Hydraulic submersible sediment pump is the new sediment pump type which is developed and designed by Tai’an Ocean Pump Co., Ltd. (OCEAN Pump) with its 20 years experience and actual application requirements. Hydraulic submersible sediment pump can be driven by a hydraulic power station or the hydraulic system of the excavator. It is suitable for urban rivers, lake and pond dredging, and can also be equipped with two or three sets of side agitators according to construction requirements. The side agitators can stir the hard sediment and increase the transportation concentration. The hydraulic sediment pump casing and impeller can be customized when there is much garbage in the river or lake to guarantee passibility.

Hydraulic Submersible Sediment Pump Equipped on Excavator was Used for River Dredging
Sediment Pump Equipped on Excavator was Used for River Dredging
Submersible Slurry Pump Equipped on Excavator was Used for River Dredging

Hydraulic Submersible Sediment Pump Selection Overview

One customer from Gansu undertook a river cleanup project. The water depth is about 2 meters, the sand layer is relatively hard, the discharge distance is about 200 meters. Previously, the customer dug sand with excavators, then transported by vehicles. However, this method was not only inefficient, but also had a relatively large pollution to the surrounding environment, and there were many complaints from surrounding residents. So the customer required a method which was more efficient and environmentally friendly to replace the current working way. The customer contacted OCEAN Pump for a suitable sand pump machine. After detailed communication, OCEAN Pump engineers conducted serious sand extracting equipment selection according to the actual requirements. In the end, OCEAN Pump recommended hydraulic submersible dredging pump. The hydraulic submersible sediment pump can be directly installed on the excavator, and the sediment pump is driven by the hydraulic system of the excavator. Compared with the traditional hydraulic pumping station, hydraulic system of excavator has the features of easy moving, less investment, easy installation. The sand is piped to the sediment recovery site, and no leakage occurs during conveying.

After studying the hydraulic submersible sediment pump produced by OCEAN Pump and watching the working videos, the customer finally selected OCEAN Pump as his partner and signed a contract.

Submersible Sand Pump Equipped on Excavator was Used for River Dredging
Sand Pump Machine Equipped on Excavator was Used for River Dredging

The hydraulic submersible sediment pump manufactured by OCEAN Pump has the following advantages compared with the submersible slurry pump driven by electric motor.

  1. The hydraulic transmission has small inertia and fast response speed, which can realize a wide range of speed regulation. With hydraulic shunt and collecting valve, no additional hydraulic control facilities are required for customers.
  2. Overload protection can be realized automatically, and there is no burning phenomenon.
  3. High concentration of solids such as mortar, sediment and slag.
  4. Lower failure rate.

The hydraulic submersible sediment pump has been highly praised by customers since it was put into use. The customer does not need to increase investment to purchase equipment. The excavator bucket and hydraulic submersible sediment pump can be replaced by each other according to customer’s actual requirements which can meet the requirements of less investment and high output.

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