The Mining Submersible Motor Pump, also known as the submersible slurry pump or submersible dredge pump, is an innovative sand pump, designed by the OCEAN Pump. In China, this submersible dredge pump is mainly used to pump slurry containing solid particles such as sand, cinder, tailing and others from mines, thermal power plants, rivers and lakes. In Southeast Asian countries, when there is a power source near the construction site, this sand suction pump is mainly used to extract media such as fine sand or mud. The submersible sand suction pump has hundreds of product models, and the impeller of the product can also be in the form of slurry pump or gravel pump. According to the actual needs of customers, choose the impeller or pump casing for wear-resistant or large-particle media.

The essence of the extraction medium of the Mining Submersible Motor Pump is that the water is rich in sediment. The standard stipulates: It is suitable for conveying medium containing suspended solid particles (such as quartz sand, ore, rock, ash, coal, sand, etc.) in the liquid. The maximum allowable value of the conveyed slurry density is divided into three grades, namely:

One of our regular Malaysia customer has cooperated with OCEAN Pump for many years. He has purchased equipment from us beginning of he contacting this industry firstly. Compared with other types of sand pumps or sand dredgers, the customer used the submersible dredge pump in the previous project, so he is more familiar with this type of sand suction pump. At the same time, long-term cooperation makes customer to be very reliable in the quality of our products. Therefore, in new projects, customers still wanted us to choose and provide equipment for them. The client had an ongoing sand suction project in Malaysia. In order to speed up the construction progress, the client wanted to use a larger Mining Submersible Motor Pump to work. The requirements were as follows:

  1. There weretwo different sand extraction points in the construction site, and at least 2 submersible dredge pumps were required.
  2. The sand bed wasloose enough, and the sand was very fine, but the solid concentration is a lot high, about 40%;
  3. The minimum flow requirement of thesand suction pump was 80 cubic meters per hour;
  4. Because the terrain wasnot flat enough, there was large slope. Between the dredging point to the discharging point, there was a vertical height, about 45m. And the total discharge distance was about 400.
Mining Submersible Motor Pump3
Mining Submersible Motor Pump3
Mining Submersible Motor Pump3

The engineer of our technical department calculated the resistance loss of the sand discharge pipeline throughout the process, and finally chose the ZJQ200-30-37 Mining Submersible Motor Pump for the customer. HDPE pipe with an outer diameter of 150mm was selected as the discharging pipeline to ensure that it could meet the transportation requirements.

Parameters of the Mining Submersible Motor Pump :

Model: ZJQ200-30-37

Flow capacity: 200 cubic meters per hour

Head: 30 meters

Speed: 980 RPM

Motor power: 45kw

Specification of sand drainage pipe: HDPE type, outer diameter 150mm

Model of frequency control box: 55kw

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