Submersible sand dredging pump is also called submersible sand suction pump, submersible dredging pump, submersible slurry pump, submersible sand pump, submersible mud pump, etc. This kind of sand pump machine is named according to different working conditions, that is, which name is just used in what kind of environment or work process. The original submersible sand dredging pump type was specially designed by the OCEAN Pump technical team in the 1990s for pumping sand and dredging in the Yellow River. After continuous technical improvement, submersible sand dredging pump is suitable for various working conditions. In order for users to have a comprehensive understanding, we will introduce characteristics of the submersible sand dredging pump in detail, as well as the improved technology in various environments for applications in different working conditions.

How to Use OCEAN Brand Submersible Sand Dredging Pump
How to Use OCEAN Brand Submersible Sand Pump
How to Use OCEAN Brand Submersible Dredging Pump

OCEAN Brand submersible sand dredging pump is mainly composed of three parts: sand pump head, motor, oil chamber, and combined seal. The water conservancy part is designed with advanced hydraulic model combined with modern computer technology system. The motor and the submersible sand dredging pump are coaxially submerged into the medium to work. The flow parts (including the pump body, guard plate, impeller, shaft sleeve, etc.) are made of wear-resistant alloy materials (CR28), and the technical requirements are reached through three heat treatment processes after casting. The submersible sand dredging pump has the characteristics of excellent material selection, advanced structure, wide flow channel, powerful passing capacity and large passing particle size. Submersible sand dredging pump is widely used in engineering projects such as metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, coal, electric power, building materials, municipal environmental protection, and dredging of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and ports. It is suitable for transporting liquids containing abrasive and strong abrasive solid particles such as sand, gravel, silt, cinder, tailing, etc.

The following content introduces the submersible sand dredging pump usage under different working conditions, as well as some characteristics and precautions during use. According to each working condition, the submersible sand dredging pump will be made targeted improvements and configurations to make it play its best role.

How to use the submersible sand dredging pump- sand pumping (submersible sand pump).

The operation of the submersible sand pump is convenient and flexible, and it is not restricted by suction in use. There is no need to build a special sand dredger. It only needs simply floating body and install a gantry for hoisting. Submersible sand pump can be used in shallow and deep waters and is welcomed by many customers. In the environment of sand pumping and sand mining, the selection of submersible sand pump should pay attention to several points.

  1. If it is coarse sand, use a large-particle submersible sand pump. The flow parts of the sand pump are thickened and made of high chromium wear-resistant alloy material. Therefore, this kind of sand pump has the advantages of good wear resistance, long service life, powerful passing ability, non-blockage, etc.
  2. Installing a high-pressure water pump as flushing device, the flow of the high-pressure water pump is generally about 30% of the submersible sand pump flow, and the head is above 50 meters, so that the general sand layer can be washed away and the sand pumping concentration can be greatly improved. An electric or hydraulic reamer device is often used to disperse the deposited solid sand layer, and the shape of the reamer teeth must be specially made to maximize the effect.
  3. The submersible sand dredging pump should be equipped with a dedicated control cabinet, which can protect the sand pump motor from water ingress, overload, phase loss, and current leakage. Because the sand concentration changes greatly during the sand pumping process, the motor protection is particularly important.
  4. The worker should operate carefully, pay attention to data changes such as pressure and current, adjust the sand pump position in time to ensure the best depth and working state.
  • How to use the submersible sand dredging pump – river dredging(submersible dredging pump).

In China, two methods are generally used for river dredging: cutter suction dredger and excavator combined with sand dredger, both of which have relatively high investment. When encountering small dredging projects, it is an ideal choice to use submersible dredging pump for construction.

  1. Directly use the submersible dredging pump for dredging.

The submersible sand dredging pump with a wider impeller channel should be selected in this method. There are garbage and other debris in dredging site, which is easy to block the dredging pump, so a special impeller should be used. And make a filter screen at the bottom of the dredging pump, the size of the mesh should be determined according to the dredging pump flow diameter. In environments with a lot of debris, considering lengthening and increasing the filter diameter of the, or adding a double-layer filter.

