The hydraulic submersible dredge pump is based on the submersible sand dredging pump by the design team of the OCEAN PUMP, add two to three side submersible agitators. According to different construction requirements, the driving mode can be submersible motor or hydraulic pump station.

The diversified product portfolio is suitable for various sand absorption, dredging and mining conditions. The hydraulic submersible dredge pump has the outstanding advantages of easy operation, so it is more and more favored by our customers.

On September 15, 2020, a customer from Zhuhai, Guangdong province came to our factory to inspect the hydraulic submersible dredge pump and put forward the following construction requirements:

  1. The sand is pumped into the sea, the particles are relatively uniform, and the sand source is very good.
  2. High sand absorption efficiency.
  3. There is high-voltage electricity nearby, and the sand capacity is about 80-100 cubic meters per hour.
  4. Discharge distance 100 meters.
  5. Due to long-term uninterrupted work, the pump is required to be of high quality and can be used stably.
hydraulic submersible dredge pump
hydraulic submersible dredge pump
hydraulic submersible dredge pump

The customer inspected a number of pump factories and rejected the plan of horizontal sand pumps or ordinary submersible sand pumps. After coming to OCEAN PUMP, our factory technicians proposed the scheme of hydraulic submersible dredge pump. The customer watched the test machine process and immediately decided on the contract.

The parameters of hydraulic submersible dredge pump:

  • Pump model: ZJQY300-20-37
  • Capacity: 300m3/h
  • Head:20meters
  • Matching power:37kW
  • Power of hydraulic pump station:45kW

After the hydraulic submersible dredge pump is delivered to the customer’s construction site, the user engineer team will connect with our engineers to jointly design the hull drawings of the hydraulic submersible dredge pump. The user has assembled the overall equipment. After a period of running-in process, it has been officially put into production. The customer is very satisfied with the sand pumping effect of the hydraulic submersible dredge pump, which also provides valuable experience for the ocean pump industry.

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