Submersible dredge pumps are also called submersible sand suction pumps, submersible dredging pumps, submersible slurry pumps, submersible mud pumps, etc. The listed various names are commonly called by customers according to different working conditions, that is, what environment or what kind of process is called. The original dredge pump type was specially designed by OCEAN PUMP technical team in the 1990s for sand pumping and dredging of the Yellow River. Later, after continuous technical improvement, it was suitable for use under a variety of working conditions. As a result, many manufacturers are competing to imitate, and there are many low-quality products. The so-called submersible dredge pumps of most manufacturers are almost unusable, or will soon be scrapped. In order to give users a comprehensive understanding, we will introduce in detail the comprehensive characteristics of the submersible sand pump, as well as the improved technology in various environments, so as to be suitable for applications in different working conditions.

OCEAN PUMP brand submersible dredge pump is mainly composed of three parts: pump head, electric motor, oil chamber, and combined seal. The water conservancy part is designed with advanced hydraulic models combined with modern computer technology systems. The motor and the water pump are coaxially submerged into the medium to work. The flow parts (including the pump body, guard plate, impeller, shaft sleeve, etc.) are made of wear-resistant alloy materials (CR28), and the technical requirements are reached through three heat treatment processes after casting. Only very few manufacturers can do this. The product has the characteristics of excellent material selection, advanced structure, wide flow channel, strong passing capacity, and large passing particle size. Submersible sand pumps are widely used in engineering projects such as metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, coal, electric power, building materials, municipal environmental protection, and dredging of rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and ports. It is used to transport liquids containing abrasive and strong abrasive solid particles such as sand, gravel, silt, cinder, tailings, etc.

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Ⅰ. Sand Suction Application

The operation of the submersible dredge pumps is convenient and flexible, and it is not restricted by suction when in use. It does not need to be a special sand pumping boat. It only needs to simply float and install a gantry for hoisting. It can be used in shallow and deep water, and is welcomed by many customers. In the environment of sand pumping and sand mining, the following points should be paid attention to when selecting submersible sand pumps:

  1. When the sand source is mostly coarse sand, a large-particle submersible sand pump should be used. The flow parts of the pump are thickened and made of high chromium wear-resistant alloy material, which has good wear resistance and long service life. And the passing capacity is strong, and it is not easy to cause blockage inside the pump body.
  2. Install a high-pressure water pump flushing device. The flow rate of the high-pressure water pump is generally about 30% of the flow rate of the sand pump, and the head is above 50 meters. In this way, the ordinary uncompacted sand layer can be washed away, and the concentration of sand absorption will be greatly increased. If there is a hardened sand layer, an electric or hydraulic reamer device must be added, and the shape of the teeth of the reamer must be specially made to maximize its effect.
  3. Equipped with the dedicated control box for the submersible dredge pumps. The control box can issue an early warning and cut off the power in the event of water ingress, overload, lack of phase, and leakage of the motor, so as to protect the pump. Because the concentration in the sand pumping process varies greatly, and it fluctuates from high to low, the protection of the motor is particularly important.
  4. Operators should operate carefully, pay attention to changes in data such as pressure and current, and adjust the position of the sand pump in time to ensure the best depth and posture.
submersible dredge pump equipment
submersible dredge pump equipment
submersible dredge pump equipment

Ⅱ. River Cleaning Application

In China, two methods are generally used for river dredging: cutter suction dredger and excavator combined with dredger. However, the investment in these two methods is relatively high. Therefore, it is an ideal choice to use submersible dredging pumps (submersible dredge pumps) for small-scale dredging and dredging projects.

  1. Directly use the submersible sand pump to dredge.

In this way, a sand pump type with a wider impeller flow path should be selected. Because the dredging site generally has garbage and other debris, which is prone to blockage, special impellers should be used. And making filter screen at the bottom of the pump, and the size of the mesh should be determined according to the flow diameter of the pump. In environments with a lot of debris, you should also consider a longer and larger diameter filter, or a double-layer filter.

To prepare more than two special reamers. The reamer is different from the configuration for sand pumping. It must be made into a plough-shaped knife tooth, which can rotate the mud layer, and then cooperate with the high-flow high-pressure water pump to disperse the mud layer, and rush to the suction port of the submersible dredging pump to ensure the content The mud concentration can achieve the effect of dredging and dredging.

The bottom of the submersible dredge pumps is generally equipped with a stirring impeller. In this dredging working environment, the stirring impeller is generally removed. Because the stirring impeller does not play a good role at this time, it is easy to entangle the debris.

  1. The submersible dredge pumps cooperate with the excavator for dredging

There are two shortcomings of dredging with an excavator alone. The first is that the dredging efficiency is low and it can only handle close-range sludge. The second is that it cannot work in deep water areas and needs to be installed on a ship. These two problems can be solved by using the submersible sand pump to cooperate with the excavator. The hydraulic system of the excavator is used to drive the submersible dredge pumps. The hydraulic energy is converted into mechanical energy. When working, the energy is transferred to the slurry medium through the rotation of the pump impeller, so that it generates a certain flow rate, drives the solid matter to flow, and realizes the delivery.

This method has the following advantages:

  1. The pump is mainly installed on the excavator, and the power is provided by the hydraulic station of the excavator, which can realize free transition. Even when construction is carried out in remote areas with inconvenient power, there will be no shortage of power.
  2. There is a stirring impeller at the bottom of submersible dredge pumps, and it can be equipped with agitators or twisting cages on both sides to loosen the hardened sediment, increase the extraction concentration, and realize automatic reaming. It can also prevent large solids from blocking the pump, so that the solids and liquids are fully mixed, making it easier to transport.
  3. The pump body adopts a unique sealing device to avoid frequent replacement of mechanical seals and improve work efficiency.
  4. 4. The hydraulic transmission has small inertia and fast response speed, which can realize a wide range of stepless speed regulation; it can automatically realize overload protection without the phenomenon of motor burning;
  5. 5. Submersible dredge pumps can be used as the accessory of the excavator to carry out extraction work and realize long-distance transportation when it is unfavorable to excavate, so as to improve the value of the excavator.
Submersible dredge pump equipment
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Submersible dredge pump equipment

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