The ZJQ submersible sand suction dredge pump is a coaxial motor and pump submerged into the water to work, simple operation, good wear resistance. It is widely used in rivers, lakes and seas, reservoirs, sand pumping, mud pumping, dredging, power plant pumping fly ash, steel mills pumping oxide scale, sand extraction and beneficiation, mine tailings, ceramic tile factory pumping powder, sewage water treatment, etc.

It is an ideal substitute for traditional slurry pumps. In addition to the main impeller, the pump adds a set of stirring impellers at the bottom, which can spray the deposited sludge into turbulent flow, so that the pump can achieve high-concentration transportation without auxiliary devices. The unique sealing device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the oil chamber, keep the pressure at both ends of the mechanical seal balanced, ensure the operational reliability of the mechanical seal, and prolong its service life. The submersible sand suction dredge pump motor adopts overheating protection, and various protection devices such as water inflow detection can be added according to user requirements, which can operate safely for a long time under severe working conditions.

submersible sand suction dredge pump:
submersible sand suction dredge pump

Four advantages of submersible sand suction dredge pump:

  1. With its own stirring function, it can fully stir the sediment without other auxiliary equipment.
  2. Efficient and wear-resistant. The impeller is a closed impeller, which is more efficient and more wear-resistant; the wear-prone parts (impeller, pump casing, mixing impeller, etc.) are made of high-chromium wear-resistant alloy.
  3. Unrestricted, high slag suction efficiency, and more thorough dredging.

Four, triple protection, effectively prevent the motor from burning. There is an inductive probe in the motor, and it can be equipped with a special control cabinet to achieve: oil chamber immersion, motor chamber immersion, and motor overheat protection.

How to solve the unstable flow of submersible sand suction dredge pump?

  1. The suction pipe or bottom valve is leaking, or the water inlet is blocked, which is a common cause of insufficient flow. It is necessary to check the air leakage source of the suction pipe and the bottom valve and block it in time, or clean the sludge or blockage at the water inlet.
  2. If the voltage is too low, the speed of the slurry pump will decrease, resulting in insufficient flow of the slurry pump. At this time, the power supply voltage should be checked and adjusted in time.
  3. If there is air leakage in the pipeline or there is air in the pump body, the air in the pipeline can be discharged in time.
  4. Severe wear of the seal ring or impeller will also cause the slurry pump flow to be unstable, and the severely worn seal ring and impeller should be checked and replaced in time.
  5. The depth of the bottom valve is insufficient, which causes air to enter when pumping. The depth of the bottom valve should be adjusted according to the suction stroke of the submersible sand suction dredge pump.
  6. If the slurry pump works normally within a period of time after starting, but the current gradually drops and the flow is obviously insufficient, this problem still occurs after restarting the normal operation for a period of time, mostly due to the accumulation of slurry or other debris in the suction pipe. Cavitation occurs in the slurry pump. When it is more serious, there will be loud noises in the slurry pump and obvious vibration of the pump head. At this time, the front pool and suction pipe should be thoroughly cleaned, and the length below the elbow should be reduced, or a stirring device should be added to reduce The slurry settles.
submersible sand suction dredge pump.
submersible sand suction dredge pump.
submersible sand suction dredge pump.

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