The submersible well dredge pump is also called the submersible mud pump. The submersible well dredge pump is a coaxial integration of the motor and the water pump. The bottom of the pump body is equipped with a stirring impeller, which can stir the deposited sludge into a turbulent flow and realize high-concentration transportation. Diving directly into the water avoids the steps of perfusion and water diversion, and the operation is relatively simple. DMS submersible wear-resistant mud pump is designed and processed with super wear-resistant alloy impeller and mechanical seal. It is widely used in civil engineering, mines, quarries, coal mines and mud, sewage treatment plants and other fields. The river sand pumping industry is also widely used.

The Fuzhou customer is doing the caisson construction project, using the OCEANPUMP 22 kW submersible well dredge pump model: DMS200-15-22, using the high-pressure water pump to send the high-pressure water flow through the water pipe into the high-pressure water gun in the caisson, and using the high pressure shot from the high-pressure water gun The water flow washes the soil layer to form a certain consistency of mud, and then uses a submersible slurry pump to suck out the mud, thereby draining it out of the well.

Caisson construction is the main foundation type for building deep foundations and deep underground structures. The usual construction method is to dig and transport the soil in layers in the shaft. As the soil surface in the shaft gradually decreases, the caisson shaft uses its own weight to overcome the friction with the soil wall and continuously sink to the design elevation.

In order to ensure the stability of the water level in the well, the total discharge volume of the submersible well dredge pump must be equal to the total discharge volume of the high-pressure water gun. When there is groundwater, the amount of groundwater gushing into the well should also be added. The number of submersible sand pumps is the total discharge divided by the flow rate of each mud pump.

Submersible well dredge pump3
Submersible well dredge pump3
Submersible well dredge pump3

The main equipment is:

  1. High-pressure water gun: The diameter of the high-pressure water gun is 50-75mm, and each water gun is equipped with a valve for adjustment when the sinking of the caisson is uneven.
  2. High-pressure water pump: flow rate 80 cubic meters per hour, head 50 meters, matching motor power 15KW.
  3. Submersible well dredgepump: flow 200 cubic meter/hour, head 15 meters, motor power 22KW, outlet diameter 6 inches. The picture on the right shows the 22kw submersible mud pump selected by the user
  4. Pressure-resistant hose: 2 inches in diameter, used to connect high-pressure water guns and high-pressure water pumps.
  5. Rubber hose: 6 inches in diameter, connected to a mud pump as a mud drain pipe.
  6. Flange gate valve: connected with the high-pressure water gun to control the high-pressure water gun.
  7. Pressure gauge: set at the outlet of the high-pressure water pump. 0~16 kg/cm².

The sinking construction of the caisson using submersible well dredge pump to discharge mud not only reduces a lot of earthwork workload, but also speeds up the construction progress, which is safe and reliable. This construction technique is suitable for silty clay, silt, silt sand and other site conditions, especially when the groundwater is very large, the soil has a large permeability coefficient, it is difficult to drain the groundwater, and there is quicksand underground, etc. to carry out normal construction.

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