1. What is  Electric Submersible Sand Mining Pump

An electric Submersible Sand Mining Pump, also known as an electric submersible dredge pump, is an efficient and specialized piece of equipment designed to extract sand and other sediments from underwater environments. The electric Submersible Sand Mining Pump has a unique design and powerful functions, and is widely used in many fields such as mining, dredging, river restoration, and beach nourishment. OCEAN Pump design Electric submersible sand pumps are usually equipped with high-performance motors and unique sand suction mechanisms. When the pump is put into the water and starts working, the motor drives the sand suction mechanism to rotate rapidly, forming a strong suction force that sucks the sand and other particles deposited at the bottom into the pump. These sediments are then transported to the surface or other designated location through internal pipes.

2. What is Features and Characteristics of Electric Submersible Sand Mining Pump

2. 1. Submersible design of Submersible Sand Mining Pump

Since the Submersible Sand Mining Pump body needs to be completely submersed in water, its design must strictly prevent water from entering the motor and electrical components. In order to achieve this goal, Submersible Sand Mining Pump usually use high-quality sealing materials and advanced sealing technology. OCEAN Pump usually designs a sealing method that combines oil seals and mechanical seals for electric Submersible Sand Mining Pump. High-power electric Submersible Sand Mining Pumps adopt double seals sealing method. Make sure the pump is not corroded by water during operation.

Submersible Sand Mining Pumps dissipate heat better when running in water. Since water has good thermal conductivity, it can effectively conduct the heat generated by the motor to the surrounding water, thus achieving a good heat dissipation effect. This heat dissipation method not only ensures long-term stable operation of the motor, but also extends the service life of the motor.
The Submersible Sand Mining Pump design makes installation and maintenance easier. Since it is installed directly in the body of water without the need for additional support structures, the installation process is greatly simplified. At the same time, the Submersible Sand Mining Pump operates underwater, which can effectively avoid the impact of air on the motor and reduce failures caused by water intrusion into the motor.

2. 2 Motor drive method of Submersible Sand Mining Pump

The working principle of a Submersible Sand Mining Pump mainly relies on its internal impeller and motor. When the motor starts, it drives the impeller to rotate, thereby generating a certain amount of suction. This suction force causes water to be sucked in from the inlet of the pump and pushed to the outlet through the rotation of the impeller. Since the Submersible Sand Mining Pump is designed to run in water, its heat dissipation effect is better, thus ensuring long-term stable operation of the motor.
The electric-driven Submersible Sand Mining Pump designed by OCEAN Pump, due to its compact design, greatly reduces the floor space and is suitable for various environments with limited space. At the same time, the Submersible Sand Mining Pump produces less noise during operation and will not cause interference to the surrounding environment. Its smooth operation characteristics also make users feel more at ease during use.

2.3. Powerful solid processing capability of  Submersible Sand Mining Pump

These Submersible Sand Mining Pumps are designed to handle abrasive materials, including sand and gravel. They feature rugged construction and specialized impellers to handle high concentrations of solids with ease.
These Submersible Sand Mining Pumps have a wide range of applications in a variety of fields, but are particularly effective in extracting sand ore in underwater environments. Not only are they capable of handling high concentrations of sand and gravel, they can also efficiently transport these materials to their designated locations. In addition, electric Submersible Sand Mining Pumps are also used to transport ore from the mine or mining area to where it is needed. These Submersible Sand Mining Pumps are capable of treating bodies of water containing placer, pumping and transporting them to treatment equipment or storage facilities.
In mining activities, the production of sediment and suspended solids is inevitable. With its excellent performance, electric submersible sand pumps can effectively extract and process these sediments from the bottom of the water, helping to clean up water bodies, restore river channels, or improve the natural environment. Likewise, in mining dumps, large amounts of waste ore, slag or mine tailings also need to be properly disposed of. These Submersible Sand Mining Pumps can extract this waste material from the stockpile area and transport it to the appropriate processing or storage facilities.
The accumulation of silt and sediment is a common problem in bodies of water near mines. Electric submersible sand pumps can perform their cleaning functions to maintain the navigability of waterways, while also helping to restore the ecosystem of the water body.

