1.What is Submersible Sludge Pump

The submersible sludge pump, designed by OCEAN Pump , is an ideal pumping equipment for efficiently handling high-density mixtures of water mixed with solids such as sludge and mud. Comprising three essential parts, namely the pump body, motor, and combined seal, the submersible sludge pump finds extensive application in industries such as metallurgy, chemical, mining, coal, electric power, building materials, municipal environmental protection, and river dredging.

In addition to the primary impeller, the submersible sludge pump is equipped with an additional stirring impeller positioned at the bottom of the pump body. This innovative feature empowers the submersible sludge pump to achieve high-concentration transportation without the need for auxiliary equipment. The submersible sludge pump’s unique sealing device effectively balances the internal and external oil pressure, ensuring reliable operation of the mechanical seal to the greatest extent and significantly extendingthe service life. Additionally, the submersible sludge pump motor can be customized to include water inlet detection according to specific user requirements. Various protection devices, such as overheating protection, are integrated into the product to enable safe and prolonged operation under harsh working conditions.

2. Ultimate Guide To Choosing Right Submersible Sludge Pump

2.1 Determining the Requirements for a Submersible Sludge Pump:

Thoroughly understanding the specific requirements of the client for the sludge removal project is essential. Before recommending OCEAN Pump’s submersible sludge pump models to the client, our technical team carefully evaluates key parameters, including sludge discharge capacity, depth of the sludge, conveying distance, and the nature of the extracted sludge. A comprehensive understanding of these parameters helps us select the most suitable model and power for the client. To ensure that our recommendations meet the client’s actual needs, we rely not only on these basic parameters but also engage in in-depth communication with the client to understand the specific background, goals, and potential challenges of their project. This comprehensive understanding enables us to provide more accurate and effective solutions.
Additionally, our technical team takes into consideration the potential impact of the sludge removal operation on the environment. We provide clients with more environmentally friendly and sustainable sludge removal solutions based on factors such as the location of the site, climate conditions, and ecological environment.

2.2 Considering the Material of the Submersible Sludge Pump:

It is crucial to determine the composition and characteristics of the sludge being removed. As OCEAN Pump has developed different submersible sludge pump products for various types of sludge, it is necessary to select the most suitable pump type based on the actual working conditions. For applications involving fine and soft sludge, the submersible sludge pump model DMS is recommended. For handling thicker and more viscous sludge, the model DMZ is the preferred choice. The model DMD performs exceptionally well for extracting large particles and heavy sludge. By matching the appropriate pump type, we aim to achieve optimal working efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

2.3Evaluating the Efficiency and Performance of the Submersible Sludge Pump:

To ensure high efficiency and excellent performance of the submersible sludge pump, it is important to carefully select the pump type and have a deep understanding of the flow rate, head, and efficiency data. The selection process should closely consider the client’s requirements and properly match the discharge pipeline, as the different pipe diameters can also affect the conveying distance.

2.4 Submersible Sludge Pump Design:

After careful consideration and scientific analysis, we recommend choosing OCEAN Pump’s submersible sludge pumps, which can operate fully submerged in water. Submersible pumps typically offer higher efficiency because they can start directly without the need for priming, eliminating the cumbersome steps during startup. Furthermore, their overall submerged design makes them more suitable for various underwater applications. In summary, OCEAN Pump’s submersible sludge pumps are the preferred choice in the market due to their high efficiency, convenience, and reliability.

2.5 Structure and Materials of the Submersible Sludge Pump:

It is essential to pay attention to the structure and materials of the submersible sludge pump. Since these pumps typically handle abrasive and corrosive sludge, OCEAN Pump specifically selects high-performance alloy materials for the wet parts of the pump. These materials provide excellent wear and corrosion resistance, significantly improving the pump’s durability and extending its service life.

2.6 Power Supply and Motor Requirements of the Submersible Sludge Pump:

After a careful assessment of the existing power resources, it is necessary to select submersible sludge pump products that meet the electrical parameters. OCEAN Pump’s submersible sludge pumps are specially designed with submersible motors and equipped with 1-2 mechanical seals. Their excellent sealing performance ensures stable operation of the motor in underwater environments. The IP68 protection level of the motor further enhances operational efficiency and safety. Additionally, to optimize operational convenience and safety, OCEAN Pump also offers optional variable frequency control cabinets, which can precisely control the motor’s start-stop function and enhance circuit protection, ensuring the safety of the operators.

