1.What is Submersible Sand Minging Pump

The submersible sand mining pump, also referred to as the submersible sand dredging pump or submersible sand pump, has been created and developed by OCEAN PUMP. Originally intended for demanding operational environments such as tailing treatment and cinder transportation, the submersible sand mining pump utilizes the impeller structure of a horizontal slurry pump as the basis for its main components. This design offers several advantages, including straightforward operation, self-mixing capabilities, high resistance to abrasion, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, low noise levels, and a low failure rate.

In recent years, OCEAN Pump has made advancements in submersible sand mining pump technology to accommodate various working conditions. These innovations include water jet, large particle, stirring, hydraulic stirring, stainless steel, and deep-water submersible sand mining pumps. Currently, the submersible sand mining pump finds extensive application in sand pumping sites, dredging and filling operations, river dredging, tailing treatment, and other projects.

2.Types of Submersible Minimg Pumps

2.1 Submersible Mining Pump Used for Tailings Treatment and Fine Mortar Extraction.

The main purpose of submersible mining pumps is to extract fly ash and mud from power plant sedimentation tanks and other places. The emergence of this kind of pump has greatly improved the sanitary conditions of working environments such as power plant sedimentation tanks, and also improved work efficiency. Today, the application of this kind of submersible mining pump is no longer limited to power plants, but is widely used in various places where impurities such as mud and fly ash need to be cleaned.
The working principle of the submersible mining pump is mainly to loosen impurities such as mud through the stirring impeller at the bottom, thereby achieving high concentration and stable operation. This design enables the submersible mining pump to maintain high efficiency and stability when extracting sediment, greatly reducing the difficulty of cleanup work. In actual operations, sometimes we encounter primary sediments accumulated over the years in sedimentation tanks or river bottoms. At this time, we can solve the problem by adding high-pressure water jets.
The impact of high-pressure water jets can disperse and mix sand into the water, thereby improving sand pumping efficiency. It should be noted that the recommended pressure of the high-pressure water pump is between 4-6kg, and the power should be slightly lower than that of the submersible mining pump. For example, if the power of the submersible sand pump is 22kw, then the power of the high-pressure water pump should be between 5.5-7.5kw.
However, when the mud layer is relatively solid, the role of the high-pressure water pump will be limited. In this case, we can use an external agitator to directly mix the mud layer to improve work efficiency. The power range of agitator motors currently on the market is between 4kw-22kw, which can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

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2.2. Large Particle Submersible Mining Pump Suitable for Various Large Particle Media

A submersible mining pump is a pump that operates in harsh environments, and its working medium usually contains particles of various sizes. Due to its special application scenarios, the performance requirements of the pump are extremely high. In this regard, as a traditional product, the closed impeller slurry pump has poor flow performance due to its impeller structure, is prone to clogging, and cannot meet the needs of continuous and efficient operation.
In order to solve this problem, China’s leading water pump R&D company OCEAN Pump has developed a large-grain sand pump specifically. This submersible mining pump adopts a semi-open impeller or three-blade impeller structure, which effectively ensures the pump’s passing performance and achieves continuous operation. Compared with closed slurry pumps, large particle submersible sand pumps have better flow performance and strong wear resistance, and can maintain stable operation in media containing particles of different sizes.
However, large particle submersible mining pumps also have certain shortcomings. Due to its small number of blades, the shaft working efficiency is relatively low, which limits its application scope to a certain extent. Therefore, during the selection process, users should make trade-offs based on actual working conditions. If working conditions permit, priority should be given to large particle submersible sand pumps to obtain better flow performance and wear resistance. However, if shaft efficiency requirements are high, a closed impeller slurry pump or other more suitable high-efficiency pump type may be a more suitable choice.

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2.3 Hydraulic Submersible Mining pumps Used for Thicker Cement Layers, Clay Layers, and Hardened Layers

During operation, the electric driven submersible mining pump may encounter difficulties such as sudden collapse, being stuck by large pebbles, or the blades of the sand pump becoming entangled with debris. If the electric control cabinet cannot respond in time, the motor may be damaged due to overheating and overload. Therefore, in high-concentration working conditions such as cement layers, OCEAN Pump engineers tend to use hydraulic submersible sand pumps. This type of pump is designed based on a submersible sand pump, is hydraulically driven, and can optionally be equipped with a hydraulic agitator to achieve continuous high-concentration operations. The hydraulic submersible sand mining pump is stable and efficient, and has the function of oil unloading protection. Once overload or lockup occurs, the oil unloading valve will start to stop the submersible mining pump in time to prevent the motor from burning due to overload and overheating. The excavator submersible mining pump is improved on the basis of the hydraulic submersible sand pump. The oil circuit and the sand pump base are installed on the excavator operating arm, and the excavator hydraulic system is used to drive the pump operation, and the operation is performed through the cab. Operation to achieve sand pumping function, suitable for areas with relatively shallow water levels.