2.4 Efficient Dredging Capacity of Submersible Sand Mining Pump

The carefully designed electric Submersible Sand Mining Pump has excellent ability to cope with various particle working conditions. Whether it is fine or coarse-grained sediments, the Submersible Sand Mining Pump handles them in an efficient manner. Its unique underwater working method allows the sand suction port to directly contact the slurry, providing significant advantages for cleaning the bottom of the water body. The electric submersible sand mining pump launched by OCEAN Pump is specially optimized for different particle working conditions. Some models focus on fine sand treatment, while other models rely on the large flow channel impeller and pump casing design to ensure the smooth passage of large particles, effectively prevent clogging, and provide comprehensive solutions for various application scenarios.

2.5 Variable flow and head characteristics of Submersible Sand Mining Pump

OCEAN Pump offers a variety of Submersible Sand Mining Pump models and configurations designed to meet different flow and head needs. The flow rate describes the volume of sand and water transported by the pump per unit time, while the head represents the vertical distance from the clean water surface to the discharge point. In addition, the discharge distance indicates the horizontal distance between the submersible slurry pump and the discharge point. These three parameters have a significant influence on the required pressure. When using a submersible slurry pump, users can adjust the flow and lift of the pump as needed. OCEAN Pump provides customers with a variable frequency control cabinet. By adjusting the frequency, users can flexibly adjust the flow rate and head. At the same time, we can also customize the voltage and frequency of pump motors and variable frequency control cabinets according to the power standards of different countries, such as 440V/380V/660V voltage and 50HZ/60HZ frequency, to meet the diverse needs of global customers.

2.6 Durable construction of Submersible Sand Mining Pump

Submersible Sand Mining Pump, as a kind of equipment specially designed to deal with harsh working environments, play a vital role in mining, drainage and other industrial applications. Due to the particularity of its working environment, submersible slurry pumps not only have to face the strong impact of mud, sediment and other substances, but also withstand the double test of chemical corrosion and physical wear. Therefore, its structural design and material selection are particularly important.
As a leading brand in the field of Submersible Sand Mining Pumps, OCEAN Pump understands the importance of pump body durability to users. In order to ensure that the pump body can still operate stably for a long time under harsh conditions, OCEAN Pump has put a lot of effort into material selection. They not only use high-performance materials that are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, but also customize stainless steel materials such as SS304 and SS316 according to the needs of special working environments. These special materials not only greatly improve the durability of the submersible slurry pump, but also significantly enhance its ability to adapt to extreme environments.
In addition to material selection, OCEAN Pump also pays attention to the structural design of the pump body. We know that part of the pump body is in direct contact with mud or sediment, causing the pump casing, impeller, suction plate and other flow-passing parts to be easily worn. Therefore, when designing these flow-passing components, they pay special attention to structural rationality and wear resistance. For example, they use high-chromium alloy Cr28 (also known as A05) as the main material of flow-passing parts. This material not only has high hardness and good wear resistance, but also has excellent corrosion resistance.
It is worth mentioning that OCEAN Pump also fully considered the user’s needs and operating habits in the design of the Submersible Sand Mining Pump. By continuously optimizing the structural design and material selection of the pump body, the submersible slurry pump has better operability and maintenance while maintaining high durability. This design idea not only extends the service life of the submersible slurry pump, but also greatly reduces the user’s operating costs and maintenance difficulty.

electric sand mining pump (1)
electric sand mining pump (1)
electric sand mining pump (1)

