The submersible sand trash pump produced by Tai’an OCEAN Pump was sent to Nigeria for port dredging operations on April 23, 2019. The initial export business of submersible sand trash pump is all engaged in port dredging and dredging operations, and some are used for tailings treatment or reservoir pumping.

Selection process of submersible sand trash pump

In March 2019, the Foreign Trade Department of Tai’an OCEAN Pump Co., Ltd. received an inquiry for slurry pump from a Nigerian customer. At the port terminal in Nigeria, the silt that has accumulated for many years needs to be cleaned regularly. If it is not cleaned, it will affect the channel. The dredging project is not large, but it need regular construction requires a sand suction pump with stable efficiency and high wear resistance.

Through email communication, the OCEAN Pump engineer suggested the customer to choose ZJQ type submersible slurry pump. The foreign trade manager sent the performance parameters of ZJQ type submersible sand pump to the customer. The customer chose ZJQ150-30-30 submersible sand pump through the technical meeting.

submersible sand trash pump
submersible sand trash pump
submersible sand trash pump

On March 25, 2019, the customer visited the Tai’an OCEAN Pump Co., LTD. and investigated the submersible sand trash pump selected by the engineer on the spot. Through communication, the customer asked whether the submersible slurry pump could be equipped with high-pressure water gun. Considering the problem of operational efficiency, the engineer also highly recognized the customer’s requirements. The customer made the payment in RMB and agreed on the delivery time and delivery requirements.

Performance parameters of submersible sand trash pump:

  • Pump model: ZJQ150-30-30 submersible sand trash pump
  • Flow: 150m3/h
  • Head: 30m
  • Motor power: 30kw
  • Speed: 980r/min

The assembly and trial run of the submersible sand trash pump is completed, packed in wooden boxes, and shipped to the port for shipment on April 23, 2019.

Submersible Sand Trash Pump
Submersible Sand Trash Pump
Submersible Sand Trash Pump

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