1.What is Submersible Sand Pump in Malaysia

As a country with extensive coastline and ports, Malaysia’s dredging projects play a pivotal role in marine engineering and port management. As a common equipment in the dredging process, submersible sand pumps play a key role in Malaysian practice, especially in the maintenance and improvement of ports and waterways. This type of pumping system can efficiently clean silt and sediment in port entrances and exits, channels and dock areas, ensuring safe passage of ships and normal port operations.
The OCEAN Pump submersible sand pump is a system specially designed for underwater dredging operations. As a pumping system, the working principle of the submersible dredge pump during the underwater dredging process is: the motor is connected to the pump body, and the rotation of the sand pump impeller generates negative pressure to lift the sediment, sand and impurities to the surface of the water. , and transported to designated locations through flexible cement pipes. During the dredging process, the submersible sand pump is completely immersed in water and operates. After the submersible sand pump is started, the fine sand port at the bottom absorbs the surrounding water and sediment, thereby realizing the transportation of slurry..

2. Extraction Medium of Submersible Sand Pump

A submersible sand pump is a device that works in sediment-rich water. Its main function is to extract slurry containing suspended solid particles from the water. According to the relevant standards of various countries, the applicable media for submersible sand pumps include quartz sand, ore, rocks, ash, coal, sand and other liquids containing suspended solid particles. During the pumping process, these particles will be divided into three grades according to the density of the slurry.

2.1 Under low concentration conditions

The density of slurry is ≤1100kg/m3, and it is mainly used in coal mining areas. Under such conditions, submersible sand pumps can be used to transport coal slime and cinder particles. The maximum concentration (weight ratio) allowed for extraction is: 29% fine coal slime, 20% tailings, 15% quartz sand, and 13% tailings sand. This means that at these sites, submersible sand pumps can effectively transport slurry containing a specific proportion of solid particles to their destination.

2.2 Under high concentration conditions

The density of the slurry is ≤1300kg/m3. It is mainly used for mud transportation in the process, or rock blasting construction drainage without specific measures to control the sand content. In this case, the maximum allowable concentration (specific gravity) is: 40% fine coal slime and tailings slime, 37% quartz sand, and 33% tailings sand. This regulation ensures that the submersible sand pump can still work stably in a higher concentration of solid particle slurry.

2.3 Under ultra-high concentration conditions

The density of the slurry is ≤1500kg/m3. The main places of use include professional sand mining, tailings sand transportation, or thick slurry transportation without specific measures to control sand content. In this case, the maximum allowable concentration (specific gravity) is: 60% fine coal slime, tailings slime, 40% yellow clay, 54% quartz sand, 48% tailings sand, and 42% iron ore concentrate. This regulation further broadens the application scope of submersible sand pumps and ensures that the pumps can provide stable performance under various complex conditions.

It should be noted that the allowable extraction concentration of various slurry densities has a certain specific gravity range. For example, the specific gravity value of iron concentrate is 4.9, tailings sand is 3.3, quartz sand is 2.65, yellow clay is 2.6, tailings mud is 1.8, and refined coal mud is 1.45. These specific gravity values are the basis for the submersible sand pump to work normally under various working conditions.

OCEAN Pump submersible sand pump works in sediment-rich water and can effectively transport slurry containing suspended solid particles. Depending on the density of the slurry, the application range and allowable extraction concentration of the submersible sand pump also vary. Under low, high and ultra-high concentration conditions, submersible sand pumps have different performance requirements and application locations. OCEAN Pump ensures that the submersible sand pump works in a suitable environment by complying with relevant standards and regulations, so that it can give full play to its performance advantages and provide strong support for various projects.


3. Successful Cases in Malaysia

At the customer’s construction site, there are two similar sand pumping areas, both of which need to be equipped with at least two submersible dredging pumps. The sand beds in these two sand extraction areas are loose and the sand grains are fine, but their solid concentration is high, about 40%. In order to ensure the operation effect, the minimum flow rate of the sand suction pump needs to reach 80 cubic meters/hour.
Due to the steep terrain, there is a vertical height of about 45 meters between the dredging point and the unloading point, and the total discharge distance is about 400 meters. This special terrain condition puts forward higher requirements for the selection of sand pumps. To this end, OCEAN Pump technical department engineers conducted detailed calculations on the resistance loss of the sand discharge pipeline throughout the entire process to ensure that the selected sand pump could meet the actual needs.
After rigorous calculation and comparison, the engineers selected the DMZ100-60-45 submersible sand pump for the customer. This pump has a large sand pumping capacity, can adapt to complex terrain environments, and has high efficiency.
In terms of discharge pipes, in order to ensure that the transportation requirements are met, we selected HDPE pipes with an outer diameter of 150 mm. This kind of pipeline has excellent pressure resistance and anti-wear properties, which can cope with the wear and tear of sand particles on the pipeline and ensure the stability of pipeline transportation.

