The submersible electric dredge pump is a submersible three-phase portable slurry pump, it is equipped with a high-chromium alloy agitator which helps to inhale the sediment smoothly. The electric submersible dredge pump has a very high efficiency and quality compared with ordinary cast iron materials. The wear parts are made of wear-resistant material, it has very high durability.

The special engineered main impeller adds a set of stirring impellers at the bottom, which can spray the deposited slag into a mixed liquid of water and solid particles. The water pump can achieve high-concentration delivery without auxiliary devices. The unique sealing device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the oil chamber, so that the pressure at both ends of the mechanical seal is balanced, ensuring the reliable operation of the mechanical seal to the greatest extent, and greatly extending its service life. The motor can increase the water inlet detection, according to user requirements. Various protection devices such as overheating enable the product to operate safely for a long time under severe working conditions.

Extending the wear life and reducing the total cost are our primary concern for the customers. The OCEAN PUMP submersible pump has a special combination of functions and can be durable under the harsh conditions in mine dewatering and mud applications.

The structural characteristics and working principle of the submersible electric dredge pump are described as follows.

The whole dredger pump is a dry-type motor and pump-type structure. The motor is protected by a mechanical seal, which can effectively prevent high-pressure water and impurities from entering the motor cavity. In addition to the main impeller, there is also a stirring impeller, which can stir the slag deposited on the bottom of the water into a turbulent flow and then extract it. The main flow parts such as impeller and stirring impeller are made of high wear-resistant materials, which are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-clogging, and have strong sewage discharge capacity, and can effectively pass larger solid particles. It is not limited by the suction range, the slag suction efficiency is high, and the silt dredging is more thorough. There is no need to equip auxiliary vacuum pumps, and the investment is lower. There is no need to be equipped with auxiliary stirring or spraying devices, making the operation easier. The motor is submerged in the water, and there is no need to construct complicated ground protection and fixing devices, and the management is easier. The stirring impeller directly contacts the deposition surface, and the concentration is controlled by the depth of the dive, so the concentration control is more free. The submersible electric dredge pump directly dives into the water to work, no noise and vibration, and the site is more tidy.

submersible electric dredge pump
submersible electric dredge pump
submersible electric dredge pump

Our Ukrainian customer left a message on the website used through Google website and he wanted a submersible electric dredge pump to be used with his dredger. After that, our business manager contacted him and learned about the specific working conditions. The customer owns a submersible pump dredger. Since the dredger has been used for many years, the submersible electric dredge pump is aging and can no longer pump sand, so he wanted to buy a brand-new submersible electric dredge pump.

After understanding the situation, our engineering design department communicated with the customer and learned that the generator on the customer’s dredger is 90kw. It powers tthe submersible electric dredge pump as well as some other small parts. Extracting 150-180 m3/h of sand-water mixture, the head is about 30 meters, and the diameter of the largest small stone is 19mm. After the discussion of the engineers, the ZJQ150-30-30 was finally selected. After repeated communication with the customer, it was approved Our selection plan, and promised to ship within 7 days, our factory has sufficient accessories, high work efficiency, and the goods are prepared and shipped on time, quality and quantity, and the construction period is guaranteed.

submersible electric dredge pump parameters:

  • Model: ZJQ150-30-30
  • Flow:180m3/h
  • Head: 30m3/h
  • Power:30kw
  • Speed: 980r/min
  • Efficiency: 50%
  • Allowed max. Passing particle size: 21mm

The selection and design of the submersible electric dredge pump have a great influence on the service life and operational stability of the slurry pump. A scientific and reasonable selection design will affect whether your slurry pump can achieve the best and efficient operation.

The efficient operation of slurry pump has three characteristics:

First, the operation efficiency of the slurry pump is very high and the loss is small.

Second, the service life of the flow-through components of the pump is relatively long, which saves production costs.

Third, the entire industrial and mining system operates stably, and the operation of the pump will not affect the work of the entire industrial and mining system.

Fourth, the selection parameters: outlet diameter, flow, dust, motor power, impeller speed, pumping rate, maximum particle, weight.

submersible electric dredge pump
submersible electric dredge pump
submersible electric dredge pump

Maintenance of submersible electric dredge pump

1. The electric pump should be managed and used by a special person, and the insulation resistance of the electric pump winding and the casing should be checked regularly.

2. After each use is especially suitable for thicker slurry, the electric pump should be put into clean water and run for a few minutes to prevent deposits and ensure the cleanliness of the motor.

3. If the electric pump is not used for a long time, the electric pump should be taken out of the water. Do not soak it in water for a long time, so as to reduce the chance of the motor stator winding being damp and increase the service life of the electric pump.

4. Under normal conditions, the pump should be filled with oil in the oil chamber after every 300-500 hours of use to keep the mechanical seal in good lubrication and improve the service life of the mechanical seal.

5. After the electric pump is disassembled and repaired, the casing components must pass the 0.2mpa air tightness test to ensure the reliable sealing of the motor.

6.The seal ring between the impeller and the pump body has a sealing function. If the seal is damaged, it will directly affect the performance of the pump and should be replaced if necessary.

Application of Submersible Electric Dredge Pump on Dredger

  • Industrial mill Scales Pits / Blast Furnace/ Coke Plant Scale Pit.
  • Waste Sludge Handling.
  • Coal Wash down Sumps.
  • Clean Up of Sumps & Waste Treatment Plants.
  • Fly Ash Collection Sumps.
  • Mining Open Cast Mines.
  • Coal Mines.
  • Iron / Manganese Ore Mines.
  • Marble & Granite Manufacturing Units.
  • Municipal
  • In take Well Cleaning.
  • Removal of Silt Built Up from Marinas, Harbors, Dock Loading.
  • Reclaiming of Beaches.
  • River / Lake / Canals Clean outs.
  • Waste Collection Ponds.

Taian OCEAN Pump Co., Ltd has been dedicated to develop and manufacture a wide range of heavy duty submersible electric dredge pumps for versatile and comprehensive applications to extract and handle slurry, sludge, gravels and sediments for over 20 years. Our high performance and reliable submersible pump products includes submersible dredge pump, submersible slurry pump, submersible dewatering pump and submersible sewage pump, etc. We also manufacture sand pump and sand dredger for your sand pumping applications. All our heavy duty products has been certificated by the ISO9001, ISO14001,OHSAS18001 and have been exported to over 36 countries.

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