1.What is Submersible Sand Pump

The submersible sand pump manufactured by OCEAN Pump is specially designed for handling tailings and transporting coal slag working in high-intensity environments. The impeller and other key components of the submersible sand pump have the same structural prototype as the impeller of the horizontal slurry pump. These submersible sand pumps have the advantages of easy operation, strong self-mixing ability, good wear resistance, energy saving, environmental protection, low noise and low failure rate.
In recent years, Tai’an Ocean Pump Co., Ltd. has continuously launched innovative products in the field of submersible sand pumps. These include submersible sand pumps with high-pressure water jets, pumps capable of handling large particles, pumps with side cutters, hydraulically driven pumps with side cutters, stainless steel submersible slurry pumps and deep well submersible sand pumps. Sand pump products are rich in variety and can meet various construction requirements under different working conditions. Especially for the dredging industry, OCEAN Pump’s products demonstrate its professionalism

2. Types of Submersible Sand Pump

When customers choose submersible sand pumps, sometimes they fall into a misunderstanding. This kind of sand pump has natural advantages like light and easy to use, self-stirring and this design has its own disadvantages.

For the selection of submersible sand pumps, it is necessary to select different sand pump types according to the actual operating conditions. The following is a list of different types of submersible sand pump selection under different construction conditions:

mining submersible pump
heavy duty submersible pump
mining submersible pump

1. Conventional submersible sand pump

The submersible sand pump is made of wear-resistant alloy steel and has advanced structural design. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, wear resistance, automatic coupling and long life. It has a strong ability to discharge solid particles such as sand and gravel, and is mainly used in dredging operations of dredgers and ships as well as slag transfer. OCEAN Pump is designed with an additional agitator to further improve work efficiency.
The submersible slurry pump places the motor and the mechanical pump on the same axis, and is equipped with a coaxial agitator at the bottom. It is developed based on the principles of fluid mechanics. Its wear-resistant alloy steel material ensures the pump’s high efficiency, wear resistance, automatic coupling and long life, and can powerfully cope with the discharge of solid particles such as sand, gravel and cinder.
The submersible sand pump prototype is suitable for tailings treatment, fine mortar and other working conditions. It was originally designed for pumping fly ash, power plant sedimentation tanks, etc., so it is fully qualified for such operations. The additional mixing impeller can break up and disperse mud or condensate to achieve stable operation under high concentration.
For long-term accumulation of sediment, OCEAN Pump engineers recommend equipping two to three high-pressure water guns. The impact force of the water gun can disperse the sediment into the water and improve the efficiency of sand extraction. The supply pressure of the high-pressure water pump is recommended to be 4-6 kg, and the power should be slightly lower than 2-3 specifications of the submersible sand pump (for example: when using a 22kw submersible sand pump, it can be matched with a 7.5-11kw high-pressure pump).
If the clay layer is encountered during the sand pumping process and is highly viscous, and the high-pressure water pump has limited effect, external side knives can be used to directly stir the sand to achieve suction-type sand pumping. The power range of the side knife mixer is 4kw-22kw, which can be customized according to customer needs.

working principle The hydraulic submersible centrifugal sand pump is a new type of submersible dredge pump that is powered by a hydraulic system, and the motor is the executive element, which converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. When working, the water pump stirs the rotation of the impeller to transfer energy to the slurry medium to generate a certain flow rate, thereby driving the solid matter to flow and realizing the transportation of the slurry. The hydraulic motor in the submersible centrifugal sand pump usually selects domestic high-speed CMZ series gear motor or quantitative plunger motor. This type of motor has the characteristics of advanced structure, reasonableness, good performance, high efficiency and stable operation. Secondly, the engineer will select hydraulic pumps with different flow and power according to the customer's working conditions. Main features 1. There is a stirring device at the bottom of the pump, and two or more monomer stirrers can be equipped at the same time. The purpose of adding a stirrer is to prevent large pieces of solid matter from blocking the pump, so that the solid and liquid in the extracted medium are fully mixed, so that it is easier to extract and transport. 2. The hydraulic submersible centrifugal sand pump can pass solid materials with a maximum particle size of 60mm, and the solid-liquid extraction concentration can reach more than 70%; Note: Due to different working conditions, the output of the pump may also vary with the influence of factors such as the processed medium, on-site operation, and transportation distance. 3. The hydraulic submersible sand suction pump is mainly installed on the excavator, and the power is provided by the hydraulic power of the excavator, which can realize free transition. And the power source is a diesel engine, so there is no need to worry about insufficient power when constructing in remote areas. 4. Flow parts: the pump casing, impeller, guard plate, and mixing impeller are all made of high chromium alloy materials. Other materials can be customized. 5. The submersible centrifugal sand pump adopts a unique sealing device to avoid frequent replacement of mechanical seals and improve work efficiency. Advantages (Compared with electric submersible dredge pumps): 1. The hydraulic transmission has small inertia and fast response speed, which can realize a wide range of stepless speed regulation; 2. The overload protection can be realized automatically, and there is no motor burning phenomenon; 3. The concentration of solids such as mortar, mud sand, slag, etc. is high, which can reach more than 70%; 4. It can be connected to machines with hydraulic systems such as excavators to achieve free transition, especially in remote areas when the power is insufficient, the advantages are more obvious; 5. The submersible centrifugal sand pump can be used as an accessory of the excavator, it can be extracted and transported long-distance when it is not suitable for working with a bucket, so as to improve the value of the excavator.
heavy duty submersible pump
heavy duty submersible pump