3. Case of Sudden Decrease in Capacity of Submersible Sand Mining Pump

Congo’s mining industry is developing rapidly, and in this industry, electric submersible sand ming pumps have become indispensable equipment. Among them, the DMS150-22-22 electric submersible sand ming pump has been widely praised for its efficient and stable performance. However, even the most efficient equipment may encounter some problems during actual use.
Recently, a customer from Congo discovered some abnormalities when using a DMS150-22-22 electric submersible sand ming pump for mining operations. According to his description, it could originally produce about 30 cubic meters of sand per hour, but suddenly, the output dropped significantly, and the current display on the control cabinet also increased abnormally. Faced with this unexpected situation, the customer immediately stopped the operation of the equipment and contacted our sales engineer Lingda Kong (+86 18562293317) via Whatsapp.
After detailed communication with the customer, OCEAN Pump sales engineer Lingda Kong learned some key information. It turned out that there was a large amount of large particulate matter in the mining area where the customer was located. These materials were sucked into the sand pump during the mining process, and eventually blocked the bottom filter of the submersible sand pump. Due to the blockage of the filter, the suction capacity and outlet capacity of the sand pump are greatly reduced, resulting in a reduction in output and an increase in current.
In response to this problem, OCEAN Pump sales engineer Lingda Kong gave a professional solution. He suggested that the customer lift the submersible sand pump and clean the filter screen thoroughly. At the same time, considering that the impeller flow path is sufficient, the filter can be temporarily omitted to avoid clogging again. In many communications, customers not only expressed high recognition of our products and services, but also expressed heartfelt appreciation for our professional capabilities and service attitude.
It is worth mentioning that after solving the current problem, the customer placed an order for a DMS300-20-37B electric submersible sand ming pump specially used to extract large particles. The flow particles of this pump type can reach up to 60mm, which can easily cope with the working conditions in the customer’s area. This not only proves customers’ trust and reliance on our products, but also reflects the competitiveness of our products in the market.
In general, when faced with the problems that customers encountered when using electric submersible sand ming pumps, OCEAN Pump’s sales engineer Lingda Kong relied on her professional knowledge and experience to provide timely solutions, which were highly recognized by customers. This not only strengthens the cooperative relationship between customers and us, but also further enhances OCEAN Pump’s brand image in the market.

4. How to Solve the Sudden Decrease Capacity of Electric Submersible Sand Mining Pump

If you’re experiencing a sudden decrease in the capacity of an electric submersible sand mining pump, there are a few potential causes that you can investigate. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot and address the issue:

Attached : possible failures and their solutions

FailuresPossible causeSolution
Current  higher than the rated current1.Gap between impeller and guard plate is unsuitable1.Adjust the gap
2.Pump with large capacity but low lift head2.Use a valve to control the capacity or replace the pump with a suitable head
3.Bearing damage3.Change the bearing
The motor does not rotate and has a buzzing sound when starting1.Voltage is too low1.Adjust the voltage to the rated value
2.Single-phase motor operation2.Check the line, connect the line
3.There is a foreign objects stuck in the pump3.Remove foreign objects
4. Impeller grinding with inner pump cover or suction plate4. Adjust the impeller gap to the normal value
No water or low water output1.Impeller reversal1.Exchange any two-phase power cord
2.The water filter is clogged2.Clear blockage
3.The water inlet leaks out of the water3.Lower the pump position to submerge
4. Water pipe Leaking or clogged4. Replace water pipe or remove dirt
5. Actual head is too high5. Choose a pump with a suitable head
Insulation resistance drops below 0.5MΩ1. Cable connector damaged1.Reprocess the cable connector
2.Stator winding insulation damage2.Replace the stator winding
3.Water in the motor cavity3.Exhaust water and dry the winding
4. Cable damage4. Repair cable
Unstable operation and severe vibration1.The impeller is severely worn1.Replace the impeller
2.Dirt jams the rotating parts2.Clear debris
electric sand mining pump (1)
electric sand mining pump (1)
electric sand mining pump (1)

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