The hydraulic submersible dredge pump is the latest pump type developed and designed by Tai’an OCEAN Pump Co., Ltd. According to the changes in construction requirements, the submersible dredge pump can be separately equipped with a hydraulic station or use the excavator’s own hydraulic system as the power. It is suitable for urban inland rivers, treatment of parks and lakes and can be equipped with mixing devices on both sides according to the construction requirements to improve the extraction efficiency. If there is a lot of garbage, the pump casing and impeller could be customized to improve the passability.

The pump casing, impeller and other flow parts are made of wear resistant materials with 58-62 Rockwell hardness. The hydraulic submersible dredge pump employs the mechanical seal with the big performance.

Sediment Pump Equipped on Excavator was Used for River Dredging
Submersible Slurry Pump Equipped on Excavator was Used for River Dredging

The hydraulic submersible dredge pump has the following advantages compared with the motor power:

  1. The hydraulic transmission has small motion inertia and fast response speed, which can realize a wide range of speed regulation. It is also equipped with a hydraulic diverter and collector valve, which does not require users to install additional hydraulic control facilities.
  2. Overload protection can be realized automatically, without damaging the motor.
  3. High solids density such as slurry, sea sand, sediment and mud, etc.
  4. The hydraulic system is more convenient to maintain than the motor.

There are two options for supporting hydraulic power of hydraulic submersible dredge pump. Hydraulic oil stations is one way for driving the hydraulic submersible dredge pump which is generally applicable to dredge machines or dredgers. It is convenient to install and has high safety factor.

High Performance Submersible Dredge Pump
Submersible Sand Pump Equipped on Excavator was Used for River Dredging

Furthermore, the hydraulic submersible dredge pump could also be directly installed on the equipment with its own hydraulic oil station, such as excavator. This method directly uses the power drive of the own hydraulic system with the excavator, which is convenient for modification and has the disadvantage of limited power and is suitable for the dredging of small rivers, such as city parks and lakes. This method does not require large investment to purchase equipment, and the original buckets of hydraulic submersible dredge pumps and excavators can be replaced at any time, which is easy to install and flexible in construction.