1. What is Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pumps are renowned for their distinctive coaxial configuration, which combines a motor and mechanical pump with a bottom agitator to facilitate efficient mixing of sand, mud, and sludge. This design enables high-concentration transportation without the requirement for water injection, simplifying underwater operations. OCEAN Pumps, specifically designed for fields such as metallurgy, mining, and thermal power plants, excel in extracting liquids that contain solid particles like sand, cinder, and tailings.

Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pumps are constructed using precision cast alloy materials, ensuring exceptional wear resistance and high-quality performance. The robust construction and innovative design of OCEAN Pump electric submersible dredge pumps make them ideal for industries grappling with removing and transporting muddy liquids. These Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pumps are capable of handling challenging materials, making them well-suited for demanding applications in metallurgy, mining, and thermal power plants. OCEAN Pump consistently deliver reliable performance and exhibit remarkable wear resistance, providing a practical solution for various industrial applications.

2. Features of Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

1. Rugged Structure of  Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

Heavy-duty submersible dredge pumps are manufactured with a rugged and durable structure that can withstand the harsh conditions encountered during dredging operations. The pump body and flow-passing components are usually made of materials with high wear and corrosion resistance, such as high-chromium alloys, to withstand the abrasive nature of the slurry. It features high chromium wet ends, pressurized sealing technology and dry run capabilities for the most demanding applications. Optimized high-chromium alloy impeller ensures the best performance and operation within the best efficiency range. OCEAN Pump DMD series Heavy-duty submersible dredge pumps feature high efficiency, high performance, excellent reliability, low operating and maintenance costs and long service life. It can handle solids concentrations up to 60%.

2. Submersible design of  Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

A Heavy-duty submersible dredge pump is a special type of slurry pump that is designed to work completely submersed in liquid. This design allows the Heavy-duty submersible dredge pump to work in harsh environments. The motor is installed on the upper part of the pump. The motor is connected to the impeller through the motor rotor, and the rotational power of the motor is transmitted to the impeller. The tight combination of pump body and motor reduces noise and vibration, helping to reduce energy loss and resistance. By reducing transmission losses between rotating parts and providing greater flow and lift under the same power.

3. Solids Handling Capacity of  Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

Heavy-duty submersible dredge pumps are capable of handling large amounts of solids, including sand, gravel, rocks and other debris. OCEAN Pump specially designed wide channel impellers, they feature large impeller passages to prevent clogging and maintain optimal performance even when pumping highly concentrated slurries. The feed port is usually located below the liquid surface, allowing for more efficient suction of solid sand particles at the bottom. Through the rotation of the pump and the flow of the liquid, the vortex effect generated can cause solid particles to be sucked into the pump, thereby improving the sand suction effect. This functional design makes the pump more efficient when transporting high-concentration solid particles, and can reach 60% solids concentration.

4. Mixing system of  Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

OCEAN Pump Heavy-duty submersible dredge pump is equipped with an integrated agitator system, which helps break down and suspend sedimented solids, thereby improving the pump’s efficiency when handling viscous slurries. Based on past experience and according to the actual working conditions of different customers, OCEAN Pump has designed a variety of mixing systems, which can be equipped with 2-3 afitators or side cutters. At the same time, it is equipped with a high-pressure flushing system to impact solids and agitators on the basis of stirring, further improving work efficiency.

5. Variable speed options of  Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

OCEAN Pump equips each device with a corresponding control cabinet, providing two options: auto-coupling control cabinet and frequency conversion control cabinet. Among them, the frequency conversion control cabinet is a common option, which allows the operator to adjust the Heavy-duty submersible dredge pump speed and flow rate according to actual dredging needs through the control system. In addition, OCEAN Pump has provided PLC control systems to overseas customers, realizing dual operation of consoles and mobile phones. This feature increases flexibility and control of the pumping process.

6. Remote control and monitoring of  Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

OCEAN Pump’s Heavy-duty submersible dredge pump has remote control functions and monitoring systems. These functions give operators the ability to remotely control and monitor pump performance, while providing real-time parameter information such as temperature, pressure, and vibration. . For example, the pump head pressure is tested through the outlet pressure gauge, the inlet pressure gauge, and the outlet flow meter. These data can be uploaded to the operating platform through the PLC control system, thereby improving the flexibility of the operation.

