Sub slurry pump is designed to handle a wide array of tough and demanding slurry pumping applications. Sub slurry pump can used for  underwater slurry pumping or be installed on the dredger, ship or boat. The sub slurry pump puts the electrical motor and mechanical pump on the same axis, the slurry pump bottom is equipped with a coaxial agitator. This agitated sub slurry pump is developed and manufactured by OCEAN Pump on basis of decades of sand dredging experience. The slurry pump is made of wear-resisting alloy steel with advanced structure. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, abrasion resistant, automatic coupling and long life span etc. It is powerful to conveying liquid with slurry, solid particles of gravel, cinders and tailing, etc. Our Thailand customer chose sub slurry pump for slurry pumping in the hydraulic tunnel project.

Submersible Slurry Pump Runs in Hydraulic Tunnel Project in Thailand For Sand Dredging
Submersible Sand Pump Runs in Hydraulic Tunnel Project in Thailand For Sand Dredging
Submersible Dredging Equipment Runs in Hydraulic Tunnel Project in Thailand For Sand Dredging

Features of Sub Slurry Pump

  1. The submersible slurry pump has better stability and longer life span, because the main parts are made of abrasion resistant materials – chromium alloy.
  2. Unique mechanical seal device can prevent the electric motor from high pressure water and impurities, then high suction efficiency can be ensured.
  3. Except for the main impeller inner pump, there is extra agitation impeller at bottom to cut and mix the sludge, so the efficiency will be improved more.
  4. The sub slurry pump is easy to install and operate while without additional vacuum pump or pump house.
  5. The sub slurry pump is high efficient and energy-saving due to the powerful bottom agitator.
  6. Professional technical support is provided for the whole process of the usage and maintenance.

In October, 2018. We got an inquiry with very clear pumping data. The customer was an on-site manager who was mainly responsible for hydraulic tunnel project. They had used a sub slurry pump before. At that time, they were looking for the same or similar sand pump machine to do the slurry pumping project  .

After checking the data, we confirmed that our sub slurry pump ZJQ 100-50-37 can meet customer’s requirements.

Parameters of Sub Slurry Pump

Pump modelZJQ 100-50-37
Pump outlet100 mm / 4 inch
Flow capacity100 m³/h
Pump head50 m
Pump power37 kw
Rotation speed980 rpm
Pump weight1100 kg
Cable length10 m (standard)

We also suggested customer using the control box to protect the submersible dredge pump and reduce the current. The customer adopted our suggestion according to their using experience before.

After long time communication with customer, they decided to order 2 sets submersible slurry pumps and two sets control boxes.

Slurry Pump Runs in Hydraulic Tunnel Project in Thailand For Sand Dredging
Sand Pump Runs in Hydraulic Tunnel Project in Thailand For Sand Dredging
Sand Dredging Machine Runs in Hydraulic Tunnel Project in Thailand For Sand Dredging

The submersible slurry pump ran successfully in the test, we sent the customer operation manual to guaranteed they could master the slurry pump in short time. Then we arranged delivery.

After about 15 days, the submersible slurry pump arrived at the working site in Thailand. There were some wiring problems for customer, we also helped them to solve. Now the submersible slurry pumps are running efficiently. The customer was satisfied with the submersible slurry pumps.

About OCEAN Pump

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