1. What is Submersible Sand Suction Dredge Pump?

A Submersible Sand Suction Dredge Pump is a specialized piece of equipment designed for dredging operations, specifically for extracting sand and sediments from bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, or harbors. Its unique design allows it to be fully submerged underwater, enabling efficient extraction of large volumes of sand, stones, and other materials.

The core components of a Submersible Sand Suction Dredge Pump typically include a motor, a pump casing, and an impeller. The motor, usually an electric motor, provides the power to drive the pump. The pump casing houses the impeller and creates a pathway for the flow of water and sand. The impeller, a rotating component with blades, generates the necessary centrifugal force to propel the sand-water mixture.

During operation, the Submersible Sand Suction Dredge Pump is fully submerged in the water. As the impeller rotates, it creates a low-pressure zone, causing the water and sand to enter the pump through the suction inlet. The mixture is then accelerated by the impeller and discharged through an outlet, typically using a discharge pipe or hose. The discharged material can be transported to a designated area or deposited in a containment structure, such as a barge or sedimentation pond.

Submersible Sand Suction Dredge Pumps manufactureed by OCEAN Pump are widely used in various applications, including beach replenishment, channel maintenance, land reclamation, and mining operations. They excel at handling large volumes of sand and sediments efficiently. Their submersible nature allows them to operate reliably in challenging and dynamic environments without requiring extensive infrastructure support.

submersible sand suction dredge pump:
submersible sand suction dredge pump

2. What is the Advantages of Submersible Sand Suction Dredge Pump?

2.1 Submersible Sand Suction Dredge Pump Built-in Mixing Function:

The submersible sand suction dredge pump introduced by the OCEAN Pump team is equipped with an advanced built-in mixing function, and a dedicated mixing device is specially installed at the bottom. This unique design allows for the uniform mixing of sediments without the need for any external auxiliary equipment, greatly optimizing the entire dredging process. The mixing function not only effectively breaks up compacted sand and sediment layers but also significantly improves the convenience of material extraction and transportation. This not only greatly improves dredging efficiency but also significantly reduces the need for additional equipment or manual labor, thereby achieving the ideal mixing state of sediments.
To further improve operational efficiency, the OCEAN Pump R&D team has innovatively introduced an external mixing function. Each pump can be equipped with 2-3 side agitators or hinge cutters. This innovative design is not only protected by patents but also ensures that the sand around the suction mouth can be thoroughly mixed. This improvement not only enhances the performance of the submersible sand suction dredge pump but also provides users with a more efficient and convenient dredging solution.

2.2 High Efficiency and Wear Resistance of Submersible Sand Suction Dredge Pump:

The impellers, pump casings, and agitator blades produced by OCEAN Pump are meticulously crafted using high-quality high-chromium wear-resistant alloy materials. To ensure product quality, we are equipped with professional laboratory equipment that can accurately determine the content of various elements and the material hardness of high-chromium alloys. These selected materials, with their excellent wear resistance and erosion resistance, can effectively withstand the wear impact caused by sand and sediment. Through professional organization testing, the chromium content of our submersible slurry pump components, such as pump casings, impellers, and suction plates, can reach up to 28%, and the hardness can reach HRC≥65. These wear-resistant components not only extend the product’s service life and reduce maintenance requirements but also play a significant role in cost control and production efficiency improvement.

2.3 Submersible Sand Suction Dredge Pump Unrestricted Operation, High Efficiency in Mud Suction:

The design of the submersible sand suction dredge pump allows it to operate stably in diverse application scenarios without being restricted by external environmental factors. The submersible sand pump produced by OCEAN Pump adopts a closed or semi-closed impeller design, which significantly improves the pump’s efficiency and wear resistance. The closed impeller design optimizes the overall efficiency of the pump by reducing internal recirculation and minimizing energy loss. The semi-closed impeller design maintains high efficiency while effectively handling large-sized particles. These pumps can efficiently handle various types of sludge and sediments, including fine sand, coarse sand, sludge, and gravel. Their excellent mud suction capability ensures thorough and comprehensive dredging and sediment removal. In addition, these pumps can transport sediments over long distances, effectively overcoming hydraulic resistance and minimizing sedimentation in the water.

2.4 Triple Motor Safety Protection:

The submersible slurry pumps manufactured by OCEAN Pump adopt an advanced triple protection mechanism to ensure the motor’s durable and stable operation and extend its service life. The pump body and motor are designed as an integrated structure, with power transmission achieved through shaft drive. The motor part is specially engineered for submersible environments. In the motor design, induction sensor technology is incorporated to achieve perfect coordination with the dedicated control cabinet. These sensors are responsible for monitoring critical motor conditions such as oil chamber immersion, motor chamber immersion, and motor overheating. Once an abnormal condition is detected, the sensors will immediately activate the alarm system or automatically shut down the pump, effectively avoiding motor damage. This carefully constructed triple protection system significantly enhances the reliability of the submersible slurry pump and greatly reduces the high maintenance costs caused by motor failures.

2.5 Enhanced Environmental Friendliness:

Compared to traditional dredging methods, submersible sand suction dredge pumps have environmental benefits. Submersible operations reduce noise and minimize disturbances to marine organisms and ecosystems. These pumps can extract sediments with minimal turbidity, ensuring clearer water discharge. In addition, the thorough sediment removal achieved by these pumps contributes to the restoration and maintenance of waterways, ports, and coastal areas, promoting a healthy ecosystem and supporting sustainable development.

3. How to solve the unstable flow of submersible sand suction dredge pump?

  1. Leakage in the suction pipe or bottom valve, or blockage in the water inlet, is a common cause of insufficient flow in the submersible sand suction dredge pump. It is important to inspect and address any sources of air leakage in the suction pipe and bottom valve promptly. Additionally, cleaning the sludge or blockage at the water inlet is necessary.
  2. If the voltage is too low, the speed of the submersible sand suction dredge pump will decrease, resulting in insufficient flow. It is recommended to check and adjust the power supply voltage in a timely manner.
  3. Air leakage in the pipeline or air trapped in the pump body can negatively impact the flow of the submersible sand suction dredge pump. It is important to promptly discharge any air in the pipeline.
  4. Severe wear of the seal ring or impeller can also cause instability in the flow of the submersible sand suction dredge pump. It is advisable to regularly inspect and replace worn seal rings and impellers to maintain optimal flow.
  5. Insufficient depth of the bottom valve can lead to the entry of air during pumping operations. Adjusting the depth of the bottom valve according to the suction stroke of the submersible sand suction dredge pump is recommended.
  6. If the submersible sand suction dredge pump initially operates normally but gradually experiences a drop in current and a significant decrease in flow, even after restarting, it may indicate the accumulation of sand or other debris in the suction pipe, leading to cavitation in the pump. In severe cases, there may be loud noises and noticeable vibrations in the pump. To address this, thoroughly clean the front pool and suction pipe, consider reducing the length below the elbow, or add a stirring device to prevent sand settling.
submersible sand suction dredge pump.
submersible sand suction dredge pump.
submersible sand suction dredge pump.

4. About OCEAN Pump

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