1. What is Submersible Slurry Suction Pump

The submersible slurry suction pump, known as the DMZ type, is a hydraulic machine designed for submerged operation. It features a coaxial arrangement of the motor and the pump, both of which are submerged into the medium. The flow parts of this pump are constructed using alloy wear-resistant materials, ensuring durability and providing large flow passages. As a result, it is highly suitable for the transportation of materials such as silt, ore slurry, coal slurry, sand, and gravel, which may contain significant solid particles.

This series of pumps has been developed by incorporating advanced technologies from both domestic and international sources. In addition to the primary impeller, a set of stirring impellers is installed at the bottom of the pump. This additional feature facilitates the generation of turbulent flow, effectively dislodging and spraying any accumulated sludge. Consequently, the pump is capable of delivering high-concentration slurry without requiring auxiliary devices.

The pump incorporates a unique sealing device that ensures proper pressure balance between the internal and external oil chambers. This feature enhances the reliability of the mechanical seal, safeguarding against potential issues. Furthermore, the motor is equipped with various protective measures, including overheating protection and water ingress detection. These precautions enable the pump to operate safely and continuously in harsh working conditions.

OCEAN Pump DMZ type submersible slurry suction pump exemplifies an advanced hydraulic solution that combines efficient design, wear-resistant materials, and reliable sealing mechanisms. Its ability to handle high-concentration slurry with ease, along with its robust motor protection features, make it a dependable choice for demanding applications.

2. Case Analysis for Submersible Slurry Suction Pump

Upon coming across our homepage on Facebook, the customer displayed interest in our product offerings and initiated contact with OCEAN Pump business manager. During the course of our conversation, we gathered valuable information about the customer’s specific requirements and working conditions. The customer’s objective was to pump sand from their lake in order to purify the water.

Based on the provided details, the customer specified a flow requirement of 100 cubic meters of pure sand per hour. The pumping depth required was approximately 8 meters, while the distance over which the sand needed to be discharged was 300 meters. Additionally, there was a vertical altitude of 2 meters to be considered.

With these parameters in mind, our team set out to recommend a suitable solution that would effectively fulfill the customer’s needs. After careful evaluation, we proposed a tailored system that encompassed the following components:

1. Submersible Slurry Suction Pump Chosen:

We recommended the utilization of a specialized submersible slurry suction pump designed specifically for handling abrasive materials such as sand. This type of pump is equipped with a range of features and components that ensure efficient and reliable operation, even when faced with high-concentration sand.

One key feature of the submersible slurry suction pump is its ability to withstand the abrasive nature of sand. The pump’s flow parts are constructed using wear-resistant materials such as alloy, hardened steel, or rubber, which are capable of withstanding the erosive forces exerted by sand particles. These wear-resistant components are designed to extend the pump’s lifespan and minimize maintenance requirements, ensuring long-term reliability and cost-effectiveness.

To accommodate the high-concentration sand pumping requirements, the submersible slurry suction pump is designed with large flow passages. These spacious channels allow for the smooth passage of sand-laden slurry, reducing the risk of clogging and ensuring uninterrupted operation. The pump’s impeller and volute casing are carefully engineered to optimize the flow dynamics, facilitating efficient sand transportation.

Moreover, the submersible slurry suction pump is equipped with a robust motor that can deliver the necessary power to handle the demanding sand pumping applications. The motor is designed to operate reliably and efficiently, even in harsh and challenging conditions. Various protective measures, such as overheating protection and water ingress detection, are integrated into the motor to safeguard against potential damage and ensure safe and prolonged operation.

In addition to its technical features, the submersible slurry suction pump also offers practical advantages. Its submersible design allows it to be fully submerged in the liquid, minimizing noise and vibration during operation. This makes it an ideal choice for applications where noise reduction and environmental considerations are important.

By recommending the utilization of a submersible slurry suction pump specifically designed for sand pumping, we aimed to provide the customer with a reliable and efficient solution. The pump’s wear-resistant components and large flow passages enable it to handle high-concentration sand with ease, ensuring continuous operation and minimizing downtime. With its robust motor and practical design, the pump offers a long service life and contributes t

2. Pump Capacity and Power:

In order to meet the customer’s requirement of reaching a flow rate of 100 cubic meters per hour, we carefully selected pumps with appropriate capacity. The capacity of a pump refers to its ability to handle and transport a specific volume of material within a given time frame. We consider the pump’s power, efficiency and overall performance characteristics to ensure the pump can meet the required flow rates.

The power of a pump is a key factor in determining its ability to move the required volume of material per unit time. We recommend using a pump with sufficient power output to generate the necessary hydraulic force required to pump sand. The pump’s power rating is carefully matched to specific requirements to ensure it operates within its optimal performance range. In addition to power, pump efficiency is also taken into consideration.

Pump efficiency refers to the ratio of the pump’s output power to its input power. By selecting a high-efficiency pump, we aim to minimize energy losses and maximize the overall efficiency of the sand pumping process.

3. Pumping Depth and Discharge Distance:

Considering the depth of 8 meters and the discharge distance of 300 meters, we selected a submersible slurry suction pump capable of effectively overcoming these hydraulic challenges. The pump’s design and hydraulic characteristics were carefully matched to ensure efficient sand transportation over the specified distance.

The submersible slurry suction pump is specifically designed to handle the challenges of deep water and long discharge distances. Its powerful motor and advanced impeller design enable it to generate the necessary vacuum to lift sand from the lake bed and transport it through the pipelines to the discharge location.

