1.What is Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump?

The submersible deep-sea sand mining pump, developed by Tai’an Ocean Pump Co., Ltd., is a specialized equipment designed for slurry extraction construction in deep-sea environments. Based on the submersible mining pump, this pump incorporates key design elements such as a pressure adaptive adjustment device, a pressure-resistant cable assembly, and a pressure-resistant sealing assembly.

The pressure adaptive adjustment device allows the pump to adapt to varying pressure conditions in deep-sea operations. The pressure-resistant cable assembly ensures the safe and reliable transmission of power to the pump even under high-pressure conditions. Additionally, the pressure-resistant sealing assembly provides effective sealing to prevent water ingress and ensure the pump’s performance and longevity in deep-sea applications.

By integrating these design features, the submersible deep-sea sand mining pump is well-suited for challenging deep-sea environments, enabling efficient extraction of slurry during construction projects. Tai’an Ocean Pump Co., Ltd. has developed this specialized equipment to meet the unique demands of deep-sea operations, providing reliable and effective solutions for slurry extraction in these challenging settings.

2.Specifcations of  Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump

  • LOCATION:  Manila, Philippines
  • APPLICATION:   Offshore Magnetite Mining
Mineral to be pumpedMagnetite (with mixture of sea water and sea sand)
Density (water)kg/m3Water density is 1025 (typ. seawater)
Density (solids)kg/m3Magnetite is 5200
Sea sand is 1800
Density (in-situ)kg/m3Bulk density ranges from 2200 to 3300 (depending on the concentration combination), vendor to verify and recalculate.
Minimum % solids, by volume%20 to 60
Magnetite % per solids, by volume%5 to 20
Soil type to be dredgedMagnetite sands (typ. 1mm to 2mm) with seabed sands (sometimes with pebbles and coral shells)
Screen analysis distribution (magnetite)1.000 mm to 0.500 mm at 0.10%
0.500 mm to 0.125 mm at 74.9%
~ finer than 0.125 mm at 25.0%
Substrate hardnessNo quantitative information in the soil substrate hardness. Consider loose to medium hard.

3. Solutions of Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump

The challenge  for the submersible deep sea sand mining project was to extract sand from the seabed at a depth of 80 meters, which required a specialized solution.

After carefully analyzing the requirements and constraints of the project, TAIAN OCEAN PUMP engineers proposed a customized solution to meet the specific needs of the Philippine customers. The solution consisted of the following components:

3.1 Submersible Dredge Pump

TAIAN OCEAN PUMP provided a high-performance submersible dredge pump specifically designed for deep sea sand mining. This pump could operate at the required depth of 80 meters and had the capability to handle the extraction of sand with high efficiency.

3.2 Cutter Head

To enhance the dredging efficiency and effectiveness, a cutter head was included in the solution. The cutter head, equipped with sharp blades, could break up compacted sand and sediment, allowing the pump to extract the material more easily.

3.3 Power System

TAIAN OCEAN PUMP provided a reliable and efficient power system to drive the submersible dredge pump and the cutter head. The power system was designed to withstand the demanding conditions of deep sea mining operations.

3.4 Control System

A sophisticated control system was integrated into the solution to monitor and manage the operation of the submersible pump and cutter head. This system allowed for precise control of the dredging process and ensured safety and efficiency.

3.5 Pipeline and Floaters

TAIAN OCEAN PUMP supplied a durable and high-quality pipeline system to transport the extracted sand from the seabed to the desired location. Floaters were also provided to keep the pipeline afloat and maintain its stability during the operation.

Throughout the video conference, TAIAN OCEAN PUMP engineers and the Philippine customers had in-depth discussions, addressing various technical aspects and operational considerations. The engineers provided detailed explanations of the proposed solution, its capabilities, and its potential benefits for the deep sea sand mining project.

We collaborated closely with the customers to understand their unique requirements, TAIAN OCEAN PUMP was able to offer a tailored solution that met the challenges of submersible deep sea sand mining. The solution provided increased productivity, efficiency, and reliability, enabling the customers to extract larger quantities of magnetite and sand to meet the growing demand.

TAIAN OCEAN PUMP’s solution for submersible deep sea sand mining involved a customized approach, incorporating specialized equipment such as submersible dredge pumps, cutter heads, power systems, control systems, and pipeline systems. This solution empowered the Philippine customers to overcome the complexities of deep sea mining and achieve their extraction goals effectively.

