1.What is Submersible Mud Pump

Submersible mud pump is a heavy-duty equipment specially used to extract high-density sediment and particulate matter from underwater. It has a unique design, equipped with a coaxial oversized motor and mechanical pump, and a set of stirring impellers at the bottom. When the submersible mud pump operates underwater, the high-speed rotation of the mixing impeller can generate turbulence in the deposited sediment, thereby achieving high-concentration transportation and thorough dredging. It can be submerged directly into the water without being injected into the water body, making bridge piling work easy.

Ocean Pump DMD series submersible mud pumps are mainly suitable for pumping liquids such as sand, coal, and tailings containing solid particles. It is widely used in dredging and transporting mud liquids in metallurgy, mining, thermal power plants and other enterprises. Ocean Pump brand submersible mud pumps are made of high-quality, highly wear-resistant alloy materials, so they have a longer service life and reduce long-term use costs.

Submersible Mud Pump for Bridge Pile Sinking
Submersible Mud Pump for Bridge Pile Sinking Projects
Submersible Mud Pump for Bridge Pile Sinking Project

2.Application of Submersible Mud Pumps in Bridge Pile Sinking Projects

Choosing a submersible mud pump for bridge piling projects can provide convenient diving capabilities and adapt to different construction needs. It can be used in bridge foundation construction, pile foundation reinforcement, pile foundation testing, geological exploration and other applications to provide efficient and reliable support for bridge projects.

1. Bridge foundation construction

During bridge construction, pile driving construction of bridge piers or abutments needs to be carried out. Submersible mud pumps can be installed on submersible equipment to transport mud to pile sinking locations to provide support for bridge foundation construction. The design of the submersible mud pump enables it to operate stably in the underwater environment, ensuring uniform injection of mud during the pile sinking process. This not only helps to secure the bridge piers or abutments securely, but also improves the efficiency of engineering construction. Through the precise control of submersible mud pumps, construction workers can better adapt to different geological conditions and ensure the quality and stability of the bridge foundation.

2. Bridge pile foundation reinforcement

In bridge construction, pile foundation reinforcement is a key task to ensure the long-term stability and safe operation of the bridge structure. Submersible mud pumps play an important role in this process, capable of transporting various specific materials, such as slurry materials or grouting materials, to reinforce pile foundations or fill gaps, thereby improving the overall stability and load-bearing capacity of the bridge.
Submersible mud pumps are designed to adapt to the underwater environment and ensure uniform injection of the transported material into the pile foundation. This precise conveying and filling process is crucial for reinforcing the bridge pile foundation. It not only enhances the compression resistance of the pile foundation, but also fills possible gaps and improves the overall stability of the bridge.
The use of submersible mud pumps for pile foundation reinforcement not only improves construction efficiency, but also ensures the accurate use and distribution of reinforcement materials. The application of this advanced technology provides a solid guarantee for the long-term reliability and safety of bridge projects and is an indispensable and important link in bridge construction.

3. Bridge pile foundation inspection

In bridge construction or maintenance, the inspection of pile foundation quality and stability is crucial. Submersible mud pumps play a key role in this process and can be used in conjunction with other equipment and instruments, such as sonar or ultrasonic range finders, to detect and assess the quality and integrity of bridge pile foundations.
By combining equipment such as sonar or ultrasonic range finders, submersible mud pumps can achieve non-destructive testing of pile foundations and obtain pile foundation information quickly and accurately. This detection method can not only detect the quality of the pile foundation, but also evaluate the integrity and bearing capacity of the pile foundation, providing an important reference for subsequent construction or maintenance work.
The application of submersible mud pumps makes pile foundation inspection work more efficient and accurate, helps to detect and solve problems in the bridge structure in advance, and ensures the safe operation and use of the bridge. Through scientific and reliable detection methods, necessary repair or reinforcement measures can be taken in time to extend the service life of the bridge and ensure the smooth flow and safety of transportation.

