OCEAN submersible sand pump is designed and manufactured by absorbing the world advanced technology. The submersible sand pump is made of high wear-resistant material, so as to greatly improve the working life, and reduce reparation. The unique mechanical sealing device can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the oil chamber, so that the pressure at both ends can keep balance. It guarantees the best reliability of sealing effect, and greatly extends the service life. If necessary, overheat protection, water leakage detection and protection and other protection methods shall be adopted for the motor, which can be in long-term safe operation at harsh conditions.

Compare with common sand pumps, this series submersible sand pump has the following features:

  1. The submersible sand pump is not limited by suction lift, the efficiency is higher and the dredging effect is more thorough.
  2. No need to equip auxiliary vacuum pump, so that to decrease extra cost.
  3. Bottom impeller and side agitator can highly increase solid concentration, so that to improve output.
  4. The motor will be submerged into water, avoid complicated protection and fixing device on the ground.
  5. There’s no noise or vibration, the worksite is clean and tidy.
submersible sand pump
submersible sand pump
submersible sand pump

A customer from Cameroon contacted us in September. He’s using normal horizontal pumps for river dredging now. But there’s harder sand layer under the loose sand, so the sand suction capacity was very small when met the harder sand layer. He wanted to use the submersible agitators to break the harder sand layer and increase output. It’s a brilliant idea to deal with this kind working condition. Our engineer checked all the details and the pictures of the customer’s worksite. And according to the power of the customer’s old generator, we chose a 37kw submersible sand pump with two 5.5kw side agitator for the customer.

We also suggested suitable pipe line and pipe floaters for the customer as a whole pumping solution. The customer’s very satisfied with the solution and placed order and paid 100% payment immediately. Finally, all the goods were loaded by one 40 feet container within 20 days.

The detailed parameters of the submersible sand pump are as below:

Flow300 m³/h
Head20 m
Power37 kw
Speed980 rpm

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