Submersible sand dredge pump, also known as submersible sand pump. submersible sand dredge pump is the motor and pump coaxial integration of the submersible sand dredge pump suction work sediment pump, pump body bottom with mixing impeller, the sediment can be stirred into turbulence, to achieve high concentration transport. Directly submerged into the water, eliminating the need to infuse the water, the operation is relatively simple. The Ocean Pump ZJQ series submersible sand dredge pump mainly extracts liquids containing solid particles such as sand, cinder and tailings, and is mainly used for the removal and transportation of mud liquids in metallurgical, mining and thermal power plants. Ocean Pump brand submersible sand dredge pump is made of high quality and wear-resistant alloy material, which is widely used in cleaning tailings pond, extracting coal slime from sedimentation tank, dredging river channel in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River and other fields. River drainage industry is also used.

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The customer signs a contract for the construction of a river channel for dredging construction. The client is required to clear the silt of the suck depth is 2-3 meters. The length of the construction section is 20 kilometers and the construction period is 6 months. It also requires the treatment of the extracted sludge for use in municipal gardens. The customer firstly draws the river sludge through a large hydraulic cutter suction dredger and discharges it to the sludge sedimentation tank. Then, it uses the submersible sand dredge pump to extract the slurry from the sedimentation tank and supply it to the sludge treatment equipment.

Customer requirements: delivery distance of 500-700 meters, vertical altitude of 5 meters. Sludge production 140 -200m3/h.

According to the requirements of customers and the construction experience of similar projects, the technical staff of our company recommends to choose the submersible sand dredge pump ZJQ350-35-75, and equipped with agitators on both sides, which is used to muddy the settled sludge and increase the mud content. Two sets of submersible slurry pumps work together in different areas. After going to our company for inspection and investigation on similar working conditions, the customer finally selected the pump type of the construction scheme provided by our company and signed a purchase contract for 2 sets of submersible sand dredge pump ZJQ350-35-75.

Parameter of submersible sand dredge pump:

Flow: 350m3/h

Head: 35m

Power: 75kw

Mixing device on both sides: 22KW (single 11KW)

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At the end of November 2019, the customer ordered two sets of submersible sand dredge pump ZJQ350-35-75 and delivered them to the customer’s work site. In mid-December, 2019, all the construction equipment of the customer’s entire project has been debugged and installed, and the overall trial operation has started. After 3 days of operation, the customer found that the submersible sand dredge pump sand pipeline vibration, power cable heating and other problems, the customer notified us to request Solved, our company immediately arranged service personnel to rush to the scene to deal with, and found the following two problems:

  1. The submersible sand dredge pump discharge pipe uses a hose φ150*30, and the other is φ150PE pipe. Because the hose is short, it is necessary to install rubber sand discharge hose. The engineer advises the customer to replace all underwater pipes with rubber sand drain hoses, keep a sand discharge hose above the water surface, otherwise use φ150PE.
  2. Power cable heating problem: after calculations by electrical engineers, for the distance between transformer, control cabinet and submersible mud pump, it is recommended to replace the copper cable of the first specification due to the smaller specifications of supporting cables. The customer listened to the engineer’s advice and bought rubber pipes and cables, and the problem was solved after replacement.
  3. The submersible sand dredge pump operates normally, with mud supply of about 80 cubic meters per hour. Up to now, it has been operating normally for more than 160 days. The daily sediment yield of sludge treatment equipment is between 2,000 cubic meters and 2,500 cubic meters, meeting the design and construction requirements. Customers are very satisfied with the product performance and quality, especially the service personnel’s business ability and service attitude.

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