2.7 Maintenance and Repair of the Submersible Sludge Pump:

Look for submersible sludge pumps that are easy to maintain and repair. Check for readily available spare parts and consider the manufacturer’s reputation for customer support and after-sales service. In the long run, pumps with easily removable components and user-friendly designs can save time and money.

2.8 Considering the Total Cost of Ownership:

While the initial purchase price of the submersible sludge pump is a key consideration, the total cost of ownership over the entire lifecycle should not be overlooked. This includes evaluating energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, and expected durability, among other factors. It is worth noting that high-quality pumps may come with a higher initial investment, but they often reduce long-term operating costs and minimize unplanned downtime. OCEAN Pump is committed to producing high-quality submersible sludge pumps, ensuring product quality, and providing customers with the best discounts and excellent after-sales service.

Submersible Sludge Pump price
Submersible Sludge Pump

3. Successful Case of Submersible Sludge Pump

In October 2023, our client from Maldives showed keen interest in the submersible sludge pump provided by our sales engineer Lingda Kong (Contact: WhatsApp +86 185 6229 3317). They are planning to create a tourist destination in a coastal area and wish to use the submersible sludge pump to extract fine sand from the sea for beach filling. The sand extraction site is approximately 500 meters away from the shoreline, with a digging depth of around 12 meters.

The client has specified the following requirements for the technical specifications of the submersible sludge pump:

  1. The driving power should be motor-driven with a voltage of 400V and a frequency of 50Hz.
  2. During operation, the submersible sludge pump should minimize noise as much as possible to reduce environmental disturbance.

Additionally, the client emphasized the importance of user-friendly operation and cost-effectiveness of the equipment to minimize labor costs.

In addition to the submersible sludge pump itself, the client also requires the following supporting equipment: variable frequency control cabinet, electric hoist, rubber hose, 500-meter-long HDPE pipeline, and related floaters.

In response to the customer’s needs, our engineer Lingda Kong (Contact: WhatsApp +86 185 6229 3317) carefully selected the DMZ series submersible sludge pump. This pump is designed with a unique feature of using a single power cable as the power supply line, supplemented by two control cables to protect the motor from water ingress and overload. The introduction of control cables ensures multiple safety measures during the pump’s operation, including overload protection, motor water ingress protection, and high-temperature protection, greatly enhancing the operational safety for operators and equipment stability.

It is worth mentioning that this submersible sludge pump is not only easy to operate with excellent noise control but also ensures a clean and orderly construction environment. The recommended model for the customer is DMZ400-25-75, which has received wide recognition for its outstanding performance from numerous customers. Furthermore, due to OCEAN Pump’s excellent service experience provided to customers in the past, many customers have voluntarily shared successful application videos from their sites as proof. We actively showcase on-site operation videos to provide customers with a more intuitive understanding of the product’s application in actual work scenarios.

In terms of business cooperation, we provide customers with the core components of the submersible sludge pump dredger, while the customers are responsible for the welding work of the dredger hull locally. To better support customers, we are willing to provide the drawings and designs of the submersible sludge pump dredger’s hull for free, along with the necessary technical support. Customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit, and we are delighted to learn that the customer is highly satisfied with this type of submersible sludge pump and has decided to purchase two submersible sludge pumps and associated equipment to further expand their business applications.

The Submersible Sludge Pump List of Customer Purchases is as follows.

Submersible Sand Slurry Pump
submersible sludge pump
submersible sludge pump
NoItemGoods DescriptionQuantity
1submersible sludge pump8 Inch
Outlet diameter- 200mm
Power supply- 400V, 50Hz, 3 Phases
Flow- 400 m3/h
Head-25 meters
Power-75 kw
Cable length 15 meters
2 sets
2Electric control panelSoft start1 set
3Sand discharge dredging pipe11.5m/pcs*43pcs


4Flexible pipe10m, used between pump and hard pipe line2pcs
5Electric hoistTo adjust 8 inch pump level1 set
6Pipe floaterTo match with 500m HDPE PIPE130 pairs

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