Submersible sand pump parameters:

Model: DMZ100-60-45

Flow: 100 cubic meters/hour

Lift: 60 meters

Speed: 980 rpm

Motor power: 45kw

submersible dredge pump case spare parts
Submersible Sand Pump
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4.Why Choose Submersible Sand Pump

OCEAN Pump recommends this submersible sand pump to customers. In addition to the parameters meeting customer requirements, another reason is its design. The two biggest highlights of the submersible dredger pump are sealing and wear-resistant design.

1.Precise Sealing Design

The design of the OCEAN Pump submersible sand pump adopts an advanced air seal structure. This structure effectively isolates the end of the motor shaft from the extracted slurry, avoiding direct wear of the slurry on the motor shaft. In addition, the special double-sided carbide mechanical seal design of the OCEAN Pump submersible sand pump further improves the reliability of the mechanical seal. This sealing method uses oil lubrication, and there is sufficient oil in the sealing chamber, which can effectively prevent mud from entering and reduce the risk of equipment failure.
In the internal structure of the submersible sand pump, there is an independent “connecting chamber” between the mechanical seal chamber and the bearing chamber. This “connecting chamber” is connected to the “water storage chamber” by a channel. This design allows even when the mechanical seal fails, a small amount of leaked slurry will flow out to the “water storage chamber” without directly contacting the bearing, avoiding the loss of bearing grease and extending the use of the bearing. life.
OCEAN Pump Submersible Sand Pump The motor part of the submersible sand pump adopts a closed design. When high-temperature and high-pressure mud enters the motor cavity, it will be discharged through the safety valve to avoid damage to the interior of the motor. The windings of the motor are positioned relatively high, so even if water enters the motor cavity, it will not directly contact the windings. This design effectively protects the motor and extends its service life.

2. Wear-resistant Properties.

Due to the particularity of the working environment, the wear problem of submersible sand pumps has always troubled engineers. In order to solve this problem, the OCEAN Pump R&D team has improved the submersible sand pump to extend its service life.
First of all, OCEAN Pump has improved the material of the mouth ring. On the premise of maintaining a slight increase in costs, we have successfully extended the life of the submersible sand pump. By optimizing the material of the mouth ring, OCEAN Pump can improve the life of the pump while controlling the increase in costs.
Secondly, OCEAN Pump adopts a space guide vane structure. This structure not only avoids the effective circular motion of sediment, but is also more wear-resistant and has a longer life than the volute structure. The design of the spatial guide vane structure enables the submersible sand pump to maintain excellent performance when facing severe wear and tear tests.
In addition, OCEAN Pump has also optimized low specific speed impellers. By using herringbone blades, we have improved the narrow flow channel, increased the upper and lower, left and right distances between the impeller and the pump casing, and reduced the length of the flow channel, thus improving the sediment passing performance, controlling the flow, and reducing the distance between the sand and the flow channel wall. between wear and tear.
Finally, OCEAN Pump also upgraded the impeller, pump body and other flow-passing components of the submersible sand pump. We use thickened materials, wear-resistant materials, and alloy lining plates to increase the wear resistance of the pump. This improvement allows the submersible sand pump to maintain stable operation in harsh working environments, greatly reducing the frequency of maintenance.


5. About OCEAN Pump

Tai’an OCEAN Pump (OCEAN Pump) Co., Ltd.  is a professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter of sand pumps and sand dredgers in China. The company has more than 30 talented sand pump experts and a 15,000 square meter factory, dedicated to producing multiple series and varieties of sand pumps, slurry pumps, sand pumps and related accessories to meet customers’ water pumping needs.

OCEAN Pump has always been committed to product innovation and customer satisfaction. OCEAN Pump is a high-tech enterprise recognized by the government. We provide customers with centrifugal portable sand pumps, marine sand pumps, slurry pumps, gravel pumps, submersible slurry pumps, vertical sand pumps, simple small sand pump dredgers, submersible dredgers, etc. A complete range of sand, slurry, gravel pumping solutions and related parts within. In addition, we also provide sales of mini dredgers, small dredging equipment, small pond dredging equipment, sand suction dredgers, sand suction dredging equipment, cutter suction dredgers, sewage submersible pumps, lake desilting equipment and other products. OCEAN Pump’s products are widely used in sewage treatment and dredging in mining, metallurgy, coal washing, power plants, mining, chemical industry, petroleum and other industries.

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