Submersible slurry suction pump (also known as submersible sand suction pump or submersible dewatering pump) is one kind of the vertical submersible slurry pump for dewatering application in deeper working condition, especially in many kinds of open pits. The electrical motor and mechanical pump is designed and manufactured on the same axis to work for heavy duty sand or slurry suction and transportation. The bottom of the submersible slurry suction pump body is equipped with a stirring impeller, which can stir the sediment to form a turbulent flow and achieve high concentration transportation. The submersible slurry pump is directly submerged into the water, eliminating the need to infuse water, the operation is relatively simple. The ZJQ series submersible slurry pump mainly extracts liquids containing solid particles such as sand and cinder, it is mainly used for the removal and transportation of mud liquids in metallurgical, mining and thermal power plants. The submersible slurry pump is precisely cast with high quality and high wear resistant alloy material. It is widely used in the pond cleaning, sediment extraction in tanks, and dredging in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River and open pit dewatering applications.

Submersible Slurry Suction Pump for Sand Extraction and Recycling
Submersible Sand Suction Pump for Sand Extraction and Recycling
Slurry Pump for Sand Extraction and Recycling

Selection of Submersible Slurry Suction Pump

In stone processing plants, it is necessary to wash the saw blade with water, and a lot of lime water with fine sand or powder is produced in the whole process. At present, many stone factories recycle the lime water into a pool and process it after settling. This approach works but affects overall productivity. And as environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, manufacturers are also required to recycle fine sand or silt, and at the same time improve work efficiency.

According to customer’s requirements, OCEAN Pump engineers combined with similar working conditions and visited a number of stone factories. After observing the entire process in the field and further understanding the entire production process, we recommended the customer to choose a submersible slurry suction pump. This submersible slurry pump has a separate agitating impeller at the bottom to smash the sludge for improving sand extraction efficiency. Submersible slurry suction pump over-flow parts are made of wear-resistant alloy material, which has good wear resistance, long service life, low maintenance cost, short downtime and high cost performance.

Sub Sand Pump for Sand Extraction and Recycling
Sub Dredging Pump for Sand Extraction and Recycling
Sand Pump for Sand Extraction and Recycling

After discussion with the customer, We chose submersible slurry suction pump with a power of 3-22 KW as the working pump type. The parameters are as follows:·

Flow: 20 m³/h-200 m³/h

Head: 15 m-35 m

Power: 3 KW-22 KW

Submersible Slurry Pump for Sand Extraction and Recycling
Submersible Sand Pump for Sand Extraction and Recycling
Sub Slurry Pump for Sand Extraction and Recycling

Mr. Chen is the owner of several stone factories in Shandong Province. After studying the submersible slurry pump models made by OCEAN Pump in detail, he decided to purchase one set 5.5 KW submersible slurry suction pump from OCEAN Pump. After receiving the submersible slurry pump, Mr. Chen arranged running test for 3 days, and there was no shutdown problem such as pipeline blockage and insufficient pumping flow, and the recovery efficiency of fine sand was obviously improved. According to statistics, the labor cost after using the submersible sand pump is 30% lower than the previous construction method. After one month of continuous operation, Mr. Chen checked the wear of the pump’s over-current components and found no excessive wear. The customer has an intuitive feeling for wear resistance of sub slurry pump,so he decided to order additional 4 units and expand the usage of the submersible slurry suction pump in their factory.

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