2.Wide impeller channel submersible sand pump

The wide impeller channel submersible sand pump is a sand pump specially used in complex working conditions such as sand, mud, and cobblestones. The design prototype is based on the impeller structure of a closed slurry pump. However, due to poor flow performance and easy clogging, it needs to be improved when facing media with small and large particles.
In order to meet this challenge, the OCEAN Pump design team designed a semi-open impeller or a three-blade impeller structure for small and large particle media to ensure the continuous performance of the pump. This improvement gives the large particle submersible sand pump significant advantages in overflow performance and wear resistance. However, the smaller number of blades also results in a relatively inefficient shaft operation.
Therefore, when choosing a submersible sand pump, you need to weigh it based on the working conditions. This type of pump may not be the best choice for sand or uniform grain applications. Although it has advantages in terms of durability, service life and application range, it is less efficient and a water pump with the same power may have a slightly lower lift than the original submersible sand pump.
The wide impeller channel submersible sand pump has superior performance under certain working conditions, but may have deficiencies under other conditions. When purchasing a submersible sand pump, factors such as the working environment and particle size should be fully considered to ensure that the most suitable pump type is selected. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the performance parameters of the pump, such as overflow performance, shaft efficiency, etc., to achieve efficient and stable operation.

3.Hydraulic driven submersible sand pump

The design of the hydraulically driven submersible sand pump fully considers the needs of underwater operations. Due to the hydraulic drive, its application in shallow water areas has more advantages. Compared with electric drive, the hydraulic drive designed by OCEAN Pump has higher flexibility and reliability, and can work stably in various harsh environments. In addition, there are 2 or 3 mixing knives inside the pump body, which can mix mud or sand materials during the sand pumping process to improve pumping efficiency.
Hydraulically driven submersible sand pumps are widely used in engineering, construction, mining and other fields. For example, in river regulation, port construction, tunnel excavation and other projects, hydraulically driven submersible sand pumps can effectively solve problems such as sediment blockage and low work efficiency. At the same time, due to its high reliability, it can ensure long-term stable operation during continuous operations, reduce failure rates, and improve construction progress.
However, there are also some problems in the application process of hydraulically driven submersible sand pumps. For example, the maintenance and upkeep of the pump is relatively complex and requires regular inspection and replacement of wearing parts; at the same time, the energy consumption of hydraulically driven submersible sand pumps is high, and long-term operation will incur greater operating costs. Therefore, when using a hydraulically driven submersible sand pump, reasonable selection should be made according to actual needs, and operation and maintenance should be carried out in conjunction with the actual situation to give full play to its performance advantages.

4.Stainless steel submersible sand pump

The structural design and material selection of stainless steel submersible sand pumps and deep well submersible sand pumps fully consider the stability and durability of the pumps. For example, the use of 316L material makes the pump have strong corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and is suitable for complex and harsh working conditions. In addition, the design of the pump also pays attention to the continuous operation of the pump unit, ensuring efficient and stable working performance.
When choosing a submersible sand pump, customers need to fully consider the actual conditions on site, such as sand source conditions, construction requirements, etc. In addition to paying attention to the basic parameters of the pump such as flow, lift, power, and speed, it is also necessary to select a suitable sand pump type based on the sand conditions on site. Sometimes the most appropriate pump type can be determined by a process of elimination. In this way, you can ensure the best performance of the pump and avoid problems caused by improper selection.
The submersible sand pump adheres to advanced concepts from the beginning of its design, making it almost without any restrictions during use. However, many customers are often too blind when choosing, leading to deviations in selection. To this end, the OCEAN Pump technical team has carefully designed a variety of solutions for users to choose from, so that the submersible sand pump can better adapt to most dredging, desalination and mineral processing and other projects.
In short, stainless steel submersible sand pumps and deep well submersible sand pumps have won the trust of customers with their excellent performance and wide range of applications. When purchasing, customers need to choose the most suitable pump type based on their own needs.

submersible agitator pump2
Submersible dredge pump with cutter head (6)

3.How to Choose Submersible Sand Pumps?

