Submersible slurry pumps are also called submersible sediment pumps. Submersible slurry pumps put the electric motor and mechanical pump on the same axis, when working, electric motor and mechanical pump submerged into water together, electric motor was cooled by water, and this slurry pump structure eliminates the need to infuse the water, so the operation is relatively simple. The bottom of the sediment pump body is equipped with a stirring impeller, which can stir the deposited sludge to form a turbulent flow and achieve high concentration transportation. OCEAN Pump brand ZJQ series submersible slurry pumps are precisely cast with high quality and high wear resistant alloy material. They are widely used in the tailing pond cleaning, slime extraction in sedimentation tank, river channel dredging, etc.

Jiangsu Customer Ordered Submersible Slurry Pumps
Jiangsu Customer Ordered Submersible Sediment Pump
Jiangsu Customer Ordered Slurry Pump

Jiangsu customer signed a dredging project in a certain river section. The silt layer on the river bed is hard. The workers were carrying out the dredging task by water jetting on sediment, but the efficiency was relatively low, and it was almost impossible to extract the bottom sediment layer. The customer contacted with OCEAN Pump. According to the existing sand dredger dimension and actual working conditions, OCEAN Pump engineers recommended to use the submersible slurry pumps. Adding a set side stirring device on both sides of the submersible slurry pumps to stir the hard silt layer to increase the sediment concentration in the water, thereby improving the extraction efficiency.

Submersible Slurry Pumps ZJQ 300-20-37 Parameters

Flow300 m³/h
Head20 m
Power37 kw
Mixing device4 kw * 2

After studying the submersible slurry pump seriously and watching the construction video provided by OCEAN Pump, the customer confirmed that OCEAN Pump submersible slurry pump has the features of high efficiency, easy operation, high wear resistance, low maintain cost, and our construction plan only requires a little refit on the existing sand dredger. Finally he chose our construction plan.

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