Target raw feedm3/hr12000 cmh (in total), can split it into parallel pumping for total production.
Minimum raw feed requiredm3/hr1000 cmh, vendor to offer largest single pump capacity
Dredging depthmVertical depth of 80m from sea water level.
Vertical barge-hopper height of 15m from sea water level.
Pipe length (approximate)m120
Dredge operationhours20 hours per day
Dredge operationdays7 working days per week
Dredge operationmonths6-7 months straight & intermittent on the next 5-6 months (due to weather conditions)

4.Main Considerrations to Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump

  1. The voltage frequency of the Philippines is different from that of China, and the floating range of power, flow and head parameters under different voltages. After precise scientific calculation, the relatively accurate numerical range is finally determined in the ocean pump industry.
  2. Due to the deep sea operation, the leakage safety performance needs to be taken into account. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the leakage protection of the motor. The submersible pump motor of ocean pumping industry has the protection of motor inlet water, oil chamber and overheating. To ensure that the motor in the event of emergency self-protection function.
  3. Not only the motor needs to be protected, but also the cable needs to take into account the damage of various factors. We choose professional mining cables. The protection level has been increased.
  4. In order to increase the working efficiency, the Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump is equipped with 3 side cuttersand a high-pressure water pump. The rotation of the side cutterincreases the working area, stirring up the sand to achieve the function of increasing efficiency. The high pressure pump from three different directions, the stirred sediment towards the inlet of the sand pump.
  5. Since it is a deep-sea operation, the operation is more complicated. We customize a set of PLC system for the customer, which can realize the performance supervision of sand pumping pump, control the start and stop of pump, agitator and high-pressure water pump from the operating platform.
  6. At the request of the customer, we also bind the cloud control system, which means that the control system is bound to the mobile application, so that the start and stop of the Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump can be controlled by the mobile terminal.
  7. For the integrity of the whole system, we provide customers with a variety of valves, pressure gauges and testers. To ensure the accurate detection of the normal operation of the whole system.
Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump (1)
Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump (1)
Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump (1)

5.Selection results of Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump

In October 2021, the Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump has been generated. We have done professional test on the clean water performance of the Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump in the special test site, and the test effect is perfect.

With a pumping depth of 80 meters, it is necessary to ensure both the lift head and the flow rate, and it is also necessary to take into account the waves and various uncertain factors. The engineers of the ocean pump industry conducted 5-6 video conferences with the customer, considering the possible situations from many different angles,

It is finally determined that the ELCS300-78 sand pump unit is selected, which is equipped with a high pressure water jet pump and 3 side cutters, and is equipped with a PLC control system. The cable is made of mining cable, and a motor protection device is added. The mixing flow is 1000m3/h, and the head is 78 meters. The final test data is basically consistent with the theoretical data, and the customer is very satisfied.

In November 2021, the Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump and PLC system connected data and tested, the communication data was accurate, and the work of the Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump could be controlled correctly through the operating platform. The start and stop of the sand pump can also be operated accurately through the mobile phone.

In addition, the customer also ordered a matching pipeline and operating room. We provide our customers with a one-stop solution.

In December 2021, all the products are ready and the products are shipped in 3 containers. Among them, in order to facilitate the unloading of containers by customers, we choose open top cabinets for the containers loaded with pumps. With the unanimous approval of the customer, after the goods arrived at the site, the OCEAN PUMP technical team connected via video to guide the customer on the line connection and the installation and test run of the Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump. With the joint efforts of everyone, the Submersible Deep Sea Sand Mining Pump was successfully tested on site and achieved the expected sand output. The next step is to wait for the weather to improve and carry out dredging operations at a greater depth.

6. About OCEAN Pump

TAIAN OCEAN PUMP CO., LTD. follows a meticulous approach when developing plans, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the user’s requirements. We delve into every detail to gain insights into their specific needs. During the selection process, we take into account the potential challenges and provide solutions to address them, guaranteeing smooth operation for different sand pump systems. Through this proactive approach, we aim to anticipate and resolve issues in advance, ensuring utmost satisfaction.

Our decision-making process is informed by extensive on-site work experience and valuable feedback from customers. This accumulation of knowledge enables us to continuously refine and enhance the overall solution for sand pumping and dredging. By actively engaging with users and incorporating their insights, we foster an organic collaboration that drives the maturity and effectiveness of our solutions.

At TAIAN OCEAN PUMP CO., LTD., our commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount. We strive to provide tailored solutions that precisely meet the unique requirements of each project. By combining our expertise with the invaluable input from our customers, we ensure that our solutions are reliable, efficient, and continuously evolving to meet the changing needs of the industry.

TAIAN OCEAN PUMP is the leading slurry pump manufactures sand dredge machine of all sizes and applications. We also provide this highly specialized industry with dredge parts, dredging support equipment, and our overall engineering expertise. Over the years, TAIAN OCEAN PUMP has developed a dominant role in the dredge manufacturing industry and we pride ourselves with being your one-stop supplier for dredge design, service, and consultation. TAIAN OCEAN PUMP’s commitment to keeping our customers informed of the most recent dredging trends, including new technology research, separates us from our competition.

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