OCEAN PUMP had been specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying sand pump, slurry pump, gravel pump and dredger equipment for more than 20 years. We had provided effective sand pumping equipment and dredging equipment to over 60 countries. Our sand dredging equipments are widely used for river sand pumping, mining pumping, pond dredging, reservoir dredging, tailing transportation and land reclamation etc. Our customers are from Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Singapore, Central Asia like Kazakhstan, South America like Brazil, Africa like Nigeria, Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire.

Today, we released a new logo to welcome and express the rapid development and new image of our company and its products. The new logo maintains the round shape of the previous logo and adds more elements, indicating a major change for OCEAN PUMP. The new logo also conveys the corporate culture, our values and long-term close cooperation with partners.


The new logo is extracted from the collection of various elements of the ocean pump industry. The main graphics are derived from the seven continents and four oceans on the “earth”.

The whole shape of the logo is a Chinese knot which means good luck for the enterprise. The outer contour is the deformation of the four wave patterns. The wave symbolizes the courageous spirit of the people in the ocean pump industry. The four wave patterns and the four oceans coincide to show the mind of the people in the ocean pump industry. The figure in the middle is divided by five lines. 5 represents the “five elements”: gold, wood, water, fire, earth, heaven and earth, and all things in the world. The six divided planes represent the continents on the earth.

The member shape of the outer contour and the inner figure is the initial letter “0” of Ocean. The thin and thick lines of the inner figure symbolize the continuous and always upward spirit of the people of Sino-Ocean Pumps. The intersection of the wavy pattern of the outer contour is just like The image of Haiyan implies the perseverance of people in the ocean pump industry. The outer contour shape is the appearance of the pump impeller, which highlights the industry’s attributes.

The new logo not only brings stimulus, but also symbolizes the beginning of the promising future of our company. It is our pursuit to let our brand rooting in our consumer’s heart.

A new Logo with a new kickoff to brilliant future for you with us.

Welcome to know me. My name is the OCEAN PUMP.