The hydraulic sand dredging pump is one of the sand dredge pumps for river dredging and sand pumping, it is manufactured by TAI’AN OCEAN PUMP CO., LTD. it also could be equipped with a hydraulic station alone or use the excavator’s own hydraulic system as a submersible power of the sand suction pump. It is suitable for the dredging treatment of urban inland rivers, parks, and lakes, and can be equipped with side cutter devices on both sides according to the construction requirements to improve the extraction efficiency. If there is a lot of garbage, we can also customize the pump casing and impeller to improve the passability.

The hydraulic sand dredging pump case, pump impeller, and other flow parts produced by TAI’AN OCEAN PUMP  are made of wear-resistant alloy materials, with Rockwell hardness of 58-62, high hardness, good wear resistance, The hydraulic sand dredging pump uses mechanical seals with good sealing performance. At present, Mostly in urban river dredging, mine tailings extraction, etc., worksites use submersible motors. Nowadays, there are more working conditions in the field. First, the power supply is inconvenient in the field, and second is that the overall movement is more convenient. For this kind of working conditions, our company designs a transmission device that installs the submersible sand pump on the excavator and uses the hydraulic system of the excavator to provide power. It has the following advantages:

1.Compact structure for flexible operation

2.Hydraulically or electrically driven

3.Proven modular design and fabrication

4.High chrome wear-resistant components

5.Heavy-duty sand or slurry suction

6.Heavy-duty mechanical sealing system

7.Overload thermal protection system

8.Large sphere passage impeller

9.Versatile accessories such as agitator, cutter or jet-rings

10.Reliable and cost-effective

11.High efficiency and energy saving

12.Easy to operate and maintain

13.Longer service life

hydraulic sand dredging pump
hydraulic sand dredging pump
hydraulic sand dredging pump

The hydraulic sand dredging pump is directly installed on equipment with its own hydraulic oil station such as excavators. This method is directly driven by the built-in hydraulic system of excavators, which is convenient for modification. This method is used for dredging small rivers. This method is well received by customers. Customers do not need to invest heavily in purchasing equipment, and the hydraulic submersible sand pump and the original bucket of the excavator can be replaced at any time. The installation is convenient, the construction is flexible, and it is suitable for low investment.

  1. This hydraulic sand dredging pump is mainly installed on the excavator, and the power is provided by the hydraulic station of the excavator, which can realize free transition and solve the problem of power inconvenience during construction in remote areas.
  2. The bottom of the hydraulic sand dredging pump is equipped with a stirring impeller and can be equipped with agitators or twisting cages on both sides to loosen the hardened sediment, increase the extraction concentration, and realize automatic reaming. It can also prevent large solids from clogging the pump, so that the solids and liquids are fully mixed, making it easier to handle.
  1. Adopt a unique sealing device to avoid frequent replacement of mechanical seal and improve work efficiency.
  1. The hydraulic sand dredging pump can be connected to machines with hydraulic systems such as excavators to achieve the free transition, especially in remote areas when the power is insufficient, the advantages are more obvious;
  1. The hydraulic transmission has small inertia and fast response speed, which can realize a wide range of step-less speed regulation; it can automatically realize overload protection without the phenomenon of motor burning;
  1. The hydraulic sand dredging pump can be used as an accessory of the excavator, which can be extracted and transported long-distance when digging is unfavorable to improve the value of the excavator.
hydraulic sand dredging pump
hydraulic sand dredging pump
hydraulic sand dredging pump

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