The Yellow River is the birthplace of the Chinese nation and the largest river in northern my country. However, with the recent gradual destruction of vegetation on both sides of the Yellow River, soil erosion on both sides of the Yellow River is extremely serious, and the sediment discharged from the Yellow River to the Bohai Sea is continuously increasing every year. The use of sand pumps to extract the sediment in the Yellow River can not only obtain substantial economic benefits, but also greatly reduce the burden on the Yellow River and greatly reduce the hidden danger of flooding and flooding of the Yellow River.

Using Submersible Agitator Sand Pump  extract the sediment and sand in the Yellow River can provide an effective guarantee for local infrastructure construction, and greatly reduce production costs. The river sand can be extracted during the dredging process, and there is no need to worry about riverbeds. The destruction caused the siphoning of the river water on both banks. The river sand particles extracted from the Yellow River with sand pumps are relatively fine, and the product quality is ordinary river sand and mountain sand. The sand pumping boat extracts the sediment in the Yellow River and transports the river sand to the shore through the sand pipeline, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of the sand pumping boat.

In November 2020, We visited the submersible agitator sand pump used by the customer on the spot. It is used for pumping sand in the Yellow River. The pumping depth is 5m and the drainage is 300m. The sand is fine and muddy and easy to pump. The scene picture is as follows:

Submersible agitator sand pump
Submersible agitator sand pump
Submersible agitator sand pump

Features of Submersible agitator sand pump:

  1. Easy to operate: The submersible sand pump is mainly engaged in underwater operations, without the need to construct complex ground protection and fixing devices, is not limited by suction, has high slag suction efficiency and more thorough dredging.
  2. Wear resistance: The main flow parts such as pump casing, impeller and mixing impeller are made of highly wear-resistant materials, which are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-clogging, and have strong sewage discharge capacity, and can effectively pass larger solid particles.
  3. Environmental protection: The equipment works underwater, no noise and vibration, and the site is cleaner. 4. High concentration and large amount of sand: The hydraulic pump type can easily pump high-concentration media without considering the problem of motor overload.

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