The pump’s efficiency is optimized by its hydraulic design, which minimizes energy loss and maximizes the transfer of sand through the system. The pump’s wear-resistant components and heavy-duty construction ensure long-lasting performance, even in the harsh conditions of continuous sand pumping.

The submersible slurry suction pump is equipped with an automatic control system that monitors pump performance and ensures optimal operation. This system provides real-time feedback on pump performance, allowing for adjustments to be made as needed to maintain the desired sand transport rate.

4. Vertical Altitude Compensation:

To account for the vertical altitude of 2 meters, our team implemented specific adjustments within the pump system to ensure optimal performance and seamless sand transport.

One critical consideration was the selection of a pump with sufficient head or pressure capability. The head refers to the vertical distance that the pump can effectively lift the sand-laden slurry. By choosing a pump with a suitable head rating, we ensured that it could overcome the 2-meter vertical altitude without compromising its performance.

Additionally, we incorporated measures to mitigate the potential impact of the vertical lift on the pump’s efficiency. This involved optimizing the system’s design and hydraulic characteristics to minimize energy losses and maintain the desired flow rate despite the vertical ascent. The pump’s impeller and volute casing were carefully configured to maximize hydraulic efficiency, ensuring that the sand could be transported smoothly and effectively.

By customizing the solution to meet the customer’s requirements, we aimed to provide an efficient and reliable sand pumping system. Our proposal took into account the desired flow rate, pumping depth, discharge distance, and vertical altitude, ensuring the successful implementation of the project and the customer’s satisfaction.

submersible slurry suction pump
submersible slurry suction pump

During the communication process with customers, despite the global impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, we adopted video conferencing to interact with customers. Our business managers and technical departments conducted multiple online meetings with customers to better understand their needs and on-site conditions.

This method of remote video conferencing allows us to establish a closer working relationship with our customers and understand their needs more intuitively. Although we are unable to be physically present for on-site visits, through video conferencing we are able to simulate the experience of an on-site visit, conduct in-depth discussions with our clients and ensure that our solutions meet their expectations and requirements.

The technical staff of our factory combined with the previous selection experience through video conference, and determined to adopt the submersible slurry suction pump selection scheme.

3. Submersible Slurry Suction Pump Solution:

We chose ZJQ500-25-90 submersible slurry pump. The following are the reasons for the selection of each parameter:

Mixing flow rate is 500 cubic meters/hour: This parameter meets the maximum flow requirement required by the customer and ensures that the pump can handle high-concentration slurry.

Pure sand flow rate is 100 cubic meters/hour: This parameter indicates the maximum flow rate when processing pure sand, which meets the customer’s requirements for pure sand processing. In fact, when the sand is soft, the sand pumping concentration can be as high as 60%.

Lift 25 meters: According to the vertical height requirements of the customer’s site, we selected a pump with sufficient lift. The high lift can ensure the flow rate of sand and water transportation to ensure that the slurry can be smoothly lifted to the target location.

Power 90KW: Based on the flow and lift requirements, we selected appropriate power to ensure that the pump can provide sufficient power to transport slurry efficiently.

Speed 980r/min: This speed has been carefully considered to achieve efficient operation and long life of the pump while maintaining flow and head.

Maximum passing particle diameter 25mm: This parameter indicates the maximum particle diameter that the pump can handle, ensuring that the pump can effectively transport slurry containing larger particles.

Through repeated communication and confirmation with the customer, they agreed to our OCEAN Pump selection plan and placed an order for a set of submersible slurry pumps. Our factory has sufficient spare parts, works efficiently and can deliver goods on time. We prepare the goods within the specified time and will ensure delivery within the time required by the contract to ensure the smooth progress of the project period.

4. Submersible Slurry Suction Pump Benefits:

Choosing DMZ500-25-90 submersible slurry pump has the following advantages:

1.Cost-Effectiveness: Since this pump does not require an auxiliary vacuum pump, it saves costs and simplifies system configuration.

2. Simple operation: The submersible slurry pump does not require auxiliary mixing or spraying devices, making the operation more convenient and simple.

3. Easier management: Since the motor is immersed in water, there is no need for complex grounding protection and fixtures, making management and maintenance more convenient.

4. Freer concentration control: The stirring impeller of the submersible slurry pump is in direct contact with the sedimentation surface, and the concentration of the slurry can be controlled by adjusting the diving depth, providing greater control flexibility.

5. Cleaner site: The submersible slurry pump works directly underwater, reducing noise and vibration, making the site cleaner and quieter.

The DMZ500-25-90 submersible slurry pump has the advantages of cost-effectiveness, simple operation, easy management, free concentration control and clean site, and is suitable for customer needs.

submersible slurry suction pump
submersible slurry suction pump

About Ocean Pump

As OCEAN PUMP, we will use modern big data technology to collect user equipment usage information, and through data statistics and analysis, we will gain an in-depth understanding of various product indicators and provide basic theoretical data for product improvement. We pay close attention to industry trends and continuously enrich product concepts based on our own development practices.

While continuously optimizing hydraulic performance, we use a variety of new wear-resistant materials to improve the service life and reliability of the sand pump in highly abrasive and highly corrosive media. We are committed to continuously expanding the scope of use to meet the needs of various working conditions.

For reasonable sand mining system design, we have an experienced team of designers willing to provide professional advice and help. We will combine our customers’ specific needs to provide them with the best solutions to ensure they obtain excellent performance and results in the sand mining process.