Submersible sand slurry pump is the powerful suction flood-proof centrifugal pump which is submerged and operated in the harshest conditions to handle highly corrosive and abrasive slurries. OCEAN Pump brand robust submersible mining pump is made of the high quality wear resistant components to withstand abrasion and shock, it is engineered with all high chrome wet ends, pressurized sealing technology and run dry capability for the most demanding applications. The optimized high chrome steel impeller can ensure the best performance and operations in the best efficiency range. ZJQ series submersible mining pump has the characteristics of high efficiency, high performance, excellent reliability, lower operating and maintenance cost and longer service life, it can handle concentration of solids up to 60 percent. ZJQ series submersible mining pumps are suitable for complex heavy-duty applications to extract and handle sand, slurry, sludge, sediments and mud, etc.

In May 2021, Indonesian customers contacted us through our website and said that the tailings treatment project they are currently doing requires the purchase of a submersible pump, but there are no specific parameters yet. We just have a look at the product in the early stage. The business manager of the company communicated with the customer and showed our product manuals, pictures and video materials. The customer became more and more interested because he felt that our submersible mining pump was very helpful for his project.

Later, the customer communicated with their own engineers and told us their requirements for the submersible mining pump according to their project. The flow rate is 200 m3/h, the conveying distance is 150 meters, and the maximum particle size of the final payment is 30 mm. Upon request, our business manager recommended our ZJQ200-15-22 submersible mining pump to the customer, which fully meets the customer’s requirements, and also recommends some accessories to the customer, such as impeller, pump casing and guard plate. The customer said to think about it. At the same time, he would like to know the weight of the pump. The weight of this pump is about 450 kg. However, it is best to be equipped with a frequency conversion control cabinet when using it to operate and protect the pump.

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submersible mining pump (1)
submersible mining pump (2)

Two weeks later, the customer asked the business manager to issue a formal contract, and at the same time, informed the customer that the agent was on duty, and our business manager needed to confirm the delivery location with the agent. Five days later, we conducted a test of the submersible slurry pump. The customer said it was good after watching the test video, and then paid the final payment, and we arranged delivery to the voluntary warehouse.

In the near future, customers will start to use it. If there are any problems at that time, I believe we will provide guidance and after-sales service in time so that we can do long-term business.

Taian OCEAN Pump Co., Ltd has been dedicated to develop and manufacture a wide range of heavy duty submersible mining pumps for versatile and comprehensive applications to extract and handle sand, slurry, sludge, gravels and sediments for over 20 years. Our high performance and reliable submersible dredge pump products includes submersible mining pump, submersible mud pump, submersible dewatering pump and submersible sewage pump, etc. We also manufacture horizontal sand dredge pump and sand dredgers for your sand pumping applications. All our heavy duty products has been certificated by the ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18001 and have been exported to over 36 countries.

OCEAN Pump has qualified professional engineers and technicians for your custom product design, fabrication and after-sale service. OEM and ODM are also available. If you have any questions or inquiries,  please fill and submit the following form, we will reply as soon as possible.