1.What Is a Submersible Dredge Pump

A submersible dredge pump is a specialized type of pump designed to operate fully submerged underwater. These pumps are primarily used in dredging operations, where they are employed to remove and transport sediment, sludge, or other solid materials from the bottom of water bodies such as lakes, rivers, harbors, or other underwater environments.

Submersible dredge pumps are a critical component of dredging projects, as they provide the necessary suction and discharge power to efficiently move large volumes of material from the seafloor or riverbed to designated disposal or processing areas. They are built to withstand the challenges of submerged operation, including high water pressure, corrosive environments, and the need to handle abrasive solids.

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2.What Are Features of a Submersible Dredge Pump?

Submersible dredge pumps are designed with unique features that enable their excellent performance in underwater environments. The main characteristics include:

2.1 Waterproof and Pressure-Resistant Design

OCEAN Pump‘s submersible dredge pumps utilize submersible-grade motors and are equipped with 1-2 mechanical seals, ensuring the safety of the pump body when operating underwater. This design can withstand the high water pressure encountered at operating depths, effectively protecting the internal components from the surrounding water environment.

2.2 Wear-Resistant Materials

Compared to submersible dredge pumps produced by some companies in Hebei province, OCEAN Pump uses highly wear-resistant materials such as Cr28 for the impeller, volute, and other components that directly contact the dredging materials. These materials significantly improve the efficiency and durability of the pump when facing abrasive solids.

2.3 Efficient Solids Handling Capability

Submersible dredge pumps from OCEAN Pump utilize a newly designed large semi-open impeller and volute, which can effectively handle a high percentage of solids in the pumped liquid. This allows them to efficiently move slurries of water, sand, silt, and other materials.

2.4 Remote Operation and Control

OCEAN Pump’s submersible dredge pumps support remote operation and control. The pump body is submerged in water, while the control system and power source are located above the water surface. This design not only enhances the flexibility and safety of dredging operations, but the integrated variable frequency drive also effectively protects the motor from overheating and enables timely shutdowns. Additionally, the user can conveniently adjust the flow rate by regulating the frequency.

2.5 High-Capacity Pumping

OCEAN Pump offers submersible dredge pumps in a wide range of sizes and capacities. Based on years of experience, the company has designed hundreds of model options for users to choose from. Detailed specifications can be found in the attached parameter table.

2.6 Specialized Accessories

To improve dredging efficiency, OCEAN Pump provides users with various specialized accessories, such as high-pressure flushing equipment and dual-side agitators. These accessories can assist in the excavation and removal of particularly hard or compacted sediments.

3.How Does a Submersible Dredge Pump Work

The submersible dredge pump is a highly efficient dredging equipment, and its working process mainly includes the following core steps:

3.1 Suction process

First, the submersible dredge pump is fully submerged in water and precisely positioned near the area where dredging is required. The impeller of the pump typically uses a large open-blade design, which can generate powerful suction to draw in water, sediment, and other suspended solids through the pump inlet. It is important to note that the inlet is in direct contact with the slurry to ensure efficient suction.

3.2 Slurry formation process

As the material is drawn into the pump body, the high-pressure water jet of the OCEAN Pump immediately flushes the water and slurry around the inlet. The function of the high-pressure water jet is to mix the surrounding material with water, forming a homogeneous slurry, i.e., uniformly distributed solid particles in the liquid.

3.3 Impeller rotation process

Next, the impeller driven by an electric or hydraulic motor begins to rotate at high speed. The rotation of the impeller, through the pump shaft, transfers kinetic energy, creating a negative pressure that draws the bottom mud, sand, and various impurities into the pump body and discharges them through the outlet.

3.4 Discharge process

At this stage, the slurry mixed and transported by the impeller is discharged through the pump outlet. The outlet is typically connected to a pipe or hose to convey the material to the designated disposal or processing area.

3.5 Solids separation process

Depending on the specific application requirements, the discharged slurry may be directed to a settlement pond or other solids separation system for further processing. In these systems, the solid particles can settle, while the water can be recycled or discharged.

The efficiency and effectiveness of a submersible dredge pump are influenced by various factors, including the composition and density of the dredged material, the water depth, and the design and performance characteristics of the pump. Therefore, operation by skilled personnel and close monitoring of the entire dredging process are usually necessary to ensure optimal performance and minimize the environmental impact of dredging activities.


Submersible dredge pumps are essential tools in a wide range of underwater excavation and dewatering applications, from harbor and river maintenance to land reclamation and environmental remediation. Their ability to efficiently move large volumes of solid-laden material, while operating fully submerged, makes them invaluable for a variety of dredging and dewatering projects.

The original design concept of the submersible dredge pump was very advanced, which is also one of the reasons why many customers choose it. OCEAN PUMP‘s engineer, Lingda Kong (WhatsApp: +8618562293317), with his rich professional experience, has designed various solutions for users. These solutions enable the submersible dredge pump to meet the needs of most sand dredging and dredging projects.

In general, selecting the appropriate submersible dredge pump is not an easy task, but as long as we fully consider various factors and choose based on the actual working conditions, we can definitely find the most suitable pump model. Additionally, the close cooperation between engineers and field personnel, as well as the advanced design concept, are also the key to ensuring the submersible dredge pump achieves the best performance. When purchasing a submersible dredge pump, remember to consult with engineer Lingda Kong (WhatsApp: +8618562293317) in detail to ensure you select the most suitable product for your needs.