DMZ type submersible mining pump is an innovative product designed by the OCEAN Pump, also known as the submersible slurry pump. It is mainly used to extract liquid containing solid particles such as sand, coal cinder and tailings in mines, thermal power plants, rivers and lakes and other construction sites. There are hundreds of types of submersible mining pumps. The product impellers can be in the form of slurry pumps or gravel pumps. Wear-resistant or large-particle special impellers can be selected according to the actual needs of customers.

Ocean pump industry is engaged in the development, production and sales of submersible slurry pumps, sand pumps, dredging pumps, mud pumps, slurry pumps and other equipment. Our factory has in-depth cooperation with domestic mines, providing submersible mining pump products and related services, and has accumulated valuable experience. We have been focusing on submersible mining pumps for 30 years. We not only provide high-quality products and industry solutions, but also provide on-site installation services.

1. Features of DMZ Submersible Mining Pump

DMZ type submersible mining pump is a water conservancy machine in which the motor and the pump coaxially submerge into the medium to work. This product has excellent material selection, advanced structure, wide flow channel and strong sewage discharge capacity. It is suitable for transporting liquids containing sand, coal, etc., and is mainly used for slurry liquids in metallurgy, mining, thermal power plants and other enterprises.

It is an ideal substitute for traditional pulp pumps for removal and transportation. This series of products is designed and manufactured by absorbing foreign advanced technology. In addition to the impeller, a set of stirring blades is added at the bottom of submersible mining pump, which can spray the deposited sludge into turbulent flow, so that the submersible mining pump can achieve high-concentration delivery without auxiliary devices. The operation reliability of the unique sealing device greatly prolongs its service life. The electrode adopts overheating protection, and various protection devices such as near-water detection can be added according to the user’s requirements, and it can operate safely for a long time under harsh working conditions.

2. Philippine customers’ requirements for submersible mining pumps

A large mining company in the Philippines is a regular user of OCEAN Pump for many years. It has chosen our submersible mining pump products since the beginning of the mining industry. It is familiar with this type of pump and trusts in the quality of our products. Recently, in order to expand the production scale, the company wants to use a relatively large submersible sand suction pump for tailings treatment. The requirements are as follows:

  1. There are two sedimentation tanks at the construction site, and three submersible mining pumps are required.
  2. After the tailings are ground, the particle size reaches about 200 mesh, and the solid concentration is relatively high, about 40%;
  3. The submersible mining pump requires a minimum flow rate of 80 cubic meters per hour;
  4. The submersible mining pump requires a minimum conveying height of 45 meters and a row distance of about 400 meters;
Submersible Sand Suction Pumps (1)
Submersible Sand Suction Pumps (3)
Submersible Sand Suction Pumps (2)

3. Selection process of  Submersible Mining Pump

The technical department of OCEAN Pump selected the DMZ100-60-45 submersible mining pump through the calculation of the resistance loss along the process, and at the same time selected the 150mm pipe to ensure that the medium can smoothly meet the transportation requirements. This type of submersible mining pump was originally designed to be used in a large state-owned enterprise mine in Yunnan. It has been used for many years, easy to operate, wear-resistant and energy-saving.

3.1 Philippine submersible sand suction pump parameters:

Ocean brand submersible mining pump

Model: MDZ100-60-45

Flow: 100 cubic meters / hour

Lift: 60 meters

Speed: 980 rpm

Supporting power: 45kw

Pipe specification for submersible sand suction pump: HDPE type 150mm

Starter cabinet for submersible mining pump Specifications: 55kw

Out of trust in the design team of the OCEAN Pump and the product quality of the submersible sand suction pump, the customer quickly finalized the plan and signed the contract. Due to the complete accessories of this type of pump, factory workers quickly completed the assembly and testing process, and the production was completed within 7 days and the submersible mining pump was sent to the Philippines. The user completed the installation of the submersible mining pump and pipelines, and the project was put into production soon, and the use effect met the user’s requirements. The customer was very satisfied with the design team and service team of Ocean Pump, and said that he would place another order soon.

4. About OCEAN Pump

Taian OCEAN Pump Co., Ltd. is a modern pump enterprise integrating scientific research and design, machinery manufacturing, economy and trade. The company has a group of high-quality, high-level and experienced technical and management elites; strong technical force and advanced management level. The company extensively absorbs the latest technological achievements at home and abroad, and creatively develops a series of water pump products with domestic leading level.

The company’s leading products are mining pumps, sand suction pumps, dredging pumps, and mud pumps. According to different construction environments of customers, we can provide corresponding construction schemes and design corresponding personalized products. Learn from the hydraulic construction experience of Yellow River dredging and embankment reinforcement; the hydraulic construction experience of Shanghai Yangshan and Tianjin Caofeidian reclamation dikes have been applied in the coastal areas of the country, the Yellow River Basin, the Yangtze River Basin, and inland rivers. This product is widely used in field projects and is famous for its high efficiency, wear resistance and long-distance transmission. In recent years, relying on excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, Sino-Ocean has actively explored the international market, and its products have been exported to many countries such as Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, Europe and the United States, and the foreign trade industry has shown a strong momentum.

The company strives to implement the entrepreneurial purpose of “establishing business with integrity, harmony and win-win”. All employees adhere to the corporate belief of honesty, advancing with the times, innovation and development, and becoming stronger and bigger, to achieve precise planning, careful design, fine manufacturing, sincere service, and excellence. Pay attention to the organic unity of pre-sale, sale and after-sales service. I believe that with our high-quality products and perfect services, we will surely win the favor of more and more users.

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