The work of the submersible shaft flow pump is the kind of slurry pump based on the lift theory in aerodynamics. When the impeller rotates at a high speed, the liquid particles in the pump body will be affected by the axial lift force from the impeller, causing the water to flow in the axial direction. The mixed flow pump is a kind of pump between the centrifugal pump and the shaft flow pump. The force of the liquid particles in the pump body has both centrifugal force and axial lift. The water flow direction of the impeller is oblique. Submersible shaft flow pumps and submersible mixed flow pumps are traditional water pump-motor units that are updated and optimized products. The motor driving the water pump is a dry fully enclosed submersible three-phase asynchronous motor, which can be immersed in water for a long time.

Submersible shaft flow pumps and submersible mixed flow pumps have unparalleled advantages over traditional water pump units:

  1. Since the water pump and the motor are integrated, there is no need to spend time at the installation site, and the assembly process of the motor transmission mechanism and the axis of the water pump is carried out. The on-site installation is convenient and fast.
  2. Since the Submersible shaft flowpumpunit is submerged and operated in the water, the civil structure of the pump station can be greatly simplified. It reduces the amount of work, reduces the installation area, and saves 30-40% of the project cost.
  3. The operation of the electric pump has low noise and there is no high temperature in the pump station, which improves the operating environment. An underground pump station can also be built to maintain the appearance of the ground environment.
  4. The submersible motor is dry type, with double or triple mechanical seals, F-class insulation protection grade IP68, and the pump section adopts a nationally designed water conservancy model, which has high efficiency and good reliability, and its performance is interchangeable with traditional water pumps. It is convenient for users to replace and select.
  5. Convenient operation, easy to realize remote control and automatic control.
  6. The use of this type of Submersible shaft flowpumpis the most thorough way to solve the problem of building pumping stations along the river and lakes where the water level fluctuates greatly, and to solve the problem of flood control. It also eliminates the long shaft and intermediate bearings between the pumps and makes the operation of the electric pump unit more efficient and reliable.
Submersible shaft flow pump
Submersible shaft flow pump2
Submersible shaft flow pump3

Installation of submersible shaft (mixed) flow pump

According to the installation drawings, please verify the dimensions of the civil works,  then install the shaft with a crane, and install it piece by piece from bottom to top. As well as the installation of the water outlet, the wall pipe, and the pontoon flap door, pay attention to the sealing of the flange surface.

The boom is fixed to the electric pump unit, and the electric pump is lifted and slowly goes down into the wellbore. When the electric pump is submerged in the wellbore, bind the cable with a wire or cable tie to the boom firmly, tying it once every 40 cm, and slowly go down the well while tying it. , Until it fits correctly with the sealing frustum, and fix the boom and the cross arm with clamps. Lift the blind cover, pass the cable through the sealing hole, do a flange seal and cable seal to complete the entire installation.

Connect the outgoing cables to the electric control cabinet in the correct order. Use a megohmmeter to check that the three-phase line-to-ground insulation is greater than 50 megohms before wiring. If the distance is far, a terminal box can be added to facilitate detection and enter the trial run stage.

Commissioning and operation of submersible shaft (mixed) flow pump

First, check whether the water level is within the specified range, check whether the flapping door can be opened and closed freely, check the three-phase power supply and voltage of the electric control cabinet, and start the vehicle after it is correct. Step-down start, the switching time is adjusted between 6s-9s, instant start and observe the voltage drop. If it is too low, it will cause difficulty in starting. After starting, observe the ammeter to check whether the three-phase current is average, whether the swing is too large, whether the water outlet is normal, and the sound Whether it is normal; usually, the operating current of the electric pump should be 80-90% of the rated current of the motor. After running smoothly, adjust the over-current setting to 1.1 times of the rated current. During debugging, reduce frequent starts. The interval between each start is 15min. The submersible shaft flow start is the load start. The start current is 6 times the rated current. Frequent starts have been caused. The overheating of the motor reduces the insulation and affects the service life.

Submersible shaft flow pump4
Submersible shaft flow pump4
Submersible shaft flow pump4