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2.4 Stainless Steel Submersible Mining Pump Suitable for Corrosive Liquids or SoliLd-iquid Mixtures

The stainless steel submersible mining pump is a pump specially designed for pumping corrosive liquids or solid-liquid mixtures. They are manufactured from stainless steel to ensure excellent corrosion resistance and mechanical strength when faced with corrosive media. This type of submersible mining pump plays an important role in the mining industry and is capable of handling a variety of challenging application scenarios.
First of all, stainless steel submersible mining pumps are often used for mine drainage. In mines, there are large water sources, which may contain corrosive liquids or solid particles. Submersible mining pumps can be installed at the bottom of the well to effectively reduce the water level at the bottom of the well and maintain normal operation of the mine by pumping water to the surface.
Secondly, tailings treatment is also one of the common application fields of stainless steel submersible mining pumps. Mine tailings are usually a mixture of solid particles and chemicals. Stainless steel submersible mining pumps can pump these tailings to processing equipment or storage areas to facilitate subsequent processing and utilization.
In addition, the pickling process is also a mining process that requires the use of stainless steel submersible mining pumps. In some mining processes, acidic solutions are required for cleaning and treatment. These pumps can pump acidic solutions or handle acidic waste liquids to ensure the smooth progress of the pickling process.
Chemical transfer is another area of application. During the processing of ores or mineral sands, various chemicals may need to be injected into the process. Stainless steel submersible mining pumps can be used to transport these chemicals, such as acids, alkalis, etc., ensuring the normal operation of the process.
There are several key factors to consider when choosing the right stainless steel submersible mining pump. The first is the properties of the liquid, including corrosiveness, viscosity, and solid particle content. Next are flow and head requirements, which will determine the size and power of the selected pump. In addition, the specific application environment, such as temperature, pressure and operating conditions, also need to be taken into consideration.

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3. How to Choose a Submersible Sand Mining Pump?

3.1 Design and Construction

Submersible mining pumps are popular in the mining industry due to their unique design and powerful performance. They are built with rugged materials and components for durability and reliability, and can handle the harsh conditions found in mining environments.
The working principle of the submersible mining pump is that the motor and the pump shaft are integrated, and the motor shaft drives the water pump impeller to rotate. This design allows energy to be efficiently transferred to the slurry medium, causing it to generate a certain flow rate, thereby promoting the flow of solid matter and realizing slurry transportation. Compared with other pump equipment, electric-driven water mining pumps have the advantages of excellent stability and low noise, and can maintain stable operation in complex environments.
Of particular note is the OCEAN Pump submersible mining pump, which is designed to withstand abrasion from mud and sediment. During the mine dredging process, part of the pump body is in direct contact with mud or sediment, which makes the pump casing, impeller, water-absorbing plate and other flow-passing parts susceptible to wear. To solve this problem, OCEAN Pump uses durable materials to make the flow parts, such as high-chromium alloy Cr28, also known as A05. This material has excellent wear resistance and can greatly increase the service life of the pump.
In addition, submersible mining pumps under special working environments can also be customized with special materials, such as SS304 and SS316 stainless steel. This material not only has excellent corrosion resistance, but also resists wear, allowing the pump to maintain efficient and stable operation in harsh environments.

3.2 Solid Handling Capacity

Submersible mining pumps have significant advantages in handling solid particles such as sand, gravel, etc. In order to ensure stable operation and efficient performance of the pump, it is crucial to select the appropriate pump type.
First of all, for materials containing fine sand or silt, we can choose a conventional DMZ submersible slurry pump. This pump has many advantages in design. There are many small holes at the bottom, which can effectively filter small particles. It has high lift and high efficiency. At the same time, this design also protects the impeller and motor, reducing maintenance costs.
Secondly, for materials containing large particles or gravel, OCEAN Pump has developed a uniquely designed impeller and pump casing, which can smoothly pass through large particles and ensure stable operation of the pump. In addition, if the cleaning site has hardened or hard gravel, the OCEAN Pump is also equipped with a stirrer on both sides to improve cleaning efficiency. At this time, we can choose DMD submersible slurry pump to meet high-intensity cleaning needs. In addition, OCEAN Pump also designs special sand suction heads for different types of mud or sediment, with excellent adaptability. This means that regardless of the nature of the material, OCEAN Pump can provide the right pump model to ensure smooth cleaning work.

