1.What is Submersible Mining Pump

The submersible mining pump, known for its powerful suction, is a centrifugal pump designed to withstand the harshest conditions and operate underwater. It is specifically engineered to transport highly corrosive and abrasive slurries. The OCEAN Pump brand offers a robust submersible mining pump constructed with high-quality, wear-resistant components capable of enduring wear and impact. These submersible mining pumps feature a full high-chromium wet-end design, pressurized sealing technology, and the ability to run dry, making them suitable for the most demanding applications.
The optimized high-chromium steel impeller ensures optimal performance and efficient operation within the specified range. The DMD series of submersible mining pumps are known for their high efficiency, exceptional performance, reliable operation, low maintenance costs, and extended service life. These submersible mining pumps can handle solid concentrations of up to 60%. They are particularly well-suited for complex heavy-duty applications involving the extraction and processing of materials such as sand, mud, sludge, sediment, and slurry.

2. Features of Submersible Mining Pump

1. Sturdy Structure of Submersible Mining Pump

Submersible mining pumps are built with rugged materials and components to handle the harsh conditions found in mining environments. The motor and pump shaft are integrated, and the motor shaft drives the water pump impeller to rotate, transferring energy to the slurry medium, causing it to generate a certain flow rate, thereby promoting the flow of solid matter and realizing slurry transportation. The advantages of electric drive are excellent stability and low noise. submersible mining pumps are designed to withstand wear and tear from mud and sediment. During the mining dredging process, part of the pump body is in direct contact with mud or sediment, causing the pump casing, impeller, water-absorbing plate and other flow-passing parts to be easily worn. To this end, OCEAN Pump uses durable materials to make flow parts, the commonly used high-chromium alloy Cr28, also known as A05. Special materials can be customized for special working environments, such as SS304 and SS316 stainless steel.

2. High flow and efficiency of Submersible Mining Pump

Submersible mining pumps are designed to handle large volumes of fluid and achieve high flow rates, making them suitable for efficient dewatering over large areas. Their purpose is to minimize energy consumption and maximize pumping efficiency. The term “flow rate” refers to the mixed flow of sand and water. This mixed flow is considered based on the dredging requirements of the customer, as it directly affects the performance of the submersible mining pumping system. If you need to handle a large volume of material, a pump with a higher flow rate is required, whereas a smaller flow rate submersible mining pump can be chosen for smaller volumes.In addition, another factor to consider when selecting a submersible mining pump is the operating flow velocity of the submersible mining pump. The higher the flow velocity, the greater the submersible mining pump’s ability to handle materials. However, this also means that the submersible mining pump may experience faster wear, potentially affecting its lifespan. Therefore, when selecting a submersible mining pump, it is necessary to find a balance between flow rate and flow velocity, ensuring both the pump’s processing capacity and its longevity.

The flow rate of a submersible mining pump is a crucial parameter that directly affects its performance and lifespan. When selecting a submersible mining pump, OCEAN Pump considers the customer’s specific requirements to choose the appropriate flow rate and flow velocity, aiming to achieve the best possible performance.

3. Multiple driving methods of Submersibel Mining Pump

Electric drive is commonly used for submersible mining pumps, but in order to meet different working conditions, OCEAN Pump has studied two drive methods, electric drive and hydraulic drive.

1. Electric Drive Submersibel Mining Pump

As a widely used driving method, electric drive has the advantages of high efficiency, stability, and low noise, so it is widely used in various industrial fields. In this driving mode, the motor and the pump are coaxially integrated. The motor shaft drives the water pump impeller to rotate, converting the electrical energy into mechanical energy, and then transmits it to the slurry medium, causing it to generate a certain flow rate, thereby driving the solid matter to flow and realizing the slurry. body transport.
The advantage of electric drive is that it has high stability and can maintain stable operation under various working conditions. At the same time, it makes less noise, which is conducive to improving the working environment. When choosing an electric drive, you need to consider the power voltage of the on-site power because there are differences in power standards in different countries. In order to meet this demand, OCEAN Pump usually customizes motors according to customer needs, such as 380V/440V, 50HZ/60HZ, etc.
However, in some field environments, stable power conditions may not be available. In order to solve this problem, some customers will choose to use generator sets to generate electricity. Although this method can meet the power demand, it also brings problems such as noise and pollution. Therefore, when choosing electric drive, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the actual conditions of the site.
Electrically driven submersible mining pumps have obvious advantages in terms of control convenience, compact size, light weight, and safety of installation and layout. In addition, the electric drive pump does not require a hydraulic system, which avoids environmental problems such as hydraulic oil leakage and is conducive to achieving green environmental protection.

2.Hydraulic Drive Submersible Mining Pump

As an increasingly popular driving method, hydraulic drive is gradually favored by more and more customers. Its appearance provides higher torque output possibilities for high power output occasions. Due to its excellent performance, hydraulic drive systems have become the preferred drive solution in many industries.
Hydraulic drive systems are mainly divided into two applications. First of all, some customers choose to directly use the hydraulic system of the excavator to drive the submersible mining pump. Through the excavator’s control system, users can easily achieve precise control of output power, flow rate and direction, thereby greatly improving work efficiency. The advantage of this method is that it makes full use of existing equipment resources and reduces investment costs.
Another way is to use hydraulic pump station drive. This method uses a diesel engine to drive an oil pump to provide power for a hydraulic submersible mining pump. Compared with the first method, this method has an independent drive system and is more flexible. At the same time, the diesel engine-driven oil pump has high reliability and strong adaptability, and can maintain stable working performance in various harsh environments.
In general, the application of hydraulic drive in the field of submersible mining pumps has provided strong support for my country’s infrastructure construction and mining. Whether considering economic benefits or environmental protection, hydraulic drive has significant advantages. With the continuous advancement of science and technology and the growing market demand, hydraulic drive is expected to be more widely used in the future and become a mainstream trend in the drive field.