1 Determine the capacity of the submersible sand pump

When chosing a submersible sand pump, determine the required pump capacity or flow rate, usually measured in gallons per minute (GPM) or cubic meters per hour (m³/h). This value depends on the volume of sand or solids to be moved and the expected operating speed. It should be noted that the capacity or flow rate listed in the DMD submersible sand pump parameter table refers to the clean water mixing flow rate. OCEAN Pump has professional flow testing equipment that can accurately measure the flow of different pump types, and provides submersible sand pumps with different flow levels according to customer needs.

2. Choose the appropriate submersible sand pump lift head

When making decisions about the pressure required for submersible sand pump cleaning tasks, two key factors, head and discharge distance, need to be fully considered. The head refers to the vertical distance from the clean water surface to the highest discharge point, while the discharge distance represents the horizontal distance between the submersible sand pump and the discharge point. Both of these have a significant impact on the pressure required. Corresponding measures should be taken according to the needs of different customers. If the lift is too low, it may result in insufficient liquid delivery; conversely, if the lift is too high, energy consumption and costs may increase.
For example, for cleaning locations that only need to discharge slurry/sand to the shore, a high-flow, low-lift head pump type can be selected to meet basic cleaning needs while avoiding waste of energy and resources. However, for customers who need to transport slurry to longer distances, such as 500 meters, 1000 meters, 2000 meters or even further, the situation is different. In this case, the head, flow rate and discharge distance need to be comprehensively considered, and the number of booster pumps may even need to be increased to ensure that the customer’s demand for long-distance transportation is met.
On such issues, OCEAN Pump will fully consider the actual situation and needs of customers. Based on the required lift, flow rate and discharge distance, we provide customers with the most suitable solution, which may include customized designs, to ensure that cleaning tasks can be completed efficiently and stably.

3. Consider submersible sand pump construction and materials

When looking at the construction and materials of a submersible sand pump, recognize the significant impact they have on performance and durability. Generally, the structure of the pump can be divided into two categories: open type and closed type. The open structure impeller has a large flow rate and a low head, and is easy to clean, so it is suitable for projects with large barge output and no need to discharge materials to the shore. In comparison, the closed structure impeller has a smaller flow channel and limited flow, but has a higher lift and less wear. However, it is more difficult to clean. It is suitable for extracting materials that are not easy to block, such as fine sand and mud on the seaside.
In order to take into account the advantages of both, the OCEAN Pump R&D department designed a semi-open impeller or a three-blade impeller structure to ensure the flow and lift while also ensuring the passage of the slurry. This improvement gives the large particle submersible sand pump significant advantages in overflow performance and wear resistance. In terms of materials, OCEAN Pump’s submersible sand pump flow parts are made of high-chromium wear-resistant alloy materials, and customized services of stainless steel or other materials are provided according to the customer’s special slurry material.

4 Pay attention to the power and voltage of the submersible sand pump

When choosing a submersible slurry pump, power supply and practical requirements are two crucial considerations. Improper selection of pump power may result in insufficient flow and head, affecting the normal working effect of the pump. On the contrary, if the power is too high, it will not only increase energy consumption and operating costs, but may also cause unnecessary burden on the equipment and affect its service life.
In addition, there is another important factor to consider, which is the difference in industrial voltage frequencies in different countries. The commonly used industrial voltage frequency in our country is 380V/50HZ, and in some countries it is 440V/60HZ. In order to ensure the stable operation of the submersible slurry pump, OCEAN Pump will fully understand the voltage frequency of the customer’s country before selecting a model for the customer, and customize it according to the actual local conditions.
The one-stop service provided by OCEAN Pump to customers also includes supporting frequency conversion control cabinets. Through the frequency conversion control cabinet, users can easily adjust the flow and lift of the pump to protect the safe operation of the motor and meet different work needs. This not only improves the utilization rate of the submersible slurry pump, saves energy, but also reduces operating costs.

4. About OCEAN Pump

Taian Ocean Pump Co., Ltd., founded decades ago, has always adhered to the core values of professionalism, innovation and efficiency, focusing on the research and development and production of various types of heavy-duty submersible electric dredging pumps. These pump equipment play a pivotal role in the extraction and treatment of mud, sludge, gravel and sediment. Their wide range of applications and comprehensiveness are rare in the industry.
Our product lines are rich and diverse, including submersible dredging pumps, horizontal sand pumps, sand pumping equipment, etc. These high-performance and reliable submersible pump equipment have won unanimous praise from customers for their excellent performance and stable operation capabilities. In addition, we have specially developed sand pumps and sand pumps for sand pumping applications to meet the needs of various working conditions.
In terms of quality control, we always adhere to high standards and strict requirements. All heavy-duty products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. This not only reflects our strict control of product quality, but also demonstrates our corporate responsibility for environmental protection, health and safety development.
With excellent quality and good reputation, Tai’an Ocean Pump Co., Ltd.’s products have been successfully exported to 36 countries around the world, winning recognition from the international market. Facing the future, we will continue to be committed to technological innovation, enhance product competitiveness, provide more customers with high-quality, efficient pump equipment and services, and assist the development of the industry.

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