The stainless steel submersible sand pump is independently designed and developed by the OCEAN PUMP Co., Ltd. It is made of 316L stainless steel. The main performance of the material 316L is corrosion resistance. It is mainly suitable for wear-resistant sand pumping or tailings treatment with high pH.

The stainless steel submersible slurry pump is a hydraulic machine in which the motor and the water pump are coaxially submerged in the medium. The flow parts of the pump are made of all cast stainless steel materials, which have good corrosion resistance, large flow channels, and are suitable for conveying large contents. Solid particles of silt, ore slurry, coal slurry, sand and other media. This series of products are designed and manufactured by absorbing advanced domestic and foreign technology. In addition to the main impeller, a set of stirring impellers are added to the bottom of the pump, which can spray the deposited sludge into turbulent flow , It is the water pump that realizes high-concentration delivery without auxiliary equipment. The unique sealing device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the oil chamber and protect the reliability of the mechanical seal to the utmost extent. The motor adopts various protective measures such as overheating protection and water ingress detection protection, which can operate safely for a long time under harsh working conditions. It is suitable for extracting slurry, slurry, dredging, slagging, etc. containing corrosive working conditions. It can also be used for sedimentation in the sedimentation tanks of industrial and mining enterprises such as corrosive steel plants, power plants, iron ore plants, and oil fields. Removal, sewage treatment plant sediments, etc.

Stainless Steel Submersible Sand Pump
Stainless Steel Submersible Sand Pump2
Stainless Steel Submersible Sand Pump3

Stainless steel submersible sand pump selection background

On December 25, 2018, an Indonesian customer visited Ocean Pump Co., Ltd. The customer was a local mining company in Indonesia. Before using the Japanese TOYO brand submersible sand pump, he came to China this time, mainly because he saw Chinese people in Indonesia. In the past, Ocean Pump submersible sand pumps felt very effective, so he came to China to discuss the purchase of submersible sand pumps.

After visiting the production and exhibition workshops Ocean Pump, the customer put forward the following procurement requirements:

  1. The pH value of the pumped medium is 4, which is slightly acidic. It is required to use stainless steel submersible sand pumps;
  2. The output is required to be 20 cubic meters per hour, and the row spacing is 60 meters;
  3. The water contains fine particles, which requires large impeller clearance and high wear resistance.

Selection process of stainless steel submersible sand pump

After communicating the details with the customer, the selection engineer of Ocean Pump chose the stainless steel submersible sand pump with ZJQ20-15-3 as the prototype. The whole machine is made of 316L stainless steel, and the cable is made of high-quality wear-resistant and tensile-resistant cables. After inquiring about the technical parameters in detail, the customer entered into a contract to purchase a stainless steel submersible sand pump of this specification.

Stainless steel submersible sand pump performance parameters:

Pump model: ZJQF20-15-3 stainless steel submersible sand pump

Flow rate: 20 cubic meters per hour

Head: 15 meters

Speed: 1460 rpm

Matching power: 3 kw

After 7 working days of close arrangement, the production test workshop of Ocean Pump Industry completed the production of the stainless steel submersible sand pump and shipped it to Qingdao Port to Indonesia.

Tai’an OCEAN Pump Co., Ltd. (referred to as OCEAN Pump) is a manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel submersible sand pumps, sand suction pumps, slurry pumps, mud pumps, sand pumps, sewage pumps, dredging pumps, sand pumps and other equipment Traders and exporters. The company integrates independent research and development, equipment manufacturing, pre-sales and after-sales service. The company’s business covers sand suction and dredging projects. The products cover 20 series and more than 500 specifications. The products are exported to 36 countries and regions. Ocean Pump Industry has won the praise and trust of users with its rich industry experience, excellent technology and thoughtful service.