A submersible mining pump, also called an electric submersible pump, is a pump that can be fully submerged in water. The motor is hermetically sealed and close-coupled to the body of the pump. A submersible pump pushes water and sand or slurry to the surface by converting rotary energy into kinetic energy into pressure energy.

This is done by the water being pulled into the pump: first in the intake, where the rotation of the impeller pushes the water through the diffuser. From there, it goes to the surface.

The major advantage to a submersible pump is that it never has to be primed, because it is already submerged in the fluid. Submersible pumps are also very efficient because they don’t really have to spend a lot of energy moving water into the pump. Water pressure pushes the water into a submersible pump, thus “saving” a lot of the pump’s energy.

Also, while the pumps themselves aren’t versatile, the selection certainly is. Some submersible pumps can easily handle solids, while some are better for liquids only. Submersible pumps are quiet, because they are under water, and cavitation is never an issue, because there is no “spike” in pressure as the water flows through the pump.

The demand for submersible pumps

Submersible pumps are used in various fields such as irrigation, drinking, dehydration and oil production. The usage estimates and statistics of submersible pumps continue to increase. They are most commonly used for industrial purposes, followed by oil and gas, followed by mining, sand pumping, construction and construction, and municipal administration. There are many advantages to using submersible pumps.

submersible mining pump Components:

Motor: Could be electric or hydraulic. The cooling of the electric submersible slurry pump is important. If the slurry pump works semi-submerged or if it is going to work dry for extended periods of time, it should include a cooling jacket. For Heavy Duty Electric slurry submersible pumps is recommended to have a motor with Class H insulation. They could include also high temperature and /or moisture sensors.

Impeller: The impeller is the rotating component of the slurry pump. It transfers the centrifugal force to the slurry. Usually made of High-chrome spheroidal cast iron that is very abrasion resistant. The impeller could be closed, semi-open, open or recessed.

Casing: The casing shape is generally of semi-volute or concentric. It is normally made of cast iron, but depending of the application could come with protective anti-corrosion coating, or could be made in special alloys for abrasive applications.

Shaft and bearing assembly: The shaft is used to transmit the rotatory movement from the motor to the impeller. The shaft has Heavy-duty roller bearings that prevent its displacement in other directions and reduce vibration.

Shaft sleeve: Its function is to protect the shaft. The shaft sleeve is made of corrosion and abrasion resistant material.

Seals: The seals prevents leakage of slurry into the motor and bearings. The seal package could be composed of lip seals, mechanical seals or hybrid seals.

Strainer: the strainer prevents the entry of  large particles that could get stuck inside the impeller zone causing damage to the pump.

Agitator: Allows the pump to pick up sediments, putting solids on suspension.  The way it works, due to the design of the vanes, forces a continuous high pressure flow of liquid towards the sediments, this flow following the shape of a cone; transport the solids to the eye of the impeller achieving a high concentration of solids. The agitator also prevents solids from blocking the holes of the strainer.

Selection design:

The selection and design of the submersible slurry pump has a great influence on the service life and operational stability of the slurry pump. A scientific and reasonable selection and design will affect whether your slurry pump can achieve the best and efficient operation.

The efficient operation of slurry pump has three characteristics:

First, the operation efficiency of the slurry pump is very high and the loss is small.

Second, the service life of the flow-through components of the pump is relatively long, which saves production costs.

Third, the entire industrial and mining system operates stably, and the operation of the pump will not affect the work of the entire industrial and mining system.

Fourth, the selection parameters: outlet diameter, flow, dust, motor power, impeller speed, pumping rate, maximum particle, weight.

submersible mining pump
submersible mining pump
submersible mining pump

How do you use a submersible mining pump?

Find the sweet spot that allows the pump to run as slowly as possible but fast enough to prevent solids from settling out of the slurry precipitate and clogging the lines. Then, lower the pump’s discharge pressure to the lowest point possible to further reduce wear.

Features of Submersible Mining Pump

Can handle high concentration of solids up to 60%

Max head up to 60 meters

High chrome wear resistant components

Heavy duty mechanical sealing technology

Robust construction and design to maximize wear life

Professionally designed motors for heavy duty slurry pumping applications

Reliable and compact structure

Modular pump design offers reliability, flexibility and full life cycle efficiency

Multiple shaft sealing options and greased bearings for life time

Optional motor cooling loop

Superior double mechanical seal designs

Special protection from large passage holes

Quick and easy pump dismantling

Reliable spare parts service

Easy to operation and maintain

The submersible mining pump can be used on the floating production platform as a new type of submersible dredger:

Dredgers with submersible slurry pumps are very user-friendly and are the best solution used by many tourist ports. They believe that this machine is the best financial compromise between performance and initial investment. The technology used by this dredger is also suitable for applications that require deep excavation without depth limitation. The device is completely modular and easy to transport.

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submersible mining pump
submersible mining pump
submersible mining pump