OCEAN Pump will select hydraulic drive pumps or electric drive pumps for customers based on specific application scenarios and requirements. On the basis of comprehensively considering the advantages and disadvantages of various driving methods and application requirements, we provide customers with reasonable choices.

submersible dredging pump
submersible dredging pump

4.Security Function of Submersible Mining Pump

In mining operations, safety is always the top priority. Therefore, submersible mining pumps not only need to have basic functions, but also must have a series of safety features. For example, motor protection measures must be comprehensive, including protection against overheating, overloading, and leakage sensors, and some even need to meet explosion-proof standards. At this point, every OCEAN Pump submersible mining pump performs extremely well. They not only equipped each submersible mining pump with a frequency conversion control cabinet to make starting and stopping the motor more convenient, but also ensured the stable operation of the motor through the installation of protective circuits. These protection circuits include overheating protection, overload protection and oil chamber water intrusion protection, etc., ensuring the operational safety of the system in an all-round way.
During the design and manufacturing process, OCEAN Pump fully considered the special environment of underwater work. They use a waterproof motor and a sealed casing to ensure that the motor can operate normally in any environment. This submersible use not only simplifies operation, but also makes maintenance more convenient. In addition, the equipment of frequency conversion control cabinet and protection circuit further improves the stability and safety of the submersible mining pump, bringing users a better experience.

5. Easy to install and maintain

The design concept of submersible mining pumps focuses on ease of installation and maintenance. To this end, OCEAN Pump engineers cleverly integrated features such as quick disconnect joints, removable inspection covers, and accessible motor and impeller components into the structural design of the pump. . These user-friendly designs make the installation and use of the submersible mining pump more convenient, and also greatly reduce the difficulty of maintenance.
Submersible mining pumps use an intrusive suction system. Compared with traditional horizontal pumps, their biggest advantage is that they do not need to be filled with water in advance. Since submersible mining pumps are usually shipped as a complete pump, users only need to connect it with cables and put it into use directly, which greatly saves installation time. In addition, the installation of the pump is simple and requires no professional skills and can be easily completed by ordinary workers.
In terms of maintenance, submersible mining pumps also have advantages. Because the submersible mining pump is designed for easy disassembly, users can easily disassemble the pump’s individual components when inspection or repair is required. This not only reduces the difficulty of maintenance, but also increases the service life of the submersible mining pump. In addition, the pump’s motor and impeller assembly are designed in accessible locations for user convenience, further reducing maintenance costs.

Submersible Dredge Pump
Submersible Dredge Pump
Submersible Dredge Pump

4. Successful Cases

In May 2023, an Indonesian customer contacted our company’s website and expressed his need to purchase submersible mining pumps in a tailings treatment project, but the specific parameters have not yet been determined. Business manager Lingda Kong conducted preliminary communication with customers and showed them product manuals, pictures and video materials. Customers have shown strong interest in our submersible mining pumps and believe that they can significantly contribute to the project.
Subsequently, the customer communicated internally with Lingda and engineers, and based on the project needs, the performance requirements of the submersible mining pump were clarified: flow rate 200 cubic meters/hour, conveying distance 150 meters, and maximum tailings particle size 30 mm. Based on these parameters, our business manager Lingda Kong recommended the DMD200-15-22 submersible mining pump to the customer. This product fully meets the customer’s needs. At the same time, we also recommended accessories such as impellers, pump casings, and guard plates to customers. The customer said they would consider it. It has been verified that the pump weighs approximately 450 kg. However, it is recommended that customers be equipped with a frequency conversion control cabinet during use to achieve convenient operation and protection of the pump.
Two weeks later, the customer asked our company to issue a formal contract. Five days later, OCEAN Pump tested the submersible mining pump. After watching the test video, the customer expressed satisfaction and paid the balance. Our company then arranged delivery to the warehouse designated by the customer.
Going forward, customers will initiate the use of submersible mining pumps. If you encounter any problems during use, our company believes that we can provide timely technical guidance and after-sales service to ensure long-term cooperation between both parties.

5. About OCEAN Pump

For over 20 years, Taian OCEAN Pump Co., Ltd has been committed to the development and manufacturing of a wide range of heavy-duty submersible mining pumps, catering to diverse applications involving the extraction and handling of sand, slurry, sludge, gravels, and sediments. Our product lineup includes high-performance and reliable submersible dredge pumps such as submersible mining pumps, submersible mud pumps, submersible dewatering pumps, and submersible sewage pumps, among others. We also specialize in manufacturing horizontal sand dredge pumps and sand dredgers designed for sand pumping applications.

Our heavy-duty products have obtained certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001, ensuring their quality and reliability. They have been successfully exported to more than 36 countries worldwide. At OCEAN Pump, we have a qualified team of professional engineers and technicians who are ready to assist you with custom product design, fabrication, and comprehensive after-sales service. We also offer OEM and ODM services to meet specific customer requirements. If you have any questions or inquiries, please fill out and submit the provided form, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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