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Submersible Dredge Pump

3. Application of Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

1. Dredging and excavation

Heavy-duty submersible dredging pumps are widely used in dredging and excavation projects. They are designed to remove impurities such as silt, sand, gravel, etc. from rivers, lakes, ports and other water bodies. Heavy-duty submersible dredge pumps play a key role in maintaining waterways, deepening waterways and reclaiming land from underwater areas. OCEAN Pump’s heavy-duty submersible dredging pump adopts advanced pump body design and has excellent anti-wear performance. The flow-passing parts are made of high-chromium alloy materials, and each pump is equipped with 1-2 mechanical seals to ensure long-term stable operation in high-wear environments. In addition, its powerful suction capacity enables the pump to extract sediments in deeper waters, significantly improving dredging efficiency.

2. Mining and mineral processing

The application of heavy-duty submersible dredge pumps in the mining industry is not only reflected in improving extraction efficiency, but also in its excellent wear resistance. Since the slurry during the mining process contains a large amount of solid particles such as sand, rock and gravel, these particles will cause severe wear and tear on the pump body. To address this problem, OCEAN Pump uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to make the DMD heavy-duty submersible dredging pump have excellent wear resistance, greatly reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements. In addition, the DMD type heavy-duty submersible dredging pump is equipped with 2-3 agitators or cages, which increases the concentration of extraction to a certain extent and improves the extraction efficiency of minerals.

3. Construction and Infrastructure Development

Heavy-duty submersible dredge pumps are used in construction projects involving excavation of foundations, trenches and basements. These pumps are used to remove water, sediment and other debris from construction sites, allowing for safe and efficient construction operations. They are also used in the development of infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels and dams. OCEAN Pump is particularly advantageous in this field overseas because its leading position in design and technology makes its heavy-duty submersible dredging pumps very popular in domestic and foreign markets.

4. Power Generation

Heavy-duty submersible dredge pumps play a vital role in handling mortar. In thermal power plants, ash from burning coal is a common waste that contains solid particles and other impurities. In order to prevent these wastes from causing adverse effects on equipment and the environment, efficient and reliable pumps are required for transportation and treatment. The heavy-duty submersible dredging pump produced by OCEAN Pump is designed to meet this need and its excellent performance excels in handling mortar.
First of all, the heavy-duty submersible dredging pump adopts a high-pressure flushing system, which provides strong support for pump transportation. This design allows the pump to effectively handle high-concentration mortar, ensuring that no blockage or other problems occur during delivery. The application of high-pressure flushing system provides additional driving force for mortar transportation, making the entire process smoother and more efficient.
Secondly, the sturdy structure and innovative design of the heavy-duty submersible dredger pump ensure its reliability and durability in harsh industrial environments. Mortar usually contains corrosive ingredients, and heavy-duty submersible dredge pumps are made of corrosion-resistant materials to ensure long-term stable operation. This is critical to ensuring long equipment life and low maintenance costs.

5. Industrial and Process Applications

Heavy-duty submersible dredge pumps are used in various industrial applications where pumping of abrasive slurries is required. They are used in industries such as cement production, steel manufacturing, chemical processing and wastewater treatment. The heavy-duty submersible dredging pump produced by OCEAN Pump has shown strong strength in the industrial field. In the cement production process, raw materials need to be mixed and transported to the mill for grinding, which requires efficient and reliable pumps to complete the transportation of slurry. Task. Heavy-duty submersible dredging pumps ensure the normal operation of cement production lines through their corrosion resistance and efficient pumping capabilities. Wastewater and waste materials generated during the steel manufacturing process need to be cleaned and processed in time to ensure the cleanliness of the production environment and the normal operation of the equipment. The powerful pumping capacity and wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant characteristics of the heavy-duty submersible dredger pump make it one of the important equipment in the steel manufacturing plant. The chemical reactions and material transportation involved in chemical production require efficient and reliable pump support to ensure the stability and safety of the production process. The heavy-duty submersible dredge pump meets the strict requirements of the chemical industry for pumping equipment through its corrosion-resistant materials and high-pressure flushing system.

