Electric Sand Mining Pump is also called submersible sand pump. The Electric Sand Mining Pump is a submersible sand suction pump that works with a coaxial motor and a water pump. The bottom of the Electric Sand Mining Pump body is equipped with an agitate impeller, which can stir the deposited sludge into a turbulent flow and realize high-concentration transportation.

Diving directly into the water avoids the steps of filing water diversion, so the operation is relatively simple. TAI’AN OCEAN Pump brand ZJQ series Electric Sand Mining Pump mainly suck the liquids containing solid particles such as sand, cinder, tailing, etc., and are mainly used for removal and transportation of muddy liquids such as metallurgy, mines, thermal power plants, and river extraction of silt, pond silt, etc.

Customer from Nigeria uses the electric sand mining pump ZJQ150-22-22 to pump the river sediment, and the sand output is about 30 cubic meters per hour. During use, the on-site operator found that the capacity suddenly decreased a lot, and the control cabinet showed that the current became much larger. The operator immediately shut down and contact our sales engineer for consultation, how to solve it? During the communication, the operator pointed out that there was a lot of waste in the river in the work area recently. TAI’AN OCEAN Pump judged that the waste blocked the bottom filter of the submersible sand pump, which caused the suction capacity to decrease and the outlet capacity also decrease a lot. We recommended the customer lift the submersible sand pump to clean the filter net, After cleaning up as required the electric sand mining pump resume normal work.

electric sand mining pump (1)
electric sand mining pump (1)
electric sand mining pump (1)

If there is a lot of rubbish in the river, especially branches or smaller rubbish particles, the on-site operator should always observe the control cabinet current and outlet capacity, prevent long-term use, causing garbage particles to enter the inside of the pump casing, thus increasing the amount of cleaning work.

Attached : possible failures and their solutions

FailuresPossible causeSolution
Current  higher than the rated current1.Gap between impeller and guard plate is unsuitable1.Adjust the gap
2.Pump with large capacity but low lift head2.Use a valve to control the capacity or replace the pump with a suitable head
3.Bearing damage3.Change the bearing
The motor does not rotate and has a buzzing sound when starting1.Voltage is too low1.Adjust the voltage to the rated value
2.Single-phase motor operation2.Check the line, connect the line
3.There is a foreign objects stuck in the pump3.Remove foreign objects
4. Impeller grinding with inner pump cover or suction plate4. Adjust the impeller gap to the normal value
No water or low water output1.Impeller reversal1.Exchange any two-phase power cord
2.The water filter is clogged2.Clear blockage
3.The water inlet leaks out of the water3.Lower the pump position to submerge
4. Water pipe Leaking or clogged4. Replace water pipe or remove dirt
5. Actual head is too high5. Choose a pump with a suitable head
Insulation resistance drops below 0.5MΩ1. Cable connector damaged1.Reprocess the cable connector
2.Stator winding insulation damage2.Replace the stator winding
3.Water in the motor cavity3.Exhaust water and dry the winding
4. Cable damage4. Repair cable
Unstable operation and severe vibration1.The impeller is severely worn1.Replace the impeller
2.Dirt jams the rotating parts2.Clear debris
electric sand mining pump (1)
electric sand mining pump (1)
electric sand mining pump (1)

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