3.3 Flow and Head

The flow rate of a submersible mining pump is a crucial work indicator, which reflects the volume of material that the submersible mining pump can handle within a fixed period of time. The volume of this type of material covers a variety of substances, such as common sand, water, etc. The measurement units of pump flow usually include cubic meters per hour (m³/h) and gallons per minute (GPM). Although there are differences between the two, they are both used to measure the operating efficiency and processing capacity of submersible sand pumps.
It is worth noting that the so-called flow refers to the mixed flow of sand and water. This mixed flow rate is determined based on the customer’s dredging needs because it is directly related to the operating effect of the submersible mining pump. If the volume of material to be processed is large, a pump with a larger flow rate should be selected; otherwise, a submersible sand pump with a smaller flow rate can be selected.
In addition, when purchasing a submersible mining pump, you also need to consider the working flow rate of the submersible mining pump. The faster the working flow rate of the submersible sand pump, the stronger its ability to handle materials. However, this also means that submersible mining pumps wear out more quickly and their service life may be affected. Therefore, when selecting a submersible mining pump, it is necessary to find a balance between flow rate and flow rate, not only to ensure the processing capacity of the submersible sand pump, but also to take into account the service life of the pump.
In short, the flow rate of a submersible mining pump is a key factor in measuring its working effect and service life. When purchasing a submersible sand pump, OCEAN Pump will select the appropriate flow rate and flow rate based on the customer’s actual needs to achieve the best operating results.

3.4 Power and Voltage

When purchasing a submersible mining pump, two factors, power supply and actual demand, are crucial. If the power of the pump is improperly selected, it may result in insufficient flow and head, which will affect the normal operating performance of the submersible mining pump. On the contrary, excessive power will not only increase energy consumption and operating costs, but may also place unnecessary burden on the equipment and shorten its service life.
In addition, attention should be paid to the differences in industrial voltage frequencies across countries. The industrial voltage frequency commonly used in China is 380V/50HZ, while in some countries it is 440V/60HZ. In order to ensure the stable operation of the pump, OCEAN Pump will fully understand the voltage frequency of the country where the customer is located before selecting a model for the customer, and customize it according to the actual situation.
The one-stop service provided by OCEAN Pump to customers also includes supporting frequency conversion control cabinets. Users can conveniently adjust the flow and lift of the pump through the control cabinet to ensure the safe operation of the motor and meet various work needs. This move not only improves pump utilization, saves energy, but also reduces operating costs.

The situation of sand sources and construction requirements vary greatly from place to place. Therefore, customers need to comprehensively consider various factors when selecting a submersible mining pump model. Flow, head, power and rotational speed of a submersible mining pump are key performance indicators, but focusing on these alone is not enough. More importantly, customers also need to choose the most suitable submersible mining pump model based on the actual work site conditions.
In practice, customers may choose to use a process of elimination to determine the appropriate type of submersible mining pump. This is because each submersible mining pump has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, acting like a double-edged sword. Therefore, on-site staff and selection engineers should work closely to research and select the most suitable sand suction machine to achieve the ideal working effect.
The original design concept of the submersible mining pump is very advanced, which is why many customers choose it. OCEAN PUMP’s engineer Lingda Kong (Whatsapp: +8618562293317) relies on her rich professional experience to design a variety of solutions for users. These solutions enable submersible mining pumps to adapt to the needs of most sand pumping and dredging projects.
In general, it is not easy to choose a suitable submersible mining pump, but as long as we fully consider various factors and make selections based on actual working conditions, we will be able to find the most suitable pump type. In addition, close cooperation between engineers and field personnel, as well as advanced design concepts, are also key to ensuring that submersible mining pumps perform at their best. When purchasing a submersible mining pump, remember to consult with engineer Lingda Kong (Whatsapp: +8618562293317) in detail to ensure you choose the product that best suits you.

4. About OCEAN Pump

OCEAN Pump is a specialized company that focuses on the development, manufacturing, and sales of sand pump machines, including submersible sand pumps, sand suction pumps, dredging pumps, mud pumps, slurry pumps, and sand dredgers. With over 20 years of experience, OCEAN PUMP has gained extensive expertise in this field. Our sand pump machines have been successfully supplied to more than 36 countries, providing effective and advanced solutions.

At OCEAN Pump, we are committed to delivering high-quality products and comprehensive solutions. In addition to our products, we also offer on-site installation services. Whether you need assistance with plan design or have any inquiries related to dredging, sand pumping, or sediment relocation, our team is ready to assist you. Feel free to reach out to us for expert advice and reliable sand pumping equipment.

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