Submersible dewatering pump has the following application scenario.

 1.The water in pit bottom with large range for lift and down, it is easy to sink the centrifugal dewatering pump.

The open-pit mine is the same like a big basin. When the rainy season comes, a large amount of rainwater collects to the bottom of the pit with mud and sand, and the water surface rises quickly. When using a centrifugal pump for drainage, due to the limitation of suction, the centrifugal dewatering pump can only be placed on the shore closer to the water surface. The skyrocketing water surface during the flood season can easily submerge the centrifugal dewatering pump and cause the drainage system to be paralyzed.

2.The submersible dewatering pump with high pressure water hose can be installed on the floating dredger

Floating dredger occupy big space, it is suitable for the big and deep water pit and also need big flow filling in. Some open-pit in north of China with less water in dry season. It is hard to use this dredger, and if it is not safe if made the small dredger, and if dredger big, the cost is high.

When digging the pit bottom, the water is often mixed with sand,  the water pump is easy to worn out.

When working, the excavator makes the sand mixed with water to form the slurry. To ensure the working process, it is no need to wait the slurry completely sink, submersible dewatering pump should work before he slurry completely sink. It is easy to worn out if has no enough water.

3. The submersible dewatering pump is easy to sink into the slurry.

a. Most of the submersible pump is used for water on the market. When the water mixed with sand, the pump is easy to worn out .

b. Simple submersible water pump needs to completely sink in the water when running, it can not out of water level when working. So the site needs to dig a deep pit, and it needs to keep the pit with enough water when working.

c. Big submersible water pump is so heavy that it can not be lifted easily, so the submersible dewatering pump is feasible for the water at the pit bottom. Most of submersible water pump is pumped from the bottom. If there is no base at the pump pit, the submersible water pump is easy to sink in the slurry .

d. Submersible water pump is installed underwater, daily maintenance is not easy especially when the water level up. The installation location will be far away, it is also hard to disassembly ,

E:With heavy rain, the flood with lots of slurry will filling the mining pit and if strictly the pump will be buried .

submersible dewatering pump
submersible dewatering pump
submersible dewatering pump

Application Areas of Mining submersible pump 

Mining submersible pump is the best sand pump in domestic and overseas market with long working performance.

When digging and with heavy water mixed with lots of sand in open pit, the submersible dewatering pump can easily solve the problems. We have more than 20 years experience for high concentration sand dredging  .

The mining submersible pump is a dual purpose sand pump. It can work like a centrifugal pump with a suction hose with a bottom valve. If you can ensure that the pump base is submerged in the water during installation, you can cancel the bottom valve and add only a filter. It can be started directly without priming the pump

The suction strainer is lighter, and it can be lifted out of the water after the mining submersible pump is stopped to avoid being buried by the sand. When the suction strainer is blocked by the sand during work, it can also be easily lifted out of the water for cleaning. The mine vertical pump allows idling without stopping. After cleaning the pump, put the filter directly into the water to restore drainage. The suction filter can also be hung in the water or placed on a stone or foundation, which can further reduce the concentration of sand absorption and increase the life of the mining submersible pump.

The submersible dewatering pump can sit in the shallow water area, which not only allows working above the water surface, but also allows running without water, and drains more thoroughly.

The  submersible dewatering pump is equipped with special suction pipe fittings, even if it is buried by a large amount of sand carried by the flood, it can still work normally, drain and discharge the sand, and finally return to the original drainage state after being exposed to the water surface.