. This system involves the installation of high-pressure water guns near the suction head to generate strong water jets that impact the bottom sediment, creating a vortex effect. This significantly enhances the concentration of the pumped sand and improves the efficiency of the sand suction operation. Setting the correct pressure for the water pump is crucial to achieve optimal results. If the pressure is too low, the sand cannot be effectively agitated; conversely, excessively high pressure may cause the sand to disperse too much, resulting in a lower sand concentration. Therefore, it is essential to accurately select a high-pressure water jet pump based on the flow rate of the sand pump, dredging depth, and sand characteristics.

OCEAN Pump provides various connection options for high-pressure water jet pumps to meet different requirements. For Jet Suction Dredgers with high flow rates and short-distance transportation, we recommend a direct connection to the diesel engine and winch, ensuring strong power output. For Jet Suction Dredgers requiring long-distance transportation, we suggest a design where the high-pressure water jet pump shares a marine diesel engine with the sand pump. This design not only saves valuable cabin space but also simplifies the operation process and improves work convenience.

4.4 Lifting System

The lifting system is an indispensable part of the Jet Suction Dredger, and its operation relies on the control and adjustment of the rubber hose and sand suction nozzle’s lifting movements. Controlling the position of the suction nozzle ensures the appropriate extraction concentration. This process is mainly achieved by the winch, which can be driven by a diesel engine or an electric motor. When selecting the winch, it is essential to consider the total weight of the suction head, suction rubber hose, and flushing rubber hose, as well as the downward force generated by the sand pump in operation. OCEAN Pump’s gantry is manufactured using high-strength and high-quality steel materials to ensure excellent load-bearing capacity and stability. Additionally, precise planning of the gantry’s installation position and height is necessary to maintain the overall balance of the jet suction dredger.

4.5 Movement System:

The movement system is an optional configuration for customers and is composed of a propeller and a diesel engine. The propeller, a marine propulsion device, is generally connected to the diesel engine via a belt. Its characteristics include smooth propulsion speed and easy operation, supporting both forward and reverse movement of the vessel, as well as adjusting the sand dredger’s direction.

4.6 Pipeline System

After the sand is extracted by the sand pump, it is transported through a pipeline. The pipeline system mainly consists of HDPE pipes and floaters, with the floaters serving to keep the pipeline afloat on the water surface. According to OCEAN Pump’s professional advice, each pipeline should be equipped with two or three sets of floaters to ensure stable and reliable floating performance. The floaters are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which is durable, corrosion-resistant, and has excellent buoyancy properties. The pipeline system is designed to minimize friction loss and maintain a smooth flow of the transported sand-water mixture. The length and diameter of the pipeline can be customized according to the dredging distance and required flow rate.

5. What Is Custom Jet Suction Dredger Used For?

Jet suction dredgers have a wide range of applications in various industries and sectors. Some common applications include:

5.1 Coastal Engineering

Jet suction dredgers are widely used in coastal engineering projects. They are used to extract sand from offshore areas and deposit it onto eroded beaches, replenishing and restoring them. This helps protect coastal areas from erosion and storm damage.

5.2 Port Maintenance

Ports often require regular maintenance to ensure safe navigation of vessels. Jet suction dredgers are used to remove silt, sediment, and other debris that accumulates in the channels, berths, and docking areas. This helps maintain the required water depth and ensures smooth operation of vessels.

5.3 Land Reclamation

Jet suction dredgers play a crucial role in land reclamation projects. They extract sand from underwater locations and deposit it in designated areas to create new land for development purposes. This is particularly useful for expanding coastal areas, constructing artificial islands, or reclaiming land for infrastructure projects.

5.4 River and Channel Maintenance

Over time, rivers and channels can experience sedimentation, affecting their navigability and water flow. jet suction dredgers are used to remove accumulated sediment, silt, and debris from riverbeds and channels, restoring their capacity and maintaining water flow for irrigation, flood control, and shipping.

5.5 Mining and Extraction

Jet suction dredgers are used in mining operations to extract valuable minerals and materials from underwater deposits. They are used to remove sand, gravel, and other aggregates from the seabed or riverbed, which can be processed for various industrial applications, including construction, concrete production, and infrastructure projects.

5.6 Environmental Remediation

Jet suction dredgers are used in environmental remediation projects. They help remove contaminated sediment, pollutants, and debris from water bodies, lakes, and harbors. This helps improve water quality, restore aquatic habitats, and mitigate the impacts of pollution.

5.7 Beach Nourishment

Jet suction dredgers are used in beach nourishment projects, where sand is extracted from offshore sources and placed on eroded beaches. This helps expand and enhance beach areas, providing recreational spaces and protecting coastal communities from erosion.