Submersible Dredge Pump
Submersible Dredge Pump
Submersible Dredge Pump

4. Types and Models of  Heavy Duty Submersible Dredge Pump

1.DMZ Series Submersible Slurry Pump

The DMZ series submersible slurry pump is a high-performance flood-proof centrifugal pump that can perform submersible operations in harsh environments and is specially used to transport highly corrosive and abrasive slurries. Given the challenging nature of slurry pumping applications, the OCEAN Pump brand adopts a rugged and durable design, with the entire range of products constructed from high-quality wear-resistant components that can withstand wear and impact. In addition, the DMZ series submersible slurry pump also uses a full high-chromium wet end, pressurized sealing technology and dry running capabilities, allowing it to perform well in the most demanding application scenarios.
The optimized high-chromium steel impeller ensures that the DMZ series submersible slurry pumps exhibit excellent performance and stability within the optimal efficiency range. In addition, this series of pumps has the characteristics of high efficiency, high performance, strong reliability, low operation and maintenance costs, and long service life, and can handle slurries with solid concentrations up to 60%.
DMZ series submersible slurry pumps are suitable for complex heavy-duty application scenarios, such as the extraction and treatment of mud, sludge and sediment.

2.DMS Series Submersible Sand Pump

The DMS series submersible sand pumps are specially developed and manufactured for continuous operation in harsh and abrasive sand pumping environments. This series of pumps are manufactured with high-chromium iron construction and wet-end components such as casing, agitator, wear-resistant lining and impeller, all dedicated to long-life operation in harsh application scenarios. The DMS series submersible sand pump motor adopts an advanced double mechanical seal design and operates in an oil bath environment away from the pumped fluid. It is also equipped with a thermal overload and humidity detection float switch to ensure safe operation of the equipment. As a standard configuration, the high-pressure water gun can be used with the added mixing system for hard sand layer mixing operations, allowing the submersible sand pump to handle up to 50% of solid materials per unit weight. The DMS series submersible sand pump has become a high-quality product on the market due to its sturdy structure, steep curve, high efficiency, reliability, durability, high chromium in the flow-passing parts and long service life.

3.DMD Series Submersible Dredge Pump

The DMD series submersible dredging pump is specially designed for dredging projects. It has the ability to transport underwater sand, mud, sludge, gravel or other sediments to designated locations. It is a heavy-duty submersible pump. The large spherical channel wear-resistant submersible dredging pump provided by OCEAN Pump is capable of handling up to 60% solid matter. Depending on the working environment, the DMD series submersible dredging pump can be driven hydraulically or electrically. Its excellent suction performance enables it to penetrate into extremely high mixing densities. In addition, a variety of suction heads and accessories meet the needs of different dredging jobs.
The DMD series submersible dredging pumps are distinguished by their compact structure, portable installation, high-chromium wear-resistant parts, heavy-duty mechanical sealing system, overload thermal protection system and multi-functional accessories, making them extremely flexible in dredging applications. . The DMD series submersible dredging pump is equipped with 2-3 agitators or reamers, which increases the extraction concentration to a certain extent and improves work efficiency.

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5.About OCEAN Pump

Taian Ocean Pump Co., Ltd., established more than 20 years ago, is a leading company focusing on the research, development and production of heavy-duty submersible dredge pumps. Our products are used in a wide range of applications for extraction and treatment of slurries, sludges, gravels and sediments, delivering superior performance and reliability.
Our product lines are rich and diverse, including submersible slurry pumps, submersible sand pumps, submersible drainage pumps and submersible sand pumps, etc. In addition, we also provide customers with customized sand pumps and sand dredgers to meet the needs of various sand pumping applications.
In terms of quality control, we adhere to a rigorous attitude. All heavy-duty products have passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. This ensures that our products are not only popular in the domestic market, but also successfully exported to 36 countries and regions around the world.
OCEAN Pump has a team of highly professional engineers and technicians who are committed to providing customers with one-stop services, including product design, manufacturing and after-sales service. We provide both OEM and ODM services to meet the needs of different customers.
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