1.What is a Submersible Slurry pump?

A submersible slurry pump, known as a specialized equipment, is specifically designed for efficiently extracting sediments from underwater or submerged environments. Its core functionality is tailored to meet the specific requirements of underwater operations, allowing it to operate fully submerged in water and at significant depths, effectively surpassing the limitations of traditional dredging methods in certain application scenarios. The main operational principle of this equipment relies on its robust suction force to loosen and extract sand from the bed, subsequently utilizing pipelines or hoses to transport the extracted sand to designated locations, thus completing underwater dredging operations.


OCEAN Pump, as a manufacturer dedicated to the research and manufacturing of submersible slurry pumps, consistently upholds innovative design principles and endeavors to address the technical challenges associated with the extraction of sand from underwater environments. Its products have been extensively applied in underwater dredging operations within various fields such as water resources and environmental conservation, providing efficient and reliable solutions for diverse engineering projects.

To ensure the smooth suspension and extraction of sand, the pump body inlet of the submersible slurry pump is typically equipped with a water gun or agitators installed on both sides. These agitators play a pivotal role in the operation of the submersible slurry pump. This article will comprehensively elucidate the application of agitators in submersible slurry pumps, aiming to provide readers with an in-depth understanding of the functionalities and effects of this critical technological component in practical operations.

2. The Role of Agitator in Submersible Slurry Pump

2.1 Improve the Pumping Performance of Submersible Slurry Pumps

The design of the suction for the submersible slurry pump is located at the bottom of the pump body. During the suction operation, frequent issues arise with slurry settling and pipeline blockages, significantly impeding the enhancement of pumping efficiency. To address such challenges, the implementation of agitators as an effective measure is introduced. agitators are capable of continuously mechanically agitating the slurry, effectively preventing sedimentation and solidification when it remains in a static state.

Through the stirring action of the agitators, solid particles within the slurry are dispersed, leading to a significant decrease in fluid viscosity. Simultaneously, the formation of localized eddies further amplifies the stirring effect. This approach not only substantially reduces fluid resistance during the initial pumping stage, thereby significantly improving suction efficiency, but also effectively mitigates the risk of pipeline blockages. Practical application cases from OCEAN Pump have thoroughly demonstrated the noteworthy effectiveness of agitators in enhancing the performance of slurry pumps, resulting in an increase of over 20% in suction capacity and a smoother conveying process.

2.2 Improve the Mixing Effect of Submersible Slurry Pump

The solid concentration of the slurry is one of the crucial factors that affect the ease of transportation, as it directly correlates with the level of resistance encountered during the conveying process. Typically, an increase in solid concentration leads to an increase in transportation resistance. Therefore, optimizing the handling capacity of the agitator for high-concentration slurry becomes a core issue in optimizing slurry transportation performance.

OCEAN Pump has addressed this issue through key improvement measures that include the following aspects: Firstly, the impeller structure of the agitator needs to be optimized, and a more powerful motor is selected to enhance the stirring intensity, ensuring efficient stirring effects even in high-concentration slurry environments. Secondly, the installation position of the agitator needs to be carefully chosen to fully utilize the phenomenon of localized eddies, further enhancing the stirring effects on the slurry. Lastly, the stirring speed needs to be adjusted timely based on the actual operating conditions to ensure the optimal stirring effect.

By implementing these measures, OCEAN Pump’s agitators will significantly enhance their stirring capabilities, enabling better handling of challenges associated with high-concentration slurry. This will help improve the adaptability of the entire conveying system to different operating conditions, enhance transportation capacity, and ensure smooth slurry transportation processes. Additionally, these improvement measures will also maximize transportation efficiency, bringing significant economic benefits to businesses.

3. Working Principle and Design Features of Submersible Slurry Pump Agitator

3.1 Basic Structure and Working Mechanism of Submersible Slurry Pump Agitator

The core structure of the agitator mainly consists of a stirring impeller driven by an electric motor or hydraulic power. With the driving force from the motor or hydraulic power, the agitator operates at a low rotational speed, continuously stirring the slurry through mechanical action.

