1. What is Hydraulic Submersible Pump with Agitator?

Hydraulic submersible pump with agitator is a special type of submersible pump, mainly used for supporting excavators or other hydraulic power equipment. The solids to be extracted are broken into pieces by being stirred by hydraulic reamers on both sides, and then the water and sediment mixture are extracted together through a large suction hydraulic submersible sand pump. This type of hydraulic submersible pump has outstanding features such as high concentration, large suction, durability, and wear resistance. Designed to handle fluids containing high concentrations of solids or sediment. It is commonly used in applications such as dredging, mining, construction and environmental projects that require the pumping of abrasive or thick slurry-like materials.

A distinctive feature of hydraulic submersible pumps with agitators is the presence of an agitating device, usually in the form of rotating blades or propellers, located near the inlet of the pump. Agitators are used to stir and mix fluids, which helps prevent solids from settling and clogging the pump. It enhances the pump’s ability to handle viscous or heavily deposited liquids, allowing for efficient pumping of materials with high solids content.

Agitators create turbulence that breaks up and suspends solids within the fluid. This ensures that the pump can efficiently deliver the mixture without clogging or excessive impeller wear. The agitation action also helps maintain a constant flow rate and prevents the formation of deposits that can hinder pump performance.

Hydraulic submersible pumps with agitators developed by OCEAN Pump are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit different applications and fluid characteristics. They are usually made of wear-resistant materials, and depending on the extraction concentration and extraction medium, large particle hydraulic submersible sand pumps or multi-leaf high-efficiency hydraulic sand pumps can be used. Hydraulic submersible pumps with agitators can extract concentrations up to 60%.

Overall, hydraulic submersible pumps with agitators produced by OCEAN Pump provide an efficient and reliable solution for pumping fluids with high solids content, enabling the successful completion of challenging projects in industries such as mining, dredging and construction.

2. How to Selection process of Hydraulic Submersible Pump with Agitator

The selection process for a hydraulic submersible pump with agitator requires consideration of various factors to ensure the pump meets the specific requirements of the application. The following are the steps involved in the client selection process in South Africa:

2.1  Determine Application Requirements

Determine the purpose of the pump and the specific application requirements. The customer currently has a Komatsu 300 excavator that needs to extract mud from the river. An excavator driven hydraulic submersible slurry pump is required.

2.2 Fluid characteristics:

In the river dredging project, the extracted medium is sediment, accompanied by small stones and gravel. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a pump body with a large flow capacity. OCEAN Pump recommends large particle submersible slurry pumps. This type of pump combines the high efficiency of submersible pumps with the excellent flow characteristics of wide channel pumps. It can effectively handle fluids and solid media without clogging or clogging. Excessive wear and tear.

2.3  Agitators design:

In view of the partial hardening phenomenon at the bottom of the river, the most appropriate measure is to equip a mixer, which can loosen the hardened materials at the bottom and improve work efficiency. The hydraulic agitators on both sides are equipped with five-star motors, which can be adjusted according to specific solid content and can effectively prevent sedimentation or clogging.

2.4  Pump performance:

Review the performance characteristics of the pump, paying attention to the relationship between flow and head shown in the pump curve. According to the customer’s specific working conditions, OCEAN Pump particularly recommends the self-developed large particle flow channel hydraulic submersible slurry pump with an outlet diameter of 200mm. When the clean water flow rate is 400 cubic meters and the lift is 20 meters, the power of this pump is 55 kilowatts. Equipped with a Huade plunger quantitative motor with a displacement of 160 and a working pressure range of 25-30 MPa.

2.5  Hydraulic power capacity:

Evaluate the hydraulic power sources available for the customer’s excavator. The main pump power configuration is 55 kilowatts, the displacement is 160, and the working pressure range is 25-30 MPa. The hydraulic agitators on both sides are equipped with five-star motors with a displacement of 500 and a working pressure of 16-20 MPa.

2.6  Pump size and installation:

When selecting a hydraulic submersible pump equipped with an agitator, its physical size and weight should be fully considered to ensure that it can be installed smoothly and operate normally at the intended location. OCEAN Pump has communicated and docked the connection dimensions of the Komatsu 300 excavator with customers in the early stage to ensure product compatibility and usage effects.

2.7  Select a submersible mixer hydraulic pump manufacturer and support:

When selecting a hydraulic submersible pump manufacturer, pay attention to its reputation, professionalism and after-sales service. When evaluating a manufacturer’s comprehensive strength, you can focus on the following aspects: product quality, after-sales support, spare parts supply, technical assistance and warranty coverage, etc. On this basis, the customer finally selected TAIAN OCEAN PUMP CO., LTD. as its partner.

Hydraulic submersible pump
Hydraulic submersible pump
Hydraulic submersible pump

3. Transportation and Operation of Hydraulic submersible Pump with Agitator

After choosing OCEAN Pump, the company immediately carried out an intense stocking stage. Thanks to advanced design concepts, sufficient accessories and a responsible attitude, OCEAN PUMP completed the production of the product in only 8 working days. Before leaving the factory, OCEAN PUMP was specially tested using an excavator of the same power and completed comprehensive tests on flow, lift and pressure. They also take photos and trial videos for customers to show the performance and quality of the products.

Once the product is delivered to the site, OCEAN PUMP’s service personnel immediately guide customers remotely on the installation and use of the hydraulic submersibel pump . They provide detailed installation instructions and answer any questions customers have during the installation process. This professional remote support ensures correct installation and smooth operation of the hydraulic submersibel pump.

In the initial operation stage, the hydraulic submersible slurry pump showed a very stable sand pumping effect. It can handle slurry with a concentration of 40% and transport it to a distance of 800 meters. Customers have spoken highly of OCEAN PUMP’s professionalism and expressed great satisfaction with the products and services it provides.

This example demonstrates TAIAN OCEAN PUMP’s outstanding capabilities in the field of hydraulic submersible slurry pumps. Through efficient production and quality control, they ensure that products are delivered to customers within the stipulated time. At the same time, their professional team provides a full range of support, from remote guidance to on-site service, ensuring that customers can fully utilize and enjoy the advantages of the product. This attitude of focusing on customer satisfaction and quality has allowed OCEAN PUMP to win a good reputation and widespread praise in the industry.

Hydraulic submersible pump
Hydraulic submersible pump
Hydraulic submersible pump

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