1.What is Submersible Sediment Pump

A submersible sediment pump, also known as a Submersible Dredge Pump, is a piece of equipment tailor-made for eliminating sediment in sedimentation tanks. Its unique design allows the pump to maintain efficient operation when completely immersed in the water tank, without the need for external start-up, thereby achieving effective extraction of sediment-rich sewage. This design greatly improves the efficiency and convenience of pump use and reduces operating costs.
The working principle of the OCEAN Pump submersible sediment pump mainly relies on motor drive. The impeller creates a vortex in the water body in the water tank, thereby achieving separation of sediment and water body. This innovative design allows the pump to operate autonomously underwater and smoothly discharge the sediment and sludge deposited at the bottom of the sedimentation tank. This working principle not only improves water quality, reduces the labor intensity of cleaning sedimentation tanks, but also saves human resources.

2. The Application of Submersible Sediment Pump

1. Immersed design:

A submersible sediment pump is a piece of equipment specially designed to work in sedimentation tank water. Its unique design enables it to operate stably in an underwater environment, providing convenience for sewage treatment. The main features of the submersible sediment pump are its waterproof motor and sealed housing, both of which are designed to prevent water from entering the motor and ensure safe operation of the motor. The submersible sediment pump’s submersible use method makes it easy to operate and maintain, which greatly improves work efficiency. The professional submersible motor used in OCEAN Pump can operate safely underwater without worrying about cavitation, thus extending the service life of the pump. In addition, OCEAN Pump is equipped with a frequency conversion control cabinet for each submersible sediment pump. Users can easily control the start and stop of the motor, greatly improving the convenience of use. In order to ensure the stable operation of the motor, OCEAN Pump is also equipped with protection circuits for the motor, including overheating protection, overload protection and oil chamber water intrusion protection, etc., ensuring the operational safety of the entire system. OCEAN Pump’s submersible sediment pump is designed with full consideration of the particularity of underwater work. The waterproof motor and sealed casing ensure the normal operation of the motor. Its immersed use method makes operation easier and maintenance more convenient. In addition, the frequency conversion control cabinet and protection circuits improve the stability and safety of the pump and provide users with a high-quality use experience.

2. Direct inhalation design

The submersible sediment pump is installed near the bottom of the sedimentation tank where the sediment has settled. The submersible sediment pump has no suction pipe, the inlet is in direct contact with the sediment, and the water mixture containing sediment directly enters the pump through the suction inlet. Energy consumption is reduced, which also increases the efficiency of inhalation. The OCEAN Pump R&D Department, in order to further improve efficiency, equipped the submersible sediment pump with agitators on both sides of the high-pressure water gun machine. The advantage of this design is that it can quickly form a cyclone in the sedimentation tank to fully mix the sediment and improve the suction efficiency of the pump. At the same time, the spray action of the high-pressure water gun can effectively flush the agitator, prevent it from clogging during long-term operation, and ensure the stable operation of the pump. In addition, the structural design of the submersible sediment pump also fully considers its convenience of use and ease of maintenance. The inspection port of the pump is set at the top to facilitate users to inspect and maintain the inside of the pump. Moreover, the pump body is made of high-strength materials, which has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, extending the service life of the pump.

3. Design of centrifugal impeller

As an important fluid transportation equipment, the design and performance of the submersible sediment pump’s internal structure directly affect the working effect and scope of use of the pump. Inside the pump, there is a key component, which is the impeller. The impeller is the core part of the pump. It generates centrifugal force through rotation, transfers energy to the fluid, and realizes fluid transportation. The submersible sediment pump produced by OCEAN Pump has a unique design of impeller, including open impeller, closed impeller, and semi-open impeller. Open impellers are designed for customers with large flow requirements and do not need to discharge sediment over a long distance. The closed impeller is aimed at customers with high lift requirements. These customers generally need to discharge sediments over a longer distance. In this case, a pump type with high pressure is required. The semi-open impeller is a unique design of OCEAN Pump, which can not only ensure large flow rate, but also ensure sufficient pressure, and can also pass 50mm large particles. OCEAN Pump makes its submersible sediment pumps stand out in the market through its unique impeller design. Whether the customer’s needs are large flow rates, high lifts, or the transportation of large particles, they can provide suitable pump types.

4. Powerful discharge capacity

The mixture of water and sediment is discharged directly through the discharge port of the submersible sediment pump. This process is usually carried out with the help of pipes or hoses. The discharge pipe is usually designed to be above the water level to ensure that the pumped material can be transported out of the tank smoothly. In actual operation, a rubber tube is first used to directly connect the outlet of the submersible sediment pump. If long-distance transportation is required, HDPE pipes or steel pipes can also be connected to ensure the stability and efficiency of the material during transportation.
OCEAN Pump fully considers the needs of customers. Sometimes the submersible sediment pump is equipped with an outlet pressure gauge and flow meter so that customers can monitor the working status of the pump in real time. At the same time, the matching control cabinet can precisely control the flow rate by adjusting the frequency, helping customers achieve efficient adjustments to meet the needs of various working conditions.

5.Long-term operation capability

The ssubmersible sediment pump is driven by electricity, which means that as long as there is power on site, the submersible sediment pump can continue to operate 24 hours a day. This long-term operation capability provides great convenience for sewage treatment work, making sediment removal work more efficient. In addition, the electric power generation method has lower noise, stable operation, and easy maintenance.

submersible sediment pump3
submersible sediment pump2
submersible sediment pump

3. Successful Cases

A Southeast Asian customer contacted the OCEAN Pump design team in 2023. He owns a sedimentation tank and hopes to purchase a submersible sediment pump suitable for the sedimentation tank. The sedimentation tank dimensions are 10 meters wide, 15 meters long and 5 meters deep. The tank contains a large amount of solid particles and sediments, which need to be extracted and discharged to an external separation tank 200 meters away.
Based on the customer’s sand making needs and the on-site usage environment, OCEAN Pump recommends a submersible sedimentation pump model DMD300-20-37, paired with two external 4KW agitators. The rotating speed of the submersible sediment pump is 980rpm. The lower rotating speed makes the operation more stable and has the advantages of large flow rate and high efficiency. The customer was satisfied with the structure and working principle of the pump and immediately paid the deposit to confirm the purchase.
The bottom of the submersible sand pump is equipped with a stirring impeller, and an external agitator can also be connected.
Submersible sediment pump parameters:
Flow: 300 cubic meters/hour
Lift: 20 meters
Supporting power: 37KW
Pump model: DMD300-20-37
Supporting pipe: 6-inch rubber pipe
Agitators power: each 4KW

submersible slurry pump
dredge pump or slurry pump

4. About OCEAN Pump

For over 20 years, Taian OCEAN Pump Co., Ltd has been devoted to the development and production of a diverse range of robust submersible slurry pumps. Our pumps are designed to handle various applications, including the extraction and management of slurry, sludge, gravels, and sediments. With a strong focus on performance and reliability, our product line includes submersible slurry pumps, submersible sand pumps, submersible dewatering pumps, and submersible sand pumps.

In addition to pumps, we also manufacture sand pumps and sand dredgers specifically designed for sand pumping applications. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001. As a result, our heavy-duty products have gained recognition in over 36 countries worldwide.

At OCEAN Pump, our team comprises qualified professional engineers and technicians who are available to assist you with custom product design, fabrication, and after-sales service. We are proud to offer OEM and ODM services to meet your specific requirements. If you have any questions or inquiries, we invite you to complete and submit the provided form, and we will respond promptly to assist you.

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