Preparing two or more special reamers. The reamer is different from the configuration for sand pumping, it must be made into plough-shaped teeth, so that the mud layer can be screwed up, and then the mud layer can be washed away by the high-flow high-pressure water pump to the dredging pump inlet to ensure the mud concentration and achieve the dredging effect.

A stirring impeller is generally equipped at the bottom of submersible dredging pump. In this dredging working environment, the stirring impeller is usually dismantled. Because the impeller does not play a good role at this time, and it is easy to entangle debris.

How to Use OCEAN Brand Submersible Slurry Pump
How to Use OCEAN Brand Submersible Mud Pump
How to Use OCEAN Brand Slurry Pump

2. Submersible dredging pump cooperates with excavators for dredging.

There are two shortcomings when using of excavators alone for dredging. One is that the dredging efficiency is low. The other is that it can only treat nearby sludge, and it cannot work when the water is deep. It needs to be installed on a dredging ship, which increases the cost.

The submersible dredging pump cooperating with the excavator can solve the two problems. The excavator hydraulic system is used to drive the submersible dredging pump, and the hydraulic energy is converted into mechanical energy. When working, the energy is transferred to the slurry medium through the submersible sand dredging pump impeller rotation, so that it generates a certain flow rate, drives the solid matter to flow, and realizes the slurry delivery. This method has the following advantages.

  1. This device is mainly installed on the excavator, and the power is provided by the the excavator hydraulic station, which can realize workplace free change and solve the problem of power inconvenience during construction in remote areas.
  2. A stirring impeller is equipped at the bottom of the submersible sand dredging pump, and agitators or cage on both sides can be equipped at the same time to loosen the hardened sediment, increase the extraction concentration, realize automatic cutter suction. This can also prevent large solids from clogging the submersible sand dredging pump, so that the solid and liquid are fully mixed, making it easier to handle.
  3. The unique sealing device avoids mechanical seals frequent replacement and improves work efficiency.
  4. Submersible sand dredging pump cooperates with the excavators can realize working place free changes, especially in remote areas when the power is insufficient, the advantages are more obvious.
  5. The hydraulic transmission has small inertia and fast response speed, which can realize a wide range of stepless speed regulation; it can automatically realize overload protection without the motor burning phenomenon.
  6. Submersible dredging pump can be used as an accessory of the excavator, which can extract and transport sand in long-distance when digging is unfavorable to improve the value of the excavator.
How to Use OCEAN Brand Submersible Slurry Dredging Pump
How to Use OCEAN Brand Submersible Sand Suction Pump
How to Use OCEAN Brand Submersible Mud Dredging Pump
  • How to use the submersible sand dredging pump – slurry cleaning(submersible slurry pump).

Many enterprises, companies, power plants, factories, mines and other units will have various water collection tanks, sewage tanks, rainwater tanks, sand storage tanks, sedimentation tanks, swirl wells, ash slag tanks, etc. Water pumps are needed to drain all kinds of pools. If the water contains solid particles such as sand, sand pumps are required. If the pool is filled with silt and other solid particles, sand and slag removal are required. In the past, this work is operated by manual cleaning, but now more choice is to use sand pumps for cleaning. The ordinary slurry pump is inconvenient to install and requires water diversion or vacuum extraction. However, submersible slurry pumps have successfully solved various problems. A stirring impeller is equipped at the bottom of the submersible sand dredging pump for slurry cleaning. It is not necessary to install extra stirring device if there is no special circumstances. The maximum temperature of the medium should not be higher than 60°C. If it is higher than 60°C, an external cooling cover is required and circulating water is injected to cool the electric motor. The medium does not contain flammable and explosive gases. This submersible slurry pump is suitable for the following working conditions.