4. Bridge geological survey

Before bridge construction, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive survey of the geological conditions, which will help determine the appropriate location and design of the pile foundation and ensure the stability and safety of the bridge. The application of submersible mud pumps is of great significance at this stage. It can be used to sample and test the properties of underground soil and rocks, and provide necessary geological data and analysis results for the project.
Submersible mud pumps can effectively obtain information about underground soil and rocks by transporting mud underground and collecting samples. These samples can be tested and analyzed in the laboratory to determine the geological structure, soil properties and groundwater conditions, providing accurate and reliable basis for bridge foundation design.
By conducting geological surveys with submersible mud pumps, engineering teams can better understand the geological features and conditions of construction sites. This helps plan the bridge’s infrastructure and take geological factors into account during design and construction, ensuring the long-term stability and safety of the bridge.
The application of submersible mud pumps not only improves the efficiency and accuracy of geological exploration, but also provides important geological data support for bridge construction, laying a solid foundation for the smooth progress of the project.

submersible dredge pump
submersible dredge pump
submersible slurry pump

3.Why choose Submersible Mud Pump Work for Bridge Pile Sinking Project

There are several reasons for choosing a submersible mud pump for bridge piling projects:

1. Diving ability:
Submersible mud pumps play an important role in bridge projects for underwater pile sinking due to their unique submersible capabilities. It has the ability to work in an underwater environment and can be installed on various floating equipment or diving equipment, providing an efficient and reliable underwater operation solution for bridge construction.
During the process of sinking piles underwater, the submersible mud pump developed by OCEAN Pump can stably transport slurry materials or grouting materials for pile foundation reinforcement or filling gaps. Its design takes into account the particularity of the underwater working environment to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment, thereby effectively completing various underwater construction tasks.
The application of submersible mud pumps has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of underwater construction, providing important support for the smooth progress of bridge projects. It can operate flexibly in the underwater environment, ensuring the safety and controllability of the construction process. It is one of the indispensable key equipment for underwater bridge construction.
Through the use of submersible mud pumps, the engineering team was able to overcome various challenges in underwater construction and achieve work goals such as pile foundation reinforcement and repair. Its diving ability and stability provide a strong guarantee for the successful completion of underwater bridge projects and promote the continuous progress and innovation of bridge construction technology.

2. Mud transport capacity: In bridge pile driving projects, mud is usually used as the supporting medium during the pile driving process. Submersible mud pumps are capable of extracting mud from mud ponds or other storage facilities and efficiently transporting it to the pile sinking location. Submersible mud pumps usually have high pumping capacity and wear resistance, and can handle high concentration and high viscosity mud, ensuring that the mud does not lose its flow properties during transportation.
Submersible mud pumps are usually designed to take into account the special environmental conditions of working underwater. They are often watertight sealed and corrosion resistant to ensure proper functioning and long service life during diving operations.

3. Anti-clogging ability: The submersible mud pumps developed by OCEAN Pump usually have good anti-clogging ability. For special working conditions, the impeller and pump casing dimensions are uniquely designed, which can effectively handle mud containing large particles or easily caking substances. In bridge piling projects, the mud usually contains various solid particles, such as sand, stones, gravel, etc. These particles can cause clogging and failure of the pump.
Submersible mud pumps are often specially designed to handle these solid particles. They usually have larger feed openings and are able to accommodate larger particles. At the same time, the internal passages of the pump are usually wider, reducing the possibility of particle accumulation and blockage. In addition, some submersible mud pumps are equipped with special impeller structures or screen devices that can separate solid particles and prevent them from entering the interior of the pump, thereby reducing the risk of blockage.

4. Flexibility and adjustability: Cement slurry pumps usually have a certain degree of flexibility and adjustability to adapt to different working conditions and needs. In bridge piling projects, depending on different pile types and geological conditions, the flow and pressure of mud may need to be adjusted to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
OCEAN Pump Company has provided frequency conversion control for submersible mud pumps. The frequency conversion control cabinet can usually adjust the pump frequency to adjust the pump speed or change the opening of the pump outlet valve to adjust the flow and pressure. OCEAN Pump can also design a PLC control system for customers. By increasing or decreasing the pump speed through the PLC control platform, the pumped mud flow can be controlled. By adjusting the opening of the pump outlet valve, the pump outlet pressure can be adjusted.

Generally speaking, choosing a submersible mud pump for bridge piling projects can make full use of its submersible capacity, mud transportation capacity, anti-clogging ability, flexibility and adjustability to ensure efficient progress and quality assurance of the project.

