The sand pumping equipment is mainly used for operations in large water areas  like reservoirs, rivers and lakes. Its working principle is to use a high-pressure water pump to generate pressure water,  to impact the sediment through a high-pressure water gun, and the accumulated sand sediment is impacted to form  floating status. Then the sand sediment is extracted by the sand pump and transported to the destination via pipeline. The sand pumping equipment is novel in design, simple in operation and high in efficiency. It is suitable for river dredging, lake and reservoir dredging, land reclamation, port and wharf liquidation, pumping yellow sand , construction sand, etc. Among them, the submersible sand suction pump of sand pumping equipment is easy to operate and low cost, and is deeply loved by users. The following will introduce the precautions in the operation of the submersible sand suction pump of the sand pumping equipment

sand pumping equipment (3)
sand pumping equipment (3)
sand pumping equipment (3)
  1. In the process of using the submersible sand suction pump, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid the phenomenon of burying the pump caused by the large-scale collapse of the sediment around the pump.
  2. If the extracted sediment does not collapse or the layer is thin, the submersible sand suction pump must be moved from time to time to achieve the purpose of extracting sediment from time to time, and the output will be reduced.
  3. If the extracted sediment contains small stones, it will affect the efficiency of the submersible sand suction pump and reduce the output.
  4. Different types of sand pumping equipment submersible sand suction pumps have different particle sizes. The large stones passing through the particles will block the grid of the sand suction pump and affect the pumped sand and solid content.
    5. When the submersible sand suction pump is in use, the auxiliary equipment required are high-pressure flushing installation, sand suction pipe, starting control cabinet, floatingplatform of the sand suction pump, and hanging pump installation.
  5. The submersible sand suction pump needs to meet the 380V three-phase power and the frequency is 50HZin China,and if in others countries, power supply different  (the electrical wiring device of the submersible sand suction pump). In practice, the lift cannot reach the rated lift of the pump, so it is necessary to install a valve control in the outlet pipe. The flow and current should not exceed twice the power of the sand suction pump motor, so as to avoid overloading the motor for a long time.

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