  1. Smelter-  Various smelting waste residues and tailing slag slurry transportation and discharge.
  2. Mines, concentrator and sandstone plants- Tailing transportation, various tailing, slurry, ore slurry, coal slurry, slag treatment, etc.
  3. Coal preparation plant – Transportation and discharge of coal slime, coal slurry, and cinder after coal washing.
  4. Ceramics and glass factories – Porcelain clay and sand transportation, glass slag transportation and discharge, etc.
  5. Iron and steel plant- transportation of iron oxide scale water, iron slag, rust, corrosive liquid, etc.
  6. Sewage treatment plant- Cleaning of oxidation ditch sedimentation tank, sludge discharge, sand discharge from grit tank, etc.
  7. Thermal power plant- Discharge of cinder, slag or ash in the sedimentation tank after burning coal.
  8. Winery- Cleaning up the lees and impurities in the winery pool.
  • How to use submersible sand dredging pump- construction mud transportation (submersible mud pump).

Speaking of construction mud wastewater, it is a problem that plagues users at various construction sites. The use area of the construction site is limited, if the mud slurry not handled in time, it will not only affect the construction, but also cause environmental pollution or water pollution and other public hazards. The existing treatment method is to transport it to the outskirts garbage dump by tank truck to let it dry naturally or transport it to a transport ship. This kind of treatment is primitive and backward, which has caused many problems.

  1. The cost is high, the efficiency is low, and when the construction period is short, the day and night tank trucks transportation cannot meet the construction schedule requirements.
  2. The construction site harsh environment and the mud slurry overflow make it difficult to gain a foothold.
  3. Restricted by geographical conditions, the transportation costs is greatly increased.

In order to solve the problems such as city pipeline blockage due to due to mud slurry leaking into the sewer, or the city environment pollution due to mud slurry leaking on urban roads during transportation,  OCEAN Brand submersible sand dredging pump is the ideal solution to extract mud slurry and then deliver by pipeline in many construction site of southern China. The use of submersible mud pump pipeline transportation greatly reduces infrastructure and operating costs compared with traditional automobile transportation, and does not cause secondary pollution, so it is widely popularized. OCEAN Brand submersible mud pump can cooperate with high head sand pump when pumping mud slurry to form a relay pumping station system for long-distance transportation, so that the construction mud slurry can be transported to dozens of kilometers without being restricted by distance conditions. This method has the following characteristics.

  1. There is no need to install a stirring impeller and an additional stirring device, only a high-pressure water pump is required. The high-pressure water pump head is generally above 50 meters, and the flow is about 80% of the submersible sand dredging pump.
  2. Equipped with a simple floating body to support and hoist the submersible mud pump, so as to ensure that the submersible mud pump can work in deep or shallow water.
  3. Equipped with frequency conversion system intelligent operation, it has the advantages of convenient and fast operation, flexible movement, not limited by suction, saving a lot of labor.
  4. The submersible sand dredging pump works underwater, no noise and vibration, the construction site is cleaner.

The above introduces the OCEAN Brand submersible sand dredging pump application in several classic industries. This type of submersible sand dredging pump has a wide use range. We have thousands of successful use cases, which can supply on-site investigation and study for users.

How to Use OCEAN Brand Submersible Slurry Suction Pump
How to Use OCEAN Brand Submersible Sand Slurry Pump
How to Use OCEAN Brand Submersible Mud Suction Pump

OCEAN PUMP will use modern big data technology to collect customers’ sand pump machine usage information, understand submersible sand dredging pump various indicators through data statistics and analysis for product improvement. At the same time, pay close attention to the industry dynamics, combine our own development practice to enrich the product concept. While continuously optimizing hydraulic performance, OCEAN PUMP will use a variety of new wear-resistant materials to improve the submersible sand dredging pump service life and reliability in highly abrasive and highly corrosive media, and continue to expand the use scope to adapt to various working conditions. Reasonable sand mining system design requires expert advice. OCEAN PUMP engineers team has rich experience and is willing to provide you professional assistance.