Ocean submersible slurry pump is composed of motor, pump and intermediate seal. The motor is coaxial with the water pump and works in the medium. The motor is a submersible three-phase asynchronous motor, and the water pump is a single-stage centrifugal structure. During operation, the three-phase alternating current is transmitted to the motor through the cable, the motor generates a rotating magnetic field to drive the motor rotor to rotate, the motor shaft drives the water pump impeller to rotate through the coupling, and the impeller transmits energy to the slurry medium to generate a certain flow rate, drive the solid logistics, and finally realize the transportation of slurry.

The technical parameters of ocean submersible slurry pump:

Flow: 30 ~ 2000m3 / h; Lift: 15 ~ 60m; Supporting power: 3 ~ 315KW. Extract seawater or river water with a volume content of 20% ~ 40% of solid particles in the medium. The working temperature is normal temperature.


  1. Motor
  2. The motor is located at the upper part of the submersible slurry pump. It is a dry sealed cavity as a whole. It is composed of stator, rotor, motor shell, upper end cover of motor, lower end cover of motor, upper and lower bearings, cables and other components. The upper and lower bearings support the whole rotor. The function of the shell is mainly to fix and support the stator core. When the motor is running, The heat generated due to internal loss is transmitted to the casing through the iron core, and then radiated to the surrounding water from the surface of the casing. Since the motor is to work in the water, the whole motor must be completely sealed to prevent motor failure. The seal of the whole unit of submersible slurry pump is divided into static seal and axial dynamic seal. The static sealing parts are: the sealing at the cable outgoing line adopts the international advanced cable head manufacturing technology, and the rubber sleeve is sleeved on the outer surface of the cable, pressed on the junction box with the cable gland, and then filled with epoxy resin inside the junction box to ensure the reliability of the sealing at the cable outgoing line. The seal between the junction box cover and the upper end cover of the motor, the seal between the upper and lower end covers of the motor and the motor shell, the seal between the oil chamber and the lower end cover of the motor, the seal between the water inlet detection assembly and the lower end cover of the motor, and the seal between the lower cover plate of the oil chamber and the oil seal assembly are precision seam allowance sealing, all of which adopt the “O” type butyl eye rubber ring sealing method, The reliability of the seal is ensured.
  3. Pump

The pump part of the submersible slurry pump adopts centrifugal impeller and volute extrusion chamber structure, which is composed of impeller, volute, suction plate, volute upper cover plate, mixing impeller and other components. Fasten the impeller on the pump shaft and rotate at high speed driven by the motor with the pump shaft. Impeller is a component that directly works on the liquid in the pump and is the energy supply device of the pump. The suction port in the center of the pump body is connected with the suction port of the impeller, and the discharge port on the side of the pump body is connected with the discharge pipeline.

submersible slurry pump
submersible slurry pump


  1. The main parts of the submersible slurry pump adopt high chrome alloy steel and are quenched. Which enable it high strengthened and wear-resistant. Some transmission contacts are rolling friction, therefore, it’s durable with long working life.
  2. Not limited by suction range, high suction efficiency and more thorough desilting.
  3. No auxiliary vacuum pump is required, and the investment cost is lower.
  4. Without auxiliary mixing device, the operation is simpler.
  5. When the motor goes underwater, it does not need to build complex ground protection and fixed devices, which makes it easier to manage.
  6. The mixing impeller directly contacts the deposition surface and controls the concentration through the diving depth, so the concentration control is easier.
  7. The submersible slurry pump directly underwater without noise and vibration, and the site is cleaner.


  1. Applications with tough working conditions: Water with high content of solid, abrasive and heavy materials.
  2. Construction: Mud, sand, slurry transport from tunnel.
  3. Quarry: sand and gravel extraction. Cleaning of washing water tanks.
  4. Mining: Dewatering of tail mining in gold, diamond and coalmines.
  5. Dredging: rivers, lakes, ponds, dams, canals, pools, etc.
  6. Basin and docks maintenance.
  7. Beaches and bays reconstruction and adaption.
  8. Submarine channelling, piping, cabling, etc. Pontoon emptying. Docks, ports, rivers, lakes, dams, canals cleaning and dredging. River and sea sand extraction.
submersible slurry pump2

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