4. Customer chooseSubmersible Mud Pump Work for Bridge Pile Sinking Project

The Australian customer signed a contract for a bridge piling project locally. The requirement was to completely pump out the high-density sediment in the caisson. His requirements for the working pump include easy operation, high extraction efficiency, good throughput, and long service life. What is particularly critical is that he needs a complete control system that can monitor the flow of the pump and adjust the speed of the pump to adjust the flow of the pump as quickly as possible. At the same time, the construction period determined by the customer was relatively tight, and he hoped to receive the equipment in the shortest possible time after signing the contract.
In view of the customer’s needs, the OCEAN Pump technical team recommended him a submersible mud pump. The pump is equipped with a set of stirring impellers at the bottom of the pump body, which can effectively stir the mud, thereby thoroughly pumping out sand and improving work efficiency. In addition, the flow-passing parts of the submersible dredge pump are made of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials and have a long service life. In response to the control system requirements put forward by customers, OCEAN Pump Company recommended the Siemens PLC control system, which can not only be operated through the console, but also supports the mobile phone to control the start, stop, speed and flow of the pump, which greatly simplifies the operation process. At the same time, OCEAN Pump is equipped with three protection lines for the pump to protect the submersible motor. Among them, the DMD submersible mud pump is equipped with WC (thermal protection core wire), XL (water inlet protection core wire), and YS (oil-water probe core wire). ); the submersible mixer is equipped with WC (heat protection core wire) and XL (water protection core wire) wires. In the soft start control box, each cable can be reflected in the circuit. OCEAN Pump’s electrical designers worked closely with the control box manufacturer to develop a unique frequency conversion and soft start protection control box, which successfully solved the control cable connection problem. It has been verified by the idle speed test that the soft starter operates stably, and all data meet the design and construction requirements, reaching factory standards.

Max.flow particle dia.allowed36mm
Start control cabinetSoft start control cabinet
Extra agitators2 pcs, 4kw/pc
Discharge rubber hose ∅200*10m/pc

After determining the recommended equipment, OCEAN Pump’s technical team immediately started production work. Thanks to the advanced production technology and strict quality control system, the manufacturing of submersible mud pumps is progressing smoothly. During the production process, OCEAN Pump fully considered the customer’s construction schedule requirements to ensure the production and delivery progress of the pump. In order to meet customers’ requirements for operational convenience, OCEAN Pump adopts a humanized design in the design of the pump, making the operation easier and faster.
After the manufacturing of the submersible mud pump was completed, OCEAN Pump’s team of engineers conducted detailed operation and maintenance training for the customer. The training content includes pump starting, stopping, flow adjustment methods, and daily maintenance knowledge. Through training, customers can master the operation and maintenance methods of the pump to ensure that the pump can achieve its best performance in actual use.
After the pump is delivered to the customer, OCEAN Pump’s after-sales service team continues to pay attention to the progress of the project. Through close communication with the customer, we learned that the pump ran stably in the project, had high extraction efficiency, and the control system was easy to operate, fully meeting the customer’s needs. At the same time, the after-sales service team also promptly answered and handled any questions raised by customers to ensure the smooth progress of the project.
In short, OCEAN Pump has won high recognition from Australian customers with its high-quality products and services. The success of this bridge piling project not only enhances OCEAN Pump’s reputation in the international market, but also lays a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two parties. In the future, OCEAN Pump will continue to provide customers with efficient, convenient and reliable pump products to assist global infrastructure construction.

5 About Ocean Pump

Tai’an Ocean Pump Co., Ltd. has accumulated more than 20 years of industry experience since its establishment. This is an enterprise dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of heavy-duty submersible mud pumps, providing excellent pump products to the global market. We continue to explore and break through technological boundaries and are committed to providing efficient and reliable submersible pump solutions for various application scenarios.
In our product range, submersible mud pumps, submersible sand pumps, submersible drainage pumps, etc. are all heavy-duty submersible pumps that have been carefully designed and manufactured. These products have a wide range of applications in areas such as slurry treatment, sludge discharge, gravel transport and sediment cleaning. We know that each customer’s needs are unique, so we pay special attention to product customization services and carry out personalized designs according to the actual needs of customers to ensure that the products can meet the actual needs of customers.
In addition to providing excellent products, we also have a professional team of engineers and technicians with deep professional knowledge and rich practical experience. From product design, manufacturing to after-sales service, we always adhere to high standards and strict requirements to ensure that we provide customers with the best service. At the same time, we also attach great importance to technological innovation and research and development, and continue to promote the advancement of submersible pump technology to meet the changing needs of the market.
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