Specifically, when the agitator works in coordination with the submersible slurry pump, reaching the slurry layer together, the agitator’s characteristics of high torque and low speed rotation evenly suspend solid particles in the liquid, creating a stable fluid state. At the same time, the rotation of the agitator induces a vortex effect, effectively enhancing the stirring and disturbance of the slurry.

This process not only helps disperse solid particles in the slurry, reducing fluid viscosity and improving flowability but also effectively prevents sedimentation and solidification of the slurry when it is in a stagnant state. The entire agitation process exhibits continuous and dynamic characteristics, ensuring that the slurry maintains a good flow state throughout the transportation process.

This simple yet efficient working mechanism makes the agitator a key technological means to address various issues encountered in the slurry transportation process.

3.2 Characteristics and Application Scope of Different Types of Agitators

According to the different characteristics of the materials, submersible agitators can be divided into two main categories: one is the submersible agitator for cohesive sand, and the other is the submersible agitator for difficult-to-extract slurry.

For the submersible agitator designed for cohesive sand, it is meticulously crafted with manganese steel impellers and casings, exhibiting high torque and low rotational speed characteristics. Even when facing heavily compacted sand particles, this agitator can quickly disperse them and maintain good flowability with its powerful torque and unique impeller shape.

As for the submersible agitator for difficult-to-extract slurry, OCEAN Pump has drawn inspiration from the cutter suction dredger’s cutter head design, significantly increasing the contact area with the slurry. This innovative design not only effectively breaks up agglomerated particles in the slurry, improving flowability, but also utilizes the strong suction power of the cutter head to directly extract the hard-to-extract slurry into the conveying pipeline, greatly enhancing operational efficiency.

In summary, the two types of submersible agitators produced by OCEAN Pump can accurately meet the requirements of different application scenarios, whether it is dealing with cohesive sand or difficult-to-extract slurry. These agitators demonstrate excellent stirring effects. Additionally, the use of manganese steel with exceptional wear resistance ensures the long-term stable operation of the entire transportation system, bringing significant economic benefits to users.

3.3 Matching Design of Agitator and Submersible Slurry Pump

The proper matching design between the agitator and the submersible slurry pump is crucial. Generally, the power selection of the submersible agitator should be compatible with the power of the corresponding submersible slurry pump. OCEAN Pump offers a range of agitator power options, ranging from 4 kW to 22 kW, to meet the application requirements of different throughputs and sediment concentrations. For large submersible slurry pumps with power above 22 kW, it is common to equip them with two side-mounted agitators to enhance overall stirring effectiveness.

In practical applications, it is necessary to choose the appropriate agitator power based on the specific sediment conditions, ensuring sufficient stirring capacity while also considering economic factors. Additionally, OCEAN Pump offers customization options to parallelly install 2-5 agitators according to customer needs, further optimizing the stirring performance.

In conclusion, the careful matching design between the submersible agitator and the slurry pump is crucial to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the entire sediment transportation system.


4. Conclusion

The agitator of the submersible slurry pump is a critical component in the slurry transportation system. It is responsible for effectively breaking up and stirring solid particles such as sand and slurry in the pipeline, improving the flowability and transportation efficiency of the entire system. The submersible agitators produced by OCEAN Pump have been highly praised for their outstanding performance and customization advantages.

OCEAN Pump’s agitators are manufactured using high-strength manganese steel, which provides exceptional wear resistance and a long lifespan. Their unique design with low rotational speed and high torque allows for quick dispersal of heavily compacted sand or viscous slurry. The product range includes various models with power options ranging from 4 kW to 22 kW, ensuring precise matching for different throughput and sediment concentrations. Additionally, OCEAN Pump’s agitators support parallel installation of 2-5 units, further enhancing the stirring performance.

It is worth mentioning that OCEAN Pump’s agitators are equipped with a dedicated flushing device, which sprays high-pressure water into the agitation tank, effectively flushing the pipe walls and agitator tank, optimizing the operational efficiency and stability of the entire transportation system. This comprehensive set of performance advantages makes OCEAN Pump’s submersible agitator solution highly competitive